Chapter elven: Ichigo goes to find who is working with the supernarutal!

This chapter will show you how Ichigo found the person that is working the supernarutal.

Disclaimer: I don't own the supernarutal I only only Ichigo Kuromaru

Preface: From the last chapter got hired to watch Ichigo's kids but she doesn't know who or what is causing the fires in the buildings so she has to do the missions alone that Jack Platimun sends her on.

It was morning and Ichigo's and Devil Kuromaru's kids are at school. Ray Kuromaru called his ex to watch his kids. Ichigo got changed in her Michael Jackson outfit and went to watch Ray Kuromaru's kids. Ray Kuromaru's kids got home from school.

Ray Kuromaru left for work and the kids were upstairs doing their homework while Ichigo in her outfit of the king of pop got done cleaning the house and started on writing music. I guess you can say that the kids were getting used to having Michael Jackson around to watch them.

One of the kids went downstairs and was wondering what he was doing. Michael Jackson had stopped writing his music and saw little kelsey. "What are you doing?" Kelsey asked. "Just writing some of my music." Michael Jackson answered. "Who is it for?" Kelsey replied.

" I'm writing this for my daughter Ichigo Flarina Jackson." Michael Jackson said. "You must be a really good writer." Kelsey answered. "Yeah I am sometimes some of my music just comes to me and I write them." Michael Jackson replied. "I better get back upstairs." Kelsey said.

Kelsey went upstairs to do her homework and Michael Jackson got back of writing his music. It's true that Ichigo Kuromaru is the daughter of the king of pop but she doesn't know it yet. Ray Kuromaru came home he saw the house is clean and Michael Jackson already had dinner ready for them then left.

Ichigo went home and took off her Michael Jackson outfit and put her regular clothes on. Her husband got home to see Ichigo then the kids came home from school to be with their parents. Ichigo still had to go on her night job so did Devil Kuromaru. Ichigo and Devil Kuromaru had to leave thats when came and watch the kids.

Jack Platimun had sent her on the mission from yesterday to find the person who is working with the supernarutal. Ichigo went alone on the mission she knew what to do if she gets caught. She saw something that Ichigo will never forget it looked like something from somewhere she just can't remember where at.

" What do you want?" The person asked. "Are you the person that is working with the supernarutal?" Ichigo answered. "What if I am? there's nothing you can do about it." The person replied. "Try me, if you are give up now or I'll have to take you down myself either way it's your choice." Ichigo said.

"You have alot of courge but it will take more than that if you want to take me down." The person answered. Ichigo had to take the person down herself she doesn't know who this mysterious person is but somehow she knew that he is working with the supernarutal and took him back to f.b.i headquaters.

"Very good agent five soon we will find out who this person is." Jack Platimun said. "Yes sir." Ichigo replied. "Agent five how you,your husband,and kids join me at bridges I'll explian it to you then." Jack Platimun asked. "Yes sir and I'll make sure that my kids won't cause any problems." Ichigo answered.

Ichigo left f.b.i headquaters and went home so did her husband left from work. When they got hom the house is clean and the dinner is made for them. left to go to her apartment. Ichigo is wondering to herself why her boss wants her husband and kids to join him at bridges for what reason?