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Taking in the new and sending off the old...the party to celebrate that is about to begin.

-At Home-

"Ahh!" a shriek ran out before a loud thud! resonated through the house.

"Honda-san! Are you okay?" Riku asked, rushing down the stairs. He, Roxas and Kairi were currently lugging large stacks of books downstairs, and Kairi had slipped and fallen the last two steps, books spilling everywhere.

"Ah...yes, but...Axel's books..." she said weakly, pushing herself up. Roxas followed down more slowly, "I told you not to help this early in the morning," he admonished. Annoyed, Riku glared at him, "She's doing it for you, because Axel's den is now your room. Of course she's going to help!"

"I didn't ask for your help, you know!" Roxas replied, irritated. Without hesitation, Riku dropped the two stacks of books he was carrying onto the boy. Kairi looked on, pleading the two in her mind to understand it was okay.


"Die. You're never going to change the way you are."


Everyone, I'm Kairi Honda. Isn't it great? I'm living with the Sohma family! Axel-san, Sohma-san, Roxas-kun and me. A total of four people living together.

Axel appeared behind Kairi, who grinned up at him cheerfully. "Hey, you guys! If you have time to argue, you have time to move books!" he scolded the two younger Sohmas. Riku sorted through the books and handed a stack to Kairi. "These are the lighter ones," he said kindly. Roxas just grabbed up as many books as he could and stomped off, muttering that damn Riku under his breath.

But, the Sohma family has a really big secret! They're possessed by the twelve animals of the Zodiac! Due to that, their bodies are unusual. I'm not sure why, but when a female hugs them, they turn into animals! And I can never tell this secret to anyone. No matter what, they are always kind and open.

Axel reached own and picked up a couple pieces of torn paper off the floor, and held it in front of Roxas, who had thrown the books down in frustration. "Roxas, you tore off a bunch of the covers."

"Look, I'm a lot faster than you at this!" Roxas retaliated defensively. What did it matter to him if he tore up some of Axel's books? He could just get a new one if it bothered him so much.

From here on, many interesting things are about to happen! I'm eagerly awaiting each new day!

Ding-dong! The doorbell rang. "Oh, they're here!" Kairi said excitedly, dropping her books and running to the door.

And today, we have guests!

"Welcome! Was it hard to find your way here?" Kairi warmly greeted, and brought her guests into the living room where the Sohmas were. "Okay, here I go! I'm gonna officially introduce everyone! This is Tifa Uotani and Aerith Hanajima!" she said happily, gesturing to the two girls behind her. "These are my best friends!"


"Nice to meet you."

Roxas remained silent, looking as irritated as he usually does; Riku's sea-green eyes flashed inquisitively, and Axel raised a hand in greeting, "Yo!"

Okay, I should probably explain why Tifa-chan and Aerith-chan are here to see me.


First of all, I had asked Axel if I could tell the two about the fact that I was living with the Sohma family.

"No problem! I don't mind anything you tell them, as long as it not about the twelve Zodiac thing," Axel smiled over his paper. "Ah! Oh, thank you so much!" Kairi replied, happy and relieved she could tell her best friends. "So, what kind of friends does Kairi-san have?" Axel asked curiously.

Roxas, who had walked to the kitchen for some milk, heard the question. "A yankee and an electric eel," he deadpanned, Kairi slightly embarrassed.

At that, Axel kind of froze. And before I knew it, I explained everything to my friends.

"WHAT?! You used to live in a tent? And now you're living in the Prince's castle?! Really?!" Tifa had sprung to her knees, surprised at the news her friend had told them. The burgundy-haired girl smiled apologetically, "Yes...sorry for not telling you. Many things have happened, but it's all solved now. They're really good people, so please don't worry about me!" She tried to assure them. She would hate for them to be worried about her when they didn't need to be.

The girls all sat in silence, the shadow of the fence criss-crossing their blanket as they took it in. Munching thoughtfully, Aerith spoke, "That's...really some shocking news. If Riku Sohma's fans find out, won't there be trouble?" she imagined the gleams of anger in said girls' eyes. Kairi, unsure of what to say, didn't answer.

Tifa sighed, "Well, it's no wonder. For some time now, I've felt like you, the Prince, and Blondie were very close. So that's why..."

Crunching the bag her chips came from, Aerith asked matter-of-factly, "Is it okay if we come visit you?"

"Huh?" Kairi was caught off-guard. She didn't know the conversation would take this turn. "If I get to see the place where you live, I can relax," she replied. "Ah, great idea, Aerith!" Tifa agreed enthusiastically, "Let's go now!"

"W-wait! If you just show up, there won't be any tea prepared!"

"Oh that's right. We'll make sure it's okay with them. We'll just wait for the weekend then!" Tifa decided cheerfully, "Then we'll go to your place and spend the night, okay!" Kairi had no choice but to agree. She didn't want to say no, her friends were just trying to make sure she was in a good environment. And at least they decided to wait for the weekend! She wasn't sure how the boys would have reacted if they showed up unexpectedly.

-End Flashback!-

And so, after three days, the weekend is here!

Axel smiled, "Please, come in and make yourselves at home!" His younger cousins gathered closer. "Is it really okay to let them visit?" Roxas asked worriedly. Axel shook his head good-naturedly, "Ah, you're worrying too much, Roxas!" Riku sighed, " didn't really think about this, did you?" he asked quietly.

Aerith looked over at the three whispering among themselves. "Dog," she said simply, and the three Sohmas and Kairi froze in fear. "There's a dog in here," she continued, pointing to where there was indeed a dog with it's front paws on the porch across from them. Axel spun around, "AH?! A...a rea...I mean, uh, I mean yeah, it's really a dog! Come in, come in!" he yelled at the dog frantically. Riku and Roxas let out the breaths they were holding, their hearts beating a mile a minute.

Once they all sat down around the table, Kairi began pouring some juice. "Excuse me," Tifa began, "You're Axel, right? What do you do?"

"Ah, me? I'm a novelist!" Axel beamed. A clatter rang out as the unopened bottle fell onto the table, Kairi jumping up in surprise. "You're a novelist?!" she exclaimed. She had no idea! Her friends flinched at her sudden movement, "What is it, Kairi-kun?!" Tifa shouted, while Aerith merely asked, "Why are you so surprised?"

Kairi sat back down and began to hand out the cups. I...I had no idea! Now that I think about it, he's home a lot, isn't he? "You write novels? Pure literary novels?" Riku asked. He didn't even know, and he lived with Axel the longest.

"Mmm, yes. I, myself, like this one." He pulled out a small book, titled 'Summer's Regret'. Kairi stared at it, confused at why Roxas, Tifa and Riku all were looking disgusted.

"Ah! Sorry, that's not the one! This is mine," he quickly pulled out another book of the same size, putting them both on the table, "The other I just like to read."

"You're book isn't very special! And also...!" Tifa began, but couldn't finish her thoughts. "But...but, that one's pretty good," Axel protested

" old pervert," Roxas grumbled. Aerith reached forward to grab 'Summer's Regret' and began reading. "What are you doing?" Riku asked his fire-headed cousin in exasperation.

Kairi, however, couldn't believe it. She was in the presence—no, living in the house, with someone as prestigious as a writer! "To think that someone so close to me is a novelist!" she flushed in admiration. "Honda-san, don't praise him, he'll become arrogant." Riku said, while Axel looked quite proud of himself. "Hey, he already is! Can it really get any worse?" Roxas rolled his eyes.

I learned something new! I'm so happy!

"Ah, that's right! I just thought of something!" Kairi jumped up, smiling. "Please, wait right here awhile!" and she ran out of the living room. Axel also got up and smiled, hand on the doorframe, "Sorry I can't stay, I have work to do. You kids have a good time now, okay?" and he was gone as well, leaving Roxas and Riku with the two girls. An awkward silence befell them, while Tifa looked deep in thought and Aerith was reading.

"Kairi...she seems to have gotten used to this family," Tifa said slowly, causing the boys to jump slightly. "I'm very happy...she didn't tell us so that we wouldn't worry, I know that. But..." She leaned forward and rested her cheek on her fist wistfully.

"We made a promise in front of Aqua's grave, that when she needed us, we'd be there for her." She blew some of her black bangs out of her face and continued, "I know it might sound a bit extreme, but Kairi is really our best friend! She really is...she helps us very often! But this time, we couldn't help her. I don't feel good about's like, Kairi is in some kind of pain, and we, as her friends, can't help her at all..."

"She won't think like that. She's not like that at all!" Roxas said finally. Tifa and Aerith looked up in surprise this time. "Honda-san, she is someone who doesn't want anything in return. That kind of person..." at this, Aerith widened her eyes as she realized that these boys, whom she barely knew a week ago, understood her best friend better than even she did. Suddenly the door opened, and Kairi appeared, a pink flash.

"Sorry to keep you waiting!" She pulled out a deck of cards, "So let's play 'Poor Man'!" Riku blinked in surprise. "Ah, that's not a bad idea, Kairi!" Grinning evilly at Roxas, Tifa kept talking, adopting her threatening voice from her yankee days with a playful tone to it. "Picking up where we left off? Great! I want to make Blondie lose some more!"

"Great! If I win, you have to dye your hair blonde!" Kyo smirked back, beginning their usual betting.

"Then if you lose, you gotta get rid of that dumb sand color and dye it white!"

"This is my natural color, dammit!" Kairi, meanwhile, knelt down and offered the cards to Riku, "Sohma-san, will you please shuffle the deck?" Riku was taken aback, "Ah..? O...okay," he gave a small smile and took the cards.

In Axel's room, the young man was on the phone, "Yep, yep. Then, I'll come to your place tomorrow? Okay. Huh? Ah...yeah, Kairi's friends are here," he explained as he could hear that young woman with the black hair yelling back and forth with Roxas. "They seem to be having a good time out there."



-Later, that night-

"Oh my," croaked Tifa, letting her long hair out of it's clip, "I yelled too much, my throat is sore!" Kairi, in her own pajamas, began fluffing and arranging the pillows so all three girls could be comfortable in the bed. "Yep! And I lost!" she said cheerfully. She didn't mind, she just had so much fun with all of her friends together.

"You're bed is very nice," Aerith noted, gesturing to the very large bed that she sat on the edge of. "Ah, Axel bought it for me," Kairi explained. "He's like a grandpa to you, isn't he?" Tifa asked, her tone light and joking.

Down the hall, Roxas came out of his room to go downstairs and grab a small snack, but heard the voices as he passed Kairi's room. "Huh? Kairi? You still have this hat? Hahaha!" he heard that yankee ask, before Kairi's more chipper voice answered where he could practically feel the smile in it, "Yeah, because it's a happy memory!"

At this, he stopped outside her door and peeked through the crack between the wall and door at the girls to see this hat. "Which memory? Tell us!" He heard Aerith urge. He saw Kairi holding a small, red baseball cap, one that looked vaguely familiar to him...

"That's right, I still haven't told you, Aerith-chan. When I was about 6 or 7, I was always being picked on by boys. One day, lots of them were chasing me, and I got scared! I ran all over the place and got lost," she explained. Roxas remained where he stood, transfixed on that hat, and her story. "I was afraid that they'd find me, so I hid myself. Slowly, night passed and morning came. At that time, I was so afraid that I started crying."

Kairi closed her eyes and remembered. A little Kairi, a small hair bauble tying up a bit of hair on the left side of her head, kneeling down and crying of fright in a small alleyway. She remembered how desperately she wanted her mother, to go home. And then..."and then a boy wearing a hat showed up in front of me. He stared at me for awhile, and then ran off; because of that, I ran after him." She remembered the pounding of shoes on the street, her pleading to the boy:

Please wait! Don't leave me alone! Please, I want to go home!

She remembered tripping, falling, the boy waiting until she ran closer, as if he was leading her. "I could almost catch up to his shadow...and every unbelievable boy," she murmured. Her friends watched her patiently, waiting for her story to finish. Kairi could recall the soft weight of the cap being placed on her head, before she heard his footsteps run off. "When I noticed where I was, I was at my own front door. I don't know at all where the boy went. He only left me this hat, he didn't say anything." When she didn't say more, the girls took it as a cue that she finished.

"What a romantic story," sighed Aerith. Outside, Roxas clenched his fist. "Maybe you'll meet again after several years and fall in love," he heard Tifa say, "If that came true, it would be even more romantic!" After thinking about it for a bit, she laughed, "Ahaha! You won't meet again, right?" Roxas turned and went back to his room, no longer hungry.

"It's hard to know what will be. It's a small world," Aerith said. "That's true, I guess. If we meet again, I would like to thank him," Kairi said. "But that boy...he might've forgotten about it already. But now that I think about it..." she smiled tenderly, deep in thought.

My first love may have been that boy.

The three leaned against the pillows, and Tifa sniffed a bit. "You...even from a young age, you remember such great stories."

"Ah, no! I wouldn't say that!" Kairi giggled. "But I'm very happy about this...I only noticed awhile ago. Living with the Sohma family, that is. And also that I had a mother who loved me. And also Aerith-chan and Tifa-chan, two great friends. You two always support me," she said gratefully. "Always by my side, never wanting anything in return...always supporting me and giving me love, I'd be a fool if I didn't give thanks for that. I'm so grateful," she clasped her hands together sincerely. "My favorite kind of people..." Suddenly, Aerith and Tifa remembered what Roxas and Riku had said earlier:

She's not at all like that!

Honda-san is someone who doesn't want anything in return. That kind of person

Tifa smiled, "They understand you very well, don't they?" Kairi was confused, "Eh?" Aerith smiled too, "It's true, isn't it?" she asked Tifa, "That's just how Kairi is..."

She definitely won't ask for help...everything that she has, she will be thankful for and cherish...

"The eternal friendship, right?" she asked, as the three laid down for the night, Tifa and Aerith each clasping Kairi's hands. "Yep!" the cheerful girl answered.

-The Next Morning-

Roxas stood in front of the fridge, drinking milk out of it's carton. Kairi somehow always bought an extra carton, once she quickly caught on how much he liked milk. He looked over to the door when he heard it slam open, and in walked Riku, looking quite groggy.

"Hey, Riku," the sandy-blonde boy called, sounding a bit concerned (which surprised himself), " seem..." he trailed off as the other boy locked eyes, green to blue, and shuffled his way back to Roxas before dropping his head on his shoulder, dead asleep.

"Oh! Is Sohma-san usually this weak in the morning?" Kairi asked behind him. Roxas, quite unnerved at the proximity, yelled "Come on, you! Open your damn eyes!" Riku picked himself up, but shuffled out like a zombie down the hall. "Hey, Roxas, I don't get it. Even though you want to defeat Sohma-san, you didn't attack him just now?" Kairi asked, curious.

"No way!" Roxas gripped the milk tighter, crushing it, before turning away in shame, "Because when he's half asleep, he's at his best...I tried to sneak attack him a couple times," he muttered, ashamed more of the embarrassment of losing to a half asleep person than actually attacking said person while they were in such a state.

Kairi didn't know what to think. She was sure Roxas had some integrity when it came to fighting, but she had no idea he would sink this low. Of course, she couldn't say something so rude. Roxas turned back around, and his voice became louder, "Yes, I never held back when attacking him!" he yelled, as if he read her mind, "He's fearless and cold-blodded! Others have to train for results, and he just gets them!" Distantly, they both heard a rapid padding, as he shouted "That annoying rat!" Suddenly, Riku came out and quickly gave an uppercut, knocking Roxas to the floor, carton flying.

"Hey, aren't you still asleep?!"

"Your annoying voice woke me up!" Kairi quickly grabbed the trash and picked up the crumpled milk carton.

"Okay, you bastard! Come and get me, I'll beat you up! IT'S MY GOAL IN LIFE!"

"This early in the morning? What are you doing?"

"The cat and the mouse." The three teens nearly fell over in shock and fright at the unexpected voice from the doorway, where Tifa and Aerith stood. "That's what it looks like. You, always fighting like those cartoon characters," she explained coolly. "What, you mean Tom and Jerry?" Tifa asked."Their relationship seems kinda weird," she added to Kairi, who nodded. "J-just a bit!" she answered, still collecting her thoughts.

The boys were faring even worse, hearts thudding madly. Right, right...there are people visiting, Roxas thought to himself, trying to calm down and rubbing his now red cheek.

"...but this family seems like a happy one. If Kairi doesn't have a good living environment, I will come up with ways to solve that," the braided girl threatened, "many ways."

"What kind...?" Roxas and Riku asked nervously. Both were ignored, however, "But...the two of you sport pretty nice electric waves," she said contently. "Wha?" they boys asked incredulously. How weird was this girl? "Huh? Not intentional? Well too bad." Tifa pulled Kairi close, hand resting on her head, while Aerith hugged the girl on her other side, "Thanks for taking care of Kairi," the black-haired girl said, smiling gratefully. "Yes, please take care of her," Aerith added.

Touched, Kairi began to sniffle, "Tifa-chan...Aerith-chan!" Roxas and Riku both looked away, embarrassed. It sounds like they're marrying her into the family! they both thought. "Whatever, can it, will ya?" Roxas said, trying to cover up his discomfort.

Turning away, both girls walked out, talking about breakfast. Over her shoulder, Tifa called back, "I'll come here often to visit you guys!"

"Yes, I'd like to know more about the Sohma's mysterious electric waves." Roxas called after them, slightly worried "Hey! Hey!" Turning back, he huffed, "Those two girls are annoying!"

Kairi gasped, "Ah! I...I should be careful with the Zodiac thing. But, Tifa-chan and Aerith-chan are really good people, so, they..."

"Are a bother! It doesn't matter to me what they're like," Roxas said reluctantly, while Riku smiled at her, "They are Honda-san's good friends, too." Kairi smiled happily at how they accepted her friends so easily, even Roxas. "Eh? Where's Axel?" She asked, noting the man's absence. "Looks like he's gone out," Riku answered.

-At the Sohma Estate-

The Banquet has started. What will happen here...?

"Since Kairi came, Riku and Roxas have become much more open that before," Axel said thoughtfully, sitting on a porch and watching the breeze lazily rustle the leaves. "If if goes on like this, it might become something great." At the silence that greeted him, he turned to his companion beside him, "What, did you really want me to say that it might not be good at all? Aw, that gets me down! Kairi is ten times better than you are!" he said jokingly to the smaller, black-haired person beside him.

Xion scoffed, "Come on. I'm someone who has demands. I won't settle for anything less..."

But whether the results will be good or bad...

Not even the gods could tell you that.

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