Chapter 16: Breaking Family Ties

"Did you plan to at least say good-bye before you ran away?" Nessie asked. Her voice was cold and strangely stern as she leaned against the door frame watching Jake pack up.

"I...I'm not running away exactly. I'm leaving." Jake gulped hard.

"Is this what you really want Jake?" Nessie's eyes glimmered dangerously.

"I have to go Nessie."

"I asked you if you wanted to go Jake. Is this hasty decision going to make you happier?"

"It will Nessie. I've loved your mother for as long as I can remember. I fell in love with her before I ever phased. Our love goes beyond magic." Jake explained.

He caught the quick jerk of her body as he answered her question honestly. He knew she didn't want to hear this but needed to hear it.

"I see. So you two were destined before my father and her fell in love." Nessie sighed heavily.

"Yes we were."

"I don't think this is all going to end the way you two hope. Sure, you will have some good times together but your love seems to have constant turmoil and dangerous obstacles. Don't think that will end Jake just because you got the girl." Nessie warned him.

"What do you know Nessie? Are you guys planning something?" Jake tensed up as he heard the silent underlining warning in her words. Nessie had been experiencing some visions that often came true. He wondered if there was something she had seen and wasn't revealing to him.

"We aren't doing a thing about this." Nessie threw her arms up in the air with a angry snort.

"In fact, my father says it's best to let you guys walk out of here and go far away from us. We are also planning on leaving soon."

"I'm grateful that your father is acting rationally about this." Jake thought back to the past when Edward had agreed that if Bella ever chose Jake over him he would gladly step back and allow her to be happy with ever whom she chose.

"I fear that he is going to snap at some point. No one can act that damn calm about losing your wife and lover to your enemy." Nessie rolled her eyes sarcastically as she crossed her arms. Her eyes glimmered again. Jake felt his wolf twitch beneath this skin. Nessie knew something and she wasn't telling him. This was such a bizarre side of Nessie, it felt so wrong and painful to watch.

"I do love you Nessie." Jake stepped closer to her, rubbing his hands together then clasping them in front of his chest.

"You have a funny way of showing it."

"I mean it Nessie. My feelings are still strong for you. I watched you grow into such a lovely young woman. I hope you don't let this turn you bitter. You're too sweet to go down that awful path." Jake started to reach out to grasp her shoulder when she jumped back, her eyes flickered from a soft blue to a soft shade of pink.

Jake gasped. He knew if her eyes went red she would go into instant killer mode. He had never seen her react like this before. She had never once in the past five years showed any signs of craving human blood.

"Don't touch me. You made love to her. Your hands were all over her. You did things to her that you promised someday we would experience." Nessie growled.

"You threw our dreams aside the first chance you got. You didn't hesitate to think about the ramifications of climbing between her legs. Oh but with me it was constant worries and theories on how it might affect me and the others if we made love too soon. You had to know somehow that if we had made love then you would lose her. I think you waited on purpose to see if the imprint would change back to her." Nessie accused him.

"WHAT! I never knew that Bella was my imprint. Trust me, I wouldn't have ever let your father lay a hand on her if I knew she had belonged to me." He replied hoarsely. It still bothered his wolf knowing that she had laid with the blood sucker before him. It still hurt his ego that she purposely chose the cold one over him.

Their conversation ended as they both lifted their heads up, hearing a terrified scream from the other side of the house. Nessie's lips curled up into a twisted smile as she continued to watch Jake's expression when a second scream came echoing through the house louder and clearer this time.

Jake ran forward and was shocked when Nessie threw herself in front of him. Licking her lips, her eyes widen with a hint of evil as she shook her head back and forth.

"No. Let it happen. It was what she wanted. She asked for it over and over again." Nessie's voice dropped into a almost demonic tone as she glared furiously at Jake.

"Get out of my way Nessie. I don't want to hurt you but I will." Jake growls as his wolf becomes alert and ready to be set free the moment it's given permission.

"You can't hurt me any worse than you already have." Nessie chuckled bitterly.

"MOVE!" He growled louder as his body began to spasm, his eyes widen, his pulse raced.

"Go then." Nessie laughed loudly as she stepped back allowing Jake to run to the other side of the house where the screams of Bella could be heard.

"Poor, poor Jake. Such a pity. I'm not that old and I already know there is no such thing as happy endings in life." Nessie walked leisurely in the direction of the house where she knew all hell was about to break.


It didn't take long for the others to rush to the upstairs room where Edward's teeth were a mere inch from Bella's wrist. Saliva drip out of the corners of his mouth as his eyes stared at her pale skin with a dangerous intensity.

"Please Edward don't do this. Don't end us like this. I won't forgive you. I will kill you Edward." Bella's voice was filled with raw anger as she yanked at his hair, trying to pull him away from her.

"Let her go Edward." Carlisle reached the room and was by his son's side, a few seconds before Jake came barreling in with both eyes glowing, his chest was shaking rapidly. The vampires could smell the wolf starting to surface and knew if Edward made one wrong move the wolf would be released and then there would be blood shed. Edward was threatening Jake's imprint. He wouldn't be able to stop himself from killing Edward. This was part of the wolf's natural instincts to protect what belonged to him. No one could accuse Jake of killing Edward without just cause.

"I want to but I can't. I can't lose her. She is my wife. God has deemed her mine." Edward replied painfully as his head tilted up to look at Bella with such fear and pain that it sent shivers straight into her soul.

"Edward, I know this is hard and I never meant to hurt you but you PROMISED me you would let me go if I CHOSE too. I am choosing to leave you, this family and live my life as a human with Jake. Don't break your promise to me. Please Edward. He will kill you." Bella pleaded as tears streamed down her face.

"If you and Jake weren't imprinted now would you choose him still?" Edward asked. His voice was so soft, it would have been almost impossible to hear.

"Yes. Yes I would." Bella felt confident in her answer but in the back of her mind she wondered if she was lying just a little. After all, she had denied her feelings for Jake before so that her love for Edward could flourish. Her heart had told her before that it belonged with Jake but she refused to listen to it because she felt that her love for Edward was stronger and somehow better for her. Of course she had been a simple minded teenager who believed that Edward was her first and only love. Now years older, she could see that she just wanted Edward for all that he had to offer her. With Edward she could become more than a simple ordinary girl. She would have incredible powers, immortality, and beauty.

Now she knew that there was much more to her life than those things. She wasn't as scared to grow old or to be weaker than most people around her. These were characteristics that just made her human, not pathetic. She had been so ridiculously naive. She wasn't like that anymore. She was stronger and she could depict the differences in reality and fantasy. The supernatural world that had consumed and intrigued her years ago had given her the wrong outlook on life.

"Your lying." Edward groaned as his eyes fell back to her wrist that he had been gripping so hard that it was already turning a soft shade of blue from where he was bruising her fragile skin.

"NO! NO I"m not! I don't want to be like you. I don't want to suffer the loss of my family and friends and have to hide out for years after years. I want to live and die. I want to go down the natural path of life Edward. You warned me that it would hurt and it would kill me to watch those I love fade away and that I could never make new friends or do normal things that people my age do because I would be in constant danger of being discovered for what I truly was. You were right. I was wrong back then. Please, just let me go Edward. I will leave with Jake and never come back." Bella hoped like hell that her words were sinking into his head. She knew he was fighting a battle within himself. Her Edward would never force this on her. He wasn't thinking with his head. He was thinking with his heart and they both knew how crazy that could make him.

"Edward let her go or I will be forced to kill you. One of us will die tonight and then Bella would suffer. This isn't her fault Edward. This isn't my fault or yours. It's happening and we both have to accept it. You promised me you could handle this better than I had. Show me. Show me your a better man than I was." Jake warned him one final time as he hunched down ready to phase if necessary to rip Edward's head off before it came any closer to Bella's wrist.

Edward's fingers slowly unraveled from her wrist as he took a steady step back away from her. He locked eyes with Bella's as he took another step back,his face showed the anguish and hell it took to release her .

"Bella come over here." Jake ordered gently.

Bella continued to look into Edward's eyes as she moved closer to Jake's side.

She felt the warmth and strength of his arm circling her waist as tears spilled out of her eyes. She couldn't seem to stop looking at Edward. She still felt a strange pull between them. Perhaps it was from the fact that he had been her first in so many aspects of her life. Edward had protected her, loved her, and sacrificed parts of himself to be the man she wanted. He had given up so much for her. He had changed from the cold, isolated young man she had first met into a warm, caring individual who had finally found a reason to exist in this world.

"Why didn't you do it?" Nessie broke past Rose who had been blocking her from the room in case things got nasty.

"Shut up Nessie." Emmett shot her a warning look.

"NO! If he turned her then they wouldn't be imprinted anymore. You guys know it's a possibility. Don't you want her in our family anymore?" She looked around at her family with accusing eyes.

"Do you no longer care about her?" Nessie continued her argument.

"Of course we do and that is why we are allowing her to choose Nessie." Esme spoke up as she entered the room. Her eyes were soft and sympathetic to Nessie's pain.

"She already chose. She married my father. She gave birth to me. This is what she wanted. Even when she was already imprinted with Jake she wanted this more than him." Nessie looked directly at Jake hoping that her words struck him, causing him some well deserved pain.

"It was different then. She didn't know that Jake and her were tied together by more than friendship." Alice said walking toward Nessie slowly as she laid her arm over her shoulder, pulling her into a gentle embrace.

"She lied to you then. She knew. Trust me. I know what it feels like to be in love with Jake. There is no way you can call it anything other than love." Nessie shook her head in denial pulling away from Alice's comforting arms.

"Tell them! Tell him! Tell the truth for once. Be a woman and not some timid little bitch that is afraid of her own shadow!" Nessie shouted out, her hands curled up into tiny balls, rocking back and forth by her sides.

Nessie was up in Bella's face within a second. Everyone was stunned at how fast she had moved across the room and how strong her hate was for her own mother.

"Back off Nessie." Jake warned her.

"Nessie, I didn't know for sure who I loved more. Both your father and Jake were two extraordinary men. I was a foolish teenager who had never been in love before. I had no previous experience in that area to make a healthy decision. I just knew that I enjoyed Jake's company. He saved me when I nearly died from losing your father who by the way walked away from me. No left me to die." Bella's eyes grew cold as she looked past Nessie to stare at Edward for a second before they locked back with Nessie's.

"I thought that my feelings for Jake were misplaced. I feared that what I felt for him was more out of obligation and sincere friendship than a romantic sense of love. When I married your father, I truly believed I had chosen my life mate. I saw myself living out eternity with him. I also knew that when he changed me it would prevent the Volturi from coming back to Forks. If they discovered the wolves existence they might kill them. I couldn't be responsible for that. I thought what your father was offering me would be enough to make me happy but it wasn't. When I woke up all I could think about was my old life. How my family and my friends had suffered from my fake death. I wanted them back in my life. I knew in that moment of clarity that being a vampire wasn't what I needed to make me happy. When Jake entered the room it just confirmed what I already feared." Bella hoped everyone understood why she was choosing to leave them and not take it so personal.

They had been right after all. Even Rose had argued with her that their lifestyle wasn't perfect. That she was making a wrong choice if she chose to become one of them willingly.

"So now you're just going to leave us? Walk away from your mistakes?" Nessie's voice dripped with venom as her hands lifted up and slammed against her mother's chest shoving her out of Jake's arms and against the wall behind them.

In a flash Jake phased into his wolf, causing the room to shrink around him.

Alice flew around him and lifted Bella up in her arms. She could see that Bella was injured but she was going to live.

"Come on kill me." Nessie challenged him as she cocked an eye brow.

"Stop it! Stop it now!" Rose and Edward jumped in front of Nessie at the same time. Edward kept his body facing Jake, while Rose stood with her back against Edward's so that her face was directly in front of Nessie's.

"Your wrong Nessie. I told your mother that being a vampire wasn't right for her. I told her she was making the wrong choice and I stick by that. WE didn't choose this for ourselves. WE were forced with this. You were born with this. In a way you were forced like us but your mother has chosen to walk away from it. She is doing what is right. Let her go Nessie." Rose demanded.

"How can you defend her? You know she isn't capable of loving him like I can." Nessie sobbed as she stared at the woman who had been like her mother for the past five years defend the woman who had ripped her heart out.

"She isn't just leaving because she can, she is doing it to stop your suffering. She knows you can't move forward if they are here. Jake will kill you Nessie if you go near her. Back away. Please sweetheart." Rose's voice shook with fear and love.

Jake stared at them ready to pounce on anyone who made the wrong move toward him or Bella.

"Jake let me get her to the car. I promise I won't hurt her." Alice begged from behind him.

Jake's large wolf head turn to look at Alice and knew she was telling the truth. Nodding his head with permission he turn his lethal gaze back at the others.

"Esme grab her things, Jasper go get Jake's." Carlisle ordered them.

Everyone moved with lightening speed.

"I'm sorry Jake. I'm sorry I was weak. I love her. You know the pain I'm enduring." Edward hoped that Jake was able to express his regrets to Bella later on when they were safely far away from them.

The wolf just stood firmly in place staring at them, his teeth grinding as he kept his guard up.

"Jake. Don't go. Please give us one more try." Nessie begged but knew it was falling on deaf ears.

"It's over Nessie." Edward replied firmly.

The wolf moved out of the room quickly and with ease for something so big.

Nessie crumbled to her knees as tears poured out of her eyes and fell to the floor.

"I hate you. You're so damn weak." Nessie cried as her father knelt in front of her.

"No, I'm strong Nessie. Strong enough to let someone I love leave and live the life she deserved. You should be happy for Jake. He can now be the alpha he was always meant to be." Edward answered as he kissed her forehead.

"I know. It just ….hurts daddy." Nessie fell into his arms and wept like the child she been just a few years before.

When the wolf saw Bella was safely settled into the passenger seat with all of their belongings in the back, he allowed himself to phase back into human form. Alice turned her gaze away as she handed him a handful of clothing.

"I had some stuff packed already for you guys. I know you will need it. Please tell her when she wakes up that we meant her no harm. Nessie is hurt but she will get past this. Someday she will seek out Bella again. She will want her forgiveness." Alice stated.

"I hope your right. I know that Bella will feel tremendous guilt for hurting her but we made the right decision about us, about leaving." Jake finished dressing when he opened the car door climbing into the driver side.

"I will send you a text when I know where we will be. Can you send my bike and rest of the stuff?" Jake knew he could trust Alice with their location.

"Yes. Of course." Alice smiled tenderly.

"Be good to her Jake. She has a long life ahead of her. She won't always be content and she won't listen to her heart but she will love you more than anything or anyone in this world now. She has been set free from us." Alice choked back a soft sob as she stepped back from the car giving Jake room to depart.

Jasper slipped his arm around her waist while they watch the tail lights zoom away into the darkness. Both of them feeling a heavy pain hit their hearts as they watched Bella leave their lives once again.

Jake drove straight across the border not stopping only for gas and coffee. When the sun made it's daily appearance in the sky Bella finally began to wake up. He was relieved that she was safe and alive. A few times he worried that the blow she received from Nessie might have caused some internal damage that no one was aware of.

"Where are we?" Bella rubbed the back of her head where a goose size bump sent out sharp pains.

"We are in the United States again. Home of the free, the hamburger and football baby." Jake chuckled, reaching down and giving her hand a quick squeeze.

"Oh. What happened?" Bella squinted her eyes as the bright rays of light made her head hurt worse as she tried to focus on the scenery they were passing.

"Nessie hit you. Well, she shoved you across the room." Jake's happy voice faltered as he looked at her.

Bella's face paled as she saw the anger in his eyes.

"You didn't...kill...harm..." Bella couldn't finish the sentence that was rolling frantically in her head.

"Of course not but I did phase. If she had gone after you again I would have killed her." Jake answered earnestly.

"Jake! She was just upset. She wouldn't have killed me. Edward wouldn't have let her." Bella saw the way he had flinched when he mentioned Edward's name.

"I know you can protect me but I also know that Edward wouldn't have let Nessie harm me. He is aware of your need to protect me." Bella hoped he better understood what she was trying to imply earlier.

"He nearly killed you Bella. He almost made you one of them against your will." Jake's teeth ground together as he recalled the night before and how close he had come to losing her after all to the blood sucker.

"He wasn't thinking rationally Jake. He ….lost and you won." Bella patted his hand.

"It's not about winning and losing Bella. He ….never mind." Jake shook his head trying to shove all the negative feelings out of his head. It was over now. They were both safe and had all their limbs. He was going to focus on the positive points of their situation.

"I love you Jake." Bella burst out.

"I love you too baby."

"So where are you taking me? Where will Jake and Bells start their new life?"

"Anywhere you want to go Bells. I'm open to suggestions."

"I know Forks is off the list." Bella frowned.

"Yes, I'm afraid that isn't a place we can go just yet. Maybe someday." Jake felt her pain. He too, would have loved more than anything to go back to a safe and familiar place. Sadly, Forks couldn't be their home yet but he was going to try and work it out so that maybe, just maybe one day they could return.

"I guess the question is do we want to be somewhere close to where we want to be or do we want to go somewhere completely new." Bella wondered out loud.

"As long as you are with me I don't care if we head to Mexico. I think Alice gave us some money so cost isn't going to be a problem right away." Jake chuckled as Bella turned in her seat to pull out a black duffel bag that was squashed behind Jake's seat. Putting it her lap she unzipped it and started laughing merrily as she explored the contents.

"I think Alice had a vision about this day." Bella laughed.

"Oh. Why do you say that?" Jake asked curiously.

"Well, you were right we have plenty of money and I also see a few bathing suits in this bag that tells me we are going somewhere sunny and warm for a change." Bella replied.

"Ahhh! I hate to admit it but sunlight and beaches do sound good right now." Jake chuckled.

"Then let's go to Florida or California?" Bella suggested.

Jake gave her a sharp look.

"Florida is close to your mother Bella." Jake reminded her.

"Oh yeah." Bella's smiled faltered.

"California it is." Jake watched the signs informing him which way was south and which route would take them directly to California.

"Let's go to Disney." Bella's eyes brighten up as she considered all the possibilities that lied ahead for them. Sure, the life she would have loved to go back to wasn't available but that didn't mean they didn't have other better choices to look forward too.

"Okay Disney it is just don't dare ask me to take pictures with those damn hats with ears on them." Jake flashed her a knowing grin as they rode off in the direction of sunny days and carefree nights. Their life was going to be okay. The two of them had gone through enough crap in one lifetime. They both felt they deserved time to recoup and regain their strength before they were forced to face their past decisions and their future choices.

********************************************************************************************************************End of Part One:

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