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Unwavering Fate


I always knew that someday my life would change in an irrevocable way but I never imagined it would start out like this. I listened to Bella's screams. The high pitch and bone chilling pain sent my pulse racing. I placed my hand on my heart, it felt like it was burning through my chest, the ache so strong I thought it would pierce the skin right through. I knew my wolf ached, his growl permeating through my chest, his will to break free so strong, I knew any minute I would burst into all fours. It was the most surreal moment of my life as I listen to my true love sacrificing her own life so that his demonic baby could be born.

I wanted it to die. I wanted Edward to die. I could only see the Crimson red color in his eyes as he swore under his breath. The sort of word that someone who acts as proper as Edward would normally never have said, at least not out loud.

Then a new sound was heard through out the entire house. A sound that should have given us all great joy but for me it was the sound that warned me that my precious, sweet and innocent Bella was lost to me forever. I listen closely. I prayed that I might hear two heart beats but I only heard one.

Racing back to the room I threw the door back hard as I raced to Bella's side. Her body was a wreck. Carlisle had done his best to keep the cut as even as possible but I could see a few jagged sections. I felt the warm wetness of tears flowing out of my eyes as I pick up her cool limp hand. Holding onto it I knelt down beside her, praying and begging for her to open her eyes. I had to see my Bella's eyes. If just for one more second that was all I was asking for but God wasn't listening to me or he didn't feel like my prayers were worth listening to because she never did open her eyes.

"Bells…oh goddd..NOOOOO!" I growled as a sob rip through my lungs came rushing out of my mouth. I was devastated. I was half dead now.

Memories of all the times I had fought so hard to keep her alive flash through my mind. This was the biggest pile of bullshit I had ever seen. I thought of all the times I had managed to keep her alive just to have her die this way. Her death was meaningless.

I heard the sound of crying from the corner of the room. Turning my head with tears blurring my vision I glancedat the bundle that Carlisle held in his arms while Edward stood at the end of the bed, like me, we looked upon the face of the woman we had both loved. His eyes glowed with tears, while his lips pursed together and then parted but all that was heard was his exhaling breath..

"Are you happy now? You killed her. I told you, over and over again it would be YOU who would kill her." My body tensed as I fought back the urge to jump across the bed and rip his neck out .

I knew if Bella was alive she would beg me not to harm him. Even now after her death I could hear her sweet voice pleading with me not to harm the one man she deem good enough to marry and die for.

Women! They never seem to know what was good for them. They just wanted the things they felt were harder to come by. They couldn't appreciate something when it was easy and perfect. That was how my father tried to explain to me when I got the news that Bella would go through with the wedding.

I would never know why she ultimately chose him over me . I would never get the answers that I had been so close to obtaining. Now I would have to live with what little bit of love she had showed me in return. Being forced to move forward with my life as if she had never been a big part of it. She had been the center of my universe since the day we were reunited at her father's house. As children we were close but as teenagers I hoped we would finally find ourselves on a new path. A path that would lead us from the friendship status to lovers and eventually someday husband and wife.

I always had a feeling that Bella and I would someday reunite. We would manage to get past all the obstacles that were steadily thrown our way. Yet now I knelt down next to her dead body knowing the romantic notion was lost to me forever. There would never be any happy reunion for us.



"Jake, we need to talk." Edward's voice cracks as he looks directly at me.

I bite on the tip of my tongue. I don't want to talk. I don't want to hear anything he has to say because I knew it would be all lies. How many times had I warned Bella that the Cullen's only told her what they wanted her to know and never the entire truth? A dozen? A million?

"Edward. Jake. You both need to calm down. There is not need to over react." Carlisle says in his usual fatherly tone.

"Over react!" I shout at him as my rage grows like a forest fire inside of me.

"She is dead for Christ's sake! When would you suggest is a good time to over react to that?" I squeeze her limp hand as I continue to glare furiously between Carlisle and Edward.

"She is ….not dead….not entirely." Carlisle looks down at the bundle that is cooing and wiggling in his arms.

"What?" Edward and I both cry in unison as we both give him a puzzled look.

"I gave her a shot. Remember Edward. It was suppose to help ease the pain for her but it also did something else." Carlisle seemed to be considering very cautiously what he was about to reveal to us. His voice was steady but the words were spoken slowly.

"What did you give her?" Edward looks nervously at me then at Carlisle.

"The shot makes her appear to be dead. It was part of our plan. Mine and Bella's." Carlisle reveals.

I kiss the back of Bella's hand hoping like hell that she had somehow come up with one of her half cock plans that might actually work this time.

"So she isn't really dead?" I ask as I hold my breathe waiting for his answer.

"No. She is more like in a coma. She will be in this state for several days. which gives usample time to stage her death and move away." Carlisle answers with a weak smile.

"What! You are going to leave her in the ground?" I wasn't sure if I liked this plan after all.

"No. We will get her out on the night we leave. She should wake up shortly after that. I'm not sure when exactly. It was the first time I had ever used this particular drug. I warned her that it was a big risk but she knew that her baby wouldn't be normal nor would you both have a reasonable explanation to tell others about it's quick delivery." Carlisle continues his explanation.

"So what...you're just planning on taking her and leaving town? Leaving everyone here to believe she is dead. Did you change her? Is she a ….vampire?" I gulp hard imaging Bella leaving her grave as lifeless as she was when they put her in it. If they had changed her like I feared then that would mean she was dead to me. Forever my mortal enemy.

It would mean that I lost the friend who worked for hour on our silly motorcycles, the girl who always blushed each time I touch her and the friend who had some amazing skills in the kitchen. I would never see her reading those sappy romance books that I warned her put crazy notions in her head. She would smack me with the book and warn me that someday I would fall in love and understand.

"She is not a vampire. Not yet. She wanted that change to be done after she knew whether or not her child would be more human or more vampire. I'm sorry Edward. I didn't tell you before but she made me promise. I know you're her husband but I felt that this decision should be hers alone." Carlisle looks sadly into the face of the child he held protectively in his arms.

"So technically she is dead." Edward said with a stunned face.

"She is as close to death as one can get with out being truly dead." Carlisle nods his head.

"This is fuck up! I have never heard anything so stupid in all my life. I can't hear her heart beating. That's as dead as you can get." I shouted as I bolted up both hands curling into fists pressed against my sides.

"I swear to you Jake we, Bella and I, never intended to change her until we were far away from here. She didn't want to break our treaty agreement. She knew it would be a slap in your face and that of your tribes." Carlisle swears as the baby lets out an alarmingly loud cry.

"What is it? What ….is it?" I ask as it suddenly occurs to me that the child she bore, the very thing that took our love away, was clearly alive.

"It's a girl." Carlisle says proudly as he locks eyes with Edward.

"A girl." I whisper trying not to think about what she will look like someday. If she will have her mother's beauty or her father's evil habit of lusting for blood.

"From all appearances it seems to be human." Carlisle knows it's the other question on my mind.

"Here hold her." Carlisle extends his arms to Edward but like me, he seems to be debating on rather it was worth the pain and near death of Bella.

"She needs you." Carlisle urges Edward to hold his own child.

It was hard for me to watch as Edwardheld out his arms to hold his and Bella's daughter for the first time. That should have been my honor. My child. I thought back to the kiss that I had shared with Bella up on the mountains minutes before our big battle. In that kiss I saw our possible future. Two children running across the beach. I felt so much love and pride as I watched them play. It was of course a brief vision but it had been strong enough to validate what I always knew. That was how our happy ending was supposed to have happened. Instead, I stood in a room where Bella's blood still saturated the sheets witnessing the bonding between Edward and his child.

I wanted to scream how unfair it was but knew my words would fall on deaf ears.

Edward's brows crease tightly together as the baby seem to be talking to him. I watch as his expression quickly changed from fear, to shock and ended with pure joy.

"I…I …got to…" I was starting to feel the walls shrinking around me. I had to leave. As much as I wanted to stay by Bella's side for what little time I had left with her, the way Edward and his child seem to be interacting was not only uncomfortable for me but it was also down right freaky as hell.

"Jake, don't go yet." Edward's head whips around his eyes large with disbelief.

"Why not?" I just wanted to leave. I couldn't stand the sight of him a second longer.

"Look at her. Come here." Edward's voice is steady as his smile.

"What?" I was sure he had done lost his mind.

"Jake she wants you to see her." Edward says with a strong conviction.

I felt the air freeze in my lungs as I replay the words he just spoke to me.

"SHE wants me to see her?" Now I knew that he had done lost his bloody mind.

"Yes, come closer." Edward continues to urge me to look at the face of the thing that has stolen my happiness. I wasn't sure if I could control myself around it. On one hand I knew it was just an innocent child whom had not intended to kill it's birth. On the other hand it was not a normal child either. It was a foul creature that was stealing the life of the woman I loved.

I took a long-drawn-out breathe before stepping over to his side. It took me a moment to pull myself together to look at the child that could have been mine and Bella's had she not chosen Edward.

Her eyes sparkled. Her cheeks were pink like her mother's. Her skin was pale as snow. The hair upon her head was like golden wheat. Delicate little curls fell around her ears. It was as if you were looking at a tiny cherub rather than a demonic being.

Then a jolt of lighting hit me straight through my heart. I braced myself as a strong magical current of air flew between Edward's arms and my body. A sudden warm tingling sensation course up and down my spine.

What was happening? Did this child have some sort of magic powers? Was she trying to dazzle me?

"What…is…happening?" I finally manage to say the words that were slamming around in my head.

"She says that you belong to her." Edward says with an unpleasant voice.

"What? Have you lost your mind? That is not my baby." I throw my hands up in the air, taking two large steps away from her and Edward.

"Of course not dummy! She is telling me that the connection has been made. You are now hers and hers alone." Edward looks over at Carlisle who was wearing a bewildered look that matched my own.

"Is she your imprint, Jake?" Carlisle looks torn between joy and fear.

"I…NO….no….hell no!" I shake my head in disagreement but I know in the pit of my stomach that the possibility is there since the feelings are only growing stronger as I stand there.

"If it's true then Jake has to go with us." Carlisle announces anxiously.

"HELL NO! There is no fucking way I will go anywhere with you people. I'm sorry Carlisle but I have a pack that I belong to. A family. A tribe. I ….no." I shake my head harder but my heart only skips more erratically as a sudden sensation of sadness sweeps through my body like a punch in the gut.

"She is scared. She says she has to be close to you. She is also very hungry." Edward chuckles bitterly.

"What do you mean she "says". The child is not even moving her lips." I demand wondering if this is some sort of sordid joke of Edwards?

"I can read her thoughts. She seems to be more mature mentally than physical.

Obviously." He adds as I stare at him with utter fear.

"Edward your losing your mind. I know it must have been hard to watch Bella die even if it's not real after all but dude reading a baby's mind is up there with coo-coo." I walk past him briskly, my hand wrapping around the door knob when his next set of words changed my life. In fact it sealed my fate. I was going to have to give up everything I loved and needed in my life in order to be with her.

"She says your heart and hers are connected. You will feel everything she does. She will grow up quickly and the two of you have a chance for happiness. Don't you want happiness again?" Edward repeats her thoughts to me. I felt my legs grow weak, my heart banging unmercifully against my chest and I knew what she was trying to tell me despite how much I didn't want it to be true.

"My happiness died today." I whisper so low I'm sure not even a vampire could hear it.

"She says that they will both need you. You will always hold their heart. You're her Jake now. Don't go Jake." Edward pleads as the baby lets out a heart throbbing howl.

"Edward I belong to a pack. I can't just leave them." I hope it sounds as reasonable as it did it in my head.

"You left them before. We can just tell them that you are making sure that Bella recovers and isn't a vampire." Carlisle suggests from his quiet corner.

"But they have to believe she is dead too." I remind them.

"True." Carlisle sighs heavily.

"You can tell them you want to monitor the baby then. They are the only ones who know of it's existence." Carlisle snaps his fingers as the idea occurs to him.

"Good idea." Edward cries out with a relieved smile.

"I will try but I can't make any promises." I offer as I turn back and finally walk out of the room.

Running down the stairs and out the front door, I sucked in the clean fresh air into my lungs as tears spill out of my eyes. Feeling the softness of the ground beneath my feet I will the change as I shift into the wolf where I am able to tell the others that Bella is dead. I hear the howls of sadness across the woods as the message is received by each member of our small elite pack.

Now five years later, I stand outside of a massive size house surrounded by woods and a well secure gated fence with my own private area. I stare up at the sky and wonder if Bella Swan Cullen will ever wake up again. Four days from now we will celebrate Nessie's fifth year, although her body has grown into that of a seventeen year old girl. Her physical abilities still amaze and frightens us as she grows at a supernatural speed. We all hope that she will eventually stop. If not then in a few years she would far pass the rest of us and look like a middle age woman rather than the young girl she truly is.

If Bella was awake and among us would she be as happy about her daughter as the rest of us were? Would she have remained a human despite the fact that although Nessie looked human and acted human she needed blood from time to time to keep her strength. It was the only thing that still bothered me about her. I knew that as my imprint I wasn't supposed to be bothered by it but I honestly I was. How was I suppose to love and start a life with something that would someday ask me for a drop of my blood in order to keep her strength and pink colored cheeks?

Sometimes it was nights like this that I wondered if having a imprint was as important as my other pack members had deemed it to be? After all, I cared deeply for Nessie and would gladly do my best to protect her but I wasn't able to stay away from Bella's side for too long. Unlike the others who had grown accustom to her being taken care of in a private facility fifty miles away, I wasn't. I felt like I was the only one who hoped that she would wake up after all these years. I knew Edward would argue with me if he heard my thoughts when it came to that conclusion. I had noticed how happy Edward had become since Alexandra became a permanent resident.

Alexandra was a vampire that Jasper apparently changed in Louisiana many years before he made his way to Alice. She was lovely to the eyes. Like the others, she looked like she came straight out of a modeling agency. It wasn't lost on me how Edward and Nessie both seemed to be drawn to her. Nessie knew I didn't necessarily like her and I never let my guard down around her. She had made the change from human blood to animal blood a year after we first moved away from Forks when we came across her. She seemed to be willing to give up everything she had ever known to be apart of the Cullen's family.

I would like to believe like the others that it was possible for someone to just have the desire to be better but I knew that like me, we all had ourdemons. Our very essences had a life of it's own and when I can't stand it, I have to run free. I have to let the wolf out. I missed the hunting but I know if I kill any vampires I might leave a trail that would stir up unnecessary attention from the Volturi. Nessie was stilla mystery to them and as far as they knew, Bella died that day we allowed everyone else in Forks to believe she died in a horrible car wreck on her way back from her honeymoon. It was so hard to believe just how much had changed in the past five years since Bella closed her eyes and fell into a false death. The question remained, was it a pretend death or would my Bella one day open her eyes and start living the life she was always meant too.