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A month into her coma Patrick finally decided to allow the children to come see her. They cried, screamed, and threw themselves on top of the bed to be with Mommy, and quite frankly Patrick wasn't moving them. A feeling in the pit of his stomach was more than enough.

As he led the children out of the room later that night to be taken by Ricardo, the strangest thing happened. Eyes. Two of the most beautiful big blue viper eyes opened and were on him weakly. Her lips parted for the most hoarse croak, calling.


"BABY Doll?" spinning around, he bolted to the bed and actually climbed right on top, pulling his wife into his lap like a baby and petting her face ever so gently.

"Pat…" she smiled and gently he hushed her, shaking his head and kissing her on the lips.

"You told me something a long time ago…you told me…I would find myself…when I knew…and I know…all these years it was there, I know…I always knew it, I was just too lost to come to terms…Baby Doll, it took too long…it took too LONG it took too LONG, Baby Doll, listen to me!" he actually shook her, "Listen! Are you listening?"

She nodded, gazing at him and he caught his breath, eyes glazed over as he reached inside his guts and pulled out the only true thing he ever said in his life.

"I love you."

The End