Hey did anyone ever wonder what would have happened if Eon was pregnant?

Random thoughts I know so read, comment and enjoy!

As I looked at my master I saw the pang of regret in his eyes. He gave me affection, love and courage. I have always wanted to make him proud. When I look back on that day I thoroughly regret it. So does my master.

When I went to visit him 3 months ago we were going to talk. It was going to be about my training. But the discussion had changed its course. He had lightly kissed me to say goodbye, as he always does, but something came over us. We weren't sure but as people sometimes say "go with the flow". He started to tear at my clothes and I with him. It got hot in the room and I blacked out because I was exhausted and I felt at peace.

But now I don't want my child to feel unloved by the Mirror Dragoneye. I want the child to remember My Master with a sense of pride. I will train it o be the next Dragoneye because she too will inherit my Dragoneye magic of both tiger and dragon. Lets hope no one will know till the time comes.