I could hear Ripper Roo jumping up the stairs towards my hallway. I was just sitting on the edge of the balcony, looking out towards this crescent thing in the sky. This thing came up when the sun went down. This must be something special to this dimension. Back in the 10th Dimension, there were two suns and I wonder if this is something like a sun.

I heard claws on the floor.

"Yes, Ripper Roo?" I said while I was still looking towards this object.

"Why are you loooooooooooooking at the moooooooon?"

"The what?" I asked as I turned and looked at him.

"The big white thing in the sky you're starring at like some looooooove struck woooooolf."

"Moon..." I lightly whispered,"That's the name of it?"

"Yeeeeeeeeah!" He said as he hopped near me,"Didn't you have one of those in the 10th Dimeeeeeeeeension?"

"No, we had two su-" I looked at him,"Wait, what are you doing here? What do you want?"

"I just waaaaaaaaaaaaanted to-"

"No, get the hell out." I pushed him outta my room and locked the door.

I leaned my back against the door and closed my eyes,"N-No friends." I said to myself.

The next day, I found a folder taped to my door with my name on it. I took it off the door and brought it into my room and sat down at my bed.

"What's this? Breakfast menu?" I opened the envelope and took out some papers. These papers had bios of other furries and people. There was a letter in the stack for me.

It read:


To test your abilities, I have assigned you a few missions. In this folder are files of a few weapons and gadgets that need to be brought back to the castle. The latter of which I mentioned will have their names coded in blue.

Now, the ones coded in yellow are people we need information on. What kind of information you'll need will be specified on the paper.

The red coded names are all "good guys" you should be aware of.

I have also provided a GPS which is a pair of sunglasses that are also in the envelope. You simply put them on and activate them by pressing the red button on the right arm of the glasses. Once activated, you will see a few blimps and a map of your location within a radius that can be adjusted. Blinking white blimps are portals that are scattered across the islands and this world. There are also blimps for the weapons and gadgets, people we need info on, and "good guys" that will be the same color as indicated on their bios. There are also purple blimps you should be aware of. These purple blimps are location of a Power Crystal. The blimp isn't positioned exactly where the crystal but rather near where the crystal lies. I suggest you hold onto the crystal with your claws and not your paws. The crystals can be fatal to organisms and suck out your energy. The science is complicated and I will explain it another time.

These are your missions, Devil. I entrust the best in you. If there is ANYTHING you may need, come to me about it.

Dr. Neo Cortex

P.S., Your first mission will be locating one of our gadgets. It is called the Veloco-Band.

I put the letter down,"Veloco-Band?" I looked through the papers and went into the blue section. I found the Veloco-Band and it was just some stupid black band with a white button on it.

"Oh, I remember." I put my hand into the envelope and found the GPS Sun Glasses.

They were... Odd.

They looked like glassy/shinny alien eyes. The lenses were a chrome black while the arms and rest of the glasses was purple. Nice.

I put them on and clicked the button as said in the directions. A beep sounded and soon this computer like screen with a circle GPS map on the left lens, still allowing me to see in front of me.

"Say a command." The glasses spoke in a female voice.

"Ummm... Locate Veloco-Band." I said, unsure.

"Locating." A loading bar showed on the glasses as it went from 1%-100%

"Veloco-Band located. Located in Montro City, near Madame Amberly's Academy of Evil." the glasses said.

"Montro City? What's in Montro City?" I asked.

"Montro City:" The glasses started,"A city with many buildings, a strip of it's own, clubs, and filled with many street performers. Be cautious of the many con-artists located in this area." After it finished, a green line showed the path I should take to get to Montro City.

"Well," I said,"Let's get to it!" I said as I walked out of Cortex Castle and to Montro City.

When I got to Montro City, the pleasant scent of gas and urban life sprung up. I saw many tall buildings, malls, mini-stores, people trying to sell me tickets to some games, and street performers. I wasn't here for a field trip, I was here on a mission. but one street performer stopped me. He was moving very fast and practically seemed invisible.

"Ey, quit it, man!" I shouted.

My sun glasses then said,"Veloco-Band located!"

"What? Show GPS." I commanded my glasses. The GPS showed up and a blue blimp was seen going in crazy patterns.

This street performer started to piss me off so when I saw a flash of him, I put my arm out, knocking him down. There he lied on the floor, a weird looking fish-like person.

I commanded my glasses,"Identify!"

My glasses loaded, and said,"Norm. Former racing champion of planet Fenomena. Book loving mime."

I eyed this person,"Who the hell are you?"

He stood and sped of, disappearing into the streets.

"Son of a bitch, man." I looked around and got into a fighting stance,"So you're a mime?" I teased.

Suddenly, I was knocked hard on my ass to the floor. Then I was pinned down by this Mime. He put his hand up in the air, I saw the Veloco-Band.

"Hey," I said,"You're in a box." Then, Norm, stood up, pounding on the air, as if he was in a box. I rolled my eyes and took the Veloco-Band. and walked away.

"Wow, that was easy."

As I walked, I felt this shadow come over me. I opened my eyes and noticed there was someone big and tall over me. I turned and saw a bigger version of that mime.

"Um... You're trapped in a box." I said.

"Nice try." This mime said as he punched me.

I fell back a little,"Who are you?"

"I'm Norm. We're both the same person. We're both different, though. I'm the strong one." He stood over me and was going to stomp down on me, but I moved out of the way.

"Hey, buddy, this is just business. This ain't anything personal," I reaffirmed my claws and jumped at this other Norm. I began to claw and punch at him.

"It's gonna take a lot more than scratches to take me down, bandicoot." Norm said.

I tried to think of something quick to-wait a minute.

"Quick." I whispered. I then pressed the button on the Veloco-Band. Each step I took was fast and everything moved slowly around me. This was to my advantage. I circled around Norm, spinning him out of control and making him dizzy.

"H-Hey!" Norm said as he spun into a frenzy. When Norm finally stopped, I started to punch him and my fists hit him almost 45 times a second!

Norm stood a dizzy mess. I walked up to him,"By the way, name's Devil." I lightly blew at him and he fell back.

I looked at the other small Norm and squinted at him,"Leave before I kick your ass, too." He complied and Big Norm became a blue goo and mashed back with the original Norm and Norm walked into a book store in the strip.

I decided it was a day and walked back to the castle.

I decided to go and report back to Cortex in his office. I walked in and greeted myself,"What's up?"

Cortex was writing something down and he looked up to me,"Did you find it?"

I decided to confirm my success by using the Veloco-Band to speed to Cortex's desk.

"Does that answer your question?" I smugly said.

"Brilliant, Devil. Keep it. It shall be a part of your arsenal of gadgets and weapons."

"What? My own weapons and gadgets?" I looked at the Veloco-Band,"Coooool."

"What took so long? Stopped to see the sites?" Cortex asked.

"What? No, dude. I just ran into this mime that had the Veloco-Band and I had to beat up his massive twin or whatever. It wasn't all that bad. I got to test out the 'Band, so it was cool. Hey, I'm tired, Cortex," I said as I began to walk out,"Imma call it a night."

"Okay, sure... Close the door."

I walked out and closed the door and walked back to my room.