Crazy Feelings

By: xXxDaughteroftheKingxXx

Edited by: musiclover99

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He can't begin to describe how he feels when he's with her.

It's . . . amazing, to say the least. She makes him feel like he's walking on air, and for once, he really honestly doesn't mind that he's being a lovesick fool.

She makes him forget that he's dying a little on the inside—literally—every day.

It's crazy, but when they're together, it's as if every memory and trace of that gods damned curse is forgotten, and it's just . . . freaking wonderful.

Not to mention totally and completely crazy, but hey, who really cares?


She always makes him so, so nervous.

It's like there are little butterflies in his stomach whenever she just looks at him.

He melts into a little, itty-bitty puddle of Carter.

Sadie calls him crazy for still being in love with her, even after she rejected him gods

know how many times, and Carter can't help but agree (for once—but don't tell her that).

His feelings for Zia are insane, out of this world, and just plain out crazy, but honestly? He could care less.

Because when they're together, it's just regular old Carter—not the powerful and dangerous one—and normal teenager Zia—not the one who knows eight ways to kill a person with her bare hands, or take down a god, not to mention many, many other ways to kill people.

Even if he is rejected every time, she seems to like it too, and whenever he's down, that little thought makes him a little hopeful again.

Their transformations when they're both together is so crazy.

But hey, when were they ever considered normal?


It's crazy and stupid and heck, retarded, even, for him to be in love with a mortal.

But it's a little too late to change that.

He can hardly wrap his mind around it; she makes him feel so . . . so normal, and just wonderful—so wonderful that it's indescribable.

Sure, he doesn't know her that well, but he knows her well enough to know that no matter how crazy it may be or how much Isis disapproves, he wants to be with Sadie Kane.

And she's crazy too. Plain out crazy for falling for a god—the god of death, nonetheless. Toilet paper, but helper of death, but details, details.

She was used to it, but those feelings, those crazy feelings that made her feel like mush around him. She wanted to destroy those feelings. After all, they made her seem like a

lovesick nutcase.

And it didn't exactly help that he kissed her. God, she wanted to strangle him for that, but hug him to death too.

Maybe it was crazy, but both Sadie and Anubis couldn't deny that they were falling head over heels for each other—hard.


Maybe her mum was right.

Maybe, just maybe, she was being stupid and reckless and just plain out crazy, but Ruby Faust was falling hard for Julius Kane.

And she was certain that she was losing mind.

His kind—they were looked down upon. Her dad and mum wanted nothing to do with people like him, and Ruby had always been raised to think and do the same.

Oh yeah, Ruby Faust was definitely going crazy.

Julius, he made her feel . . . welcome. Like she actually belonged somewhere for once. No longer was she the good little girl—the one who always followed the rules and lived like a caged bird.

Call her crazy (and she most likely was), but Ruby Faust could do nothing to deny her crazy feelings for Julius Kane.