Do you know how hard it is to live in a castle with idiots? How about idiots that believe they can have world domination? Idiots, they are! I could rule THIS dimension and the one I come from in a matter of days, dammit!

How's it going? My names Devil. Devil Bandicoot. But darn near everyone calls me Evil Crash. I let anyone walk away with their heads on if they just call me Evil; like they say, there's evil in Devil. What do I look like? Well, I wear some purple cargo shorts, purple chucks with red bottoms, some black fingerless gloves, a purple leather vest that usually shows my fuzzy body, a black fadora in the style of Freddy Cruegger, my hair spikes through the hat, my nails razor out of my fingers, my eyes are a demonic dark blue, my teeth as sharp as titanium, and my fur as red as a blood moon. I come from the Tenth Dimension on an island called Twinsanity Island; counterpart of N. Sanity Island here in your precious Earth. I came here after my world became too unstable to inhabit. I could have personally taken care of it, but I thought a fresh start in a new dimension was in order. So, finding what technology I could along with my mechanic abilities, I built a portal that can send me anywhere to anytime. I remember having an adventure a few years ago with my doppelganger and a small scientist that were from the third dimension. I aimed for my machine to send me there. I ended up running into my doppleganger there.

"Ah, cool! It's a mirror, Aku!" My doppleganger, Crash, said to his floating mask.

"Crash, that's Evil Crash!" Aku said to his brainless companion.

"First off, the name's Devil." I stated,"Second of all, where the hell am I?"

Aku examined me before answering,"N. Sanity Island... Not a place for you. If you want terror and evil, go to Cortex Island."

I smirked and tipped my hat,"Thank you, gentlemen." I walked to Cortex Islands with ease, avoiding death from any minion.

When I got to the front door of Castle Cortex, I was greeted by another bandicoot, this one though had bushy eyebrows, a huge overbite, green cargos instead of blue, and had a light New-York-Like accent.

"Hey, there?" I said slowly, not expecting another bandicoot counterpart.

"Ey, how ya doin?" He said as he opened the door,"Ey, boss, we got company."

"Who is it?" I heard from a room.

"It's a bandicoot... He kinda looks like me, but he ain't Crash." This other bandicoot said as he walked me into this casino-like room that held a poker table in the center. At the table was that small scientist, a tall metallic man with a clock on his chest, a blue kangaroo, another floating mask, a short man with a rocket coming out of his head, and a slightly taller man with bolts sticking out of the side of his head like Frankenstein.

"It can't be..." the scientist looked up,"... It is."

"Hey! I remember you! Yeah! You're that scientist I ran into on Twinsanity Island a couple years ago!" I said as I pointed to him, standing next to the table.

Then, the mask boomed,"CORTEX! Who is this sorry excuse for a cowboy?"

"Hey, I am NOT a cowboy, you two by four!" I yelled back.

"How dare you talk back to me, UKA-UKA, like THAT?"

"Listen, pal... I was told by some other piece of wood that this place is a place for baddies... I want in to this castle. I want in on your operations."

Cortex, the yellow scientist, grinned evily,"Hmmm, it would be very useful to have someone like you on our team."

"Cortex!" Chimmed the man with a rocket out of his head,"How can we trust this bandicoot! For all we know, he could be Crash!"

"N. Gin, that mindless marsupial could not have came up with such an idea as this!" Said Cortex,"Evil Crash-"

"It's Devil." I said with a low growl.

"Err, uh, Devil?" Cortex said, a bit scared.

"Yeah." I said, crossing my arms.

"You may join our team of infamy."

Soon, I grew close to the whole team. Let me breakdown who's in it.

Neo Cortex:

Neo Cortex is the owner of the Cortex Island and head of the Cortex Castle. He is the mastermind behind everything evil in the N. Team, as this group of villains call themselves. He specializes in biological sciences, creating most of his henchmen and even Crash Bandicoot himself. Cortex usually has on his scientist suit on that has a red N on his chest pocket, complete with red boots and red gloves, including a ray gun at his belt ready for fire.

Nitro Gin:

Nitro Gin (goes by the nickname of N. Gin) was the mechanic of the team. He is NOTHING compared to me in the fields of mechanical works. From what Cortex told me, he and Gin got in a scrap once in a room with explosives. One of the explosives they hit was a heat-seeking missile to his head. He usually wears an ashy lab coat, black gloves, and black boots; a very gothic look.

Nitrus Brio:

Nitrus Brio is the chemist of the castle. Brio is the most intelligent out of three scientist, but he is also the weakest. He created the muto-genetic techniques used by Cortex and drew blue prints for most of the weapons the team uses. He is usually seen with a green lab coat that goes below his waist, he wears black boots, and green gloves; a very army-like look. Oh, he also has bolts sticking out of the side of his head.

Nina Cortex:

Nine Cortex, in one word, is more or less gothic. Nina is the only apparent female of the household and also the young niece of Neo Cortex. Nina usually grumbles about the castle making remarks and comments targeted to idiotic doings of the villains. Nina also has these bionic hands that stretch out and beat the crap out of whatever it can get to. I wouldn't mess with this girl. She has a Punk-School girl look; black skirt that goes below her knees, navy blue button-down sleeveless shirt, a red tie, black leather cargo boots, and spiked hair. Did I mention her skin is a pale blue?

Nefarious Tropy:

Nefarious Tropy... This guy is very hard to figure out... All I know about him is that he's a time traveling immortal god... Yeah... He usually has on his armor that is made out of gold and silver. He also walks around with a staff that is made out of titanium, from what I see. When he isn't wearing his armor, he is wearing this long white lab coat, his armor boots, and his machine-thing on his arm. the purpose of this gadget? My best guess is that it's the machine that helps him travel.

Ripper Roo:

Ripper Roo is a crazy blue kangaroo bound to a straight-jacket... He doesn't talk much, but when he does, he talks pretty crazy. He usually just chuckles, cackles, and giggles about the castle.

Tiny Tiger:

Tiny is an understatement. This tiger is a massive 10 feet and muscle bound. I think his nickname came from his brain size though because Tiny is an idiot. He usually just wears a green sort of Tarzan skirt and red chucks. He also talks in third person.

Fake (Trash or Smash) Bandicoot:

Smash is another doppleganger of mine, but not even he knows where he came from. He was found by Tropy when he and an associate of his were trying to mind control Team Bandicoot (Crash and his friends). Smash eventually became apart of the family here at Castle Cortex. He isn't smart but he isn't stupid. He's your typically average bandicoot.


Uka-Uka is an ass of a "boss." He is the brother of Aku-Aku and his complete opposite. Uka is dark, evil, mean, and malicious. He's usually with Cortex and calling him and idiot and calling him out on the mistakes he makes. I don't take his orders so the house usually gets crazy when I tell him no. Uka looks like-ummm. Why don't you just Google it?

And all this? This long and pointless story you're reading? It's an account and recording of the adventures of the infamous.