Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey peoples! Decided ta put this in with the other Random shots 'cause it really has no other purpose than to make people happy ^_^ lol, actually, I just don't feel like makin' it a story of its own 'cause it's only one chapter. Anywho, at request of RejectedShyRebel18, a little Tremors story where a female graboid shows up in Perfection. And yes, before you ask, Larry and Tyler are a couple in this. Got a problem with it, go complain to a snail. So, read and enjoy!XD (and yes, i am Kiyo)




Tyler jumped, "What the-"

"Who said that?" Burt demanded, glaring at the vast emptiness of desert around him.


"If you're nobody then how are you talking?" Tyler asked.



"Well what?"

"Well, how are you talking?"

"'Cause I'm not nobody. Nobody is talking and since I'm not nobody I can talk!"

Tyler lapsed into silence and tried to process that.

Burt frowned as he suddenly realized his life was being quietly narrated; his mind being slowly penetrated and his deepest feelings and secrets becoming-



Tyler looked up from his though process, not having much luck anyway. "Aw, Burt, what'd ya do that for?"

"Didn't you hear that?" Burt asked.

Tyler cocked his head and listened. After a moment he too could hear his life being quietly narrated; his mind being slowly penetrated and his deepest feelings and secrets becoming-

"Whoa, that's cool!"

"GAH! Do you have to keep interrupting the description? It's disrupting the story!"

"What story?" Burt snapped in annoyance.

"This story. And don't think you can get out of it 'cause it's a request of someone else and they're the only one who can pull you out if they so wish. And they don't. So don't ask."

"Ok," Tyler blinked. "So, uh, Voice….person-"

"You can call me Kiyo."

"Ok, Kiyo. What exactly are we doing in this…'story'?"

"Whatever I tell you to."

Burt snorted, "Yeah, right. You're just a loud voice; you don't know anything and you can't do anything."

"Well, fine, I'll go narrate elsewhere. Besides, I'm sure Nancy would love to know who really tore up her garden last week."

Burt froze and Tyler's eyes went as large as saucers.

"You're the one who tore up her garden? I thought it was the HaggleBeast!"

"How'd you know that?" Burt demanded.

"Easy. I made it up."


"See? I can do anything I want. I can even make Larry cease to have ever existed."

"Huh?" Tyler felt a moment of brief panic.

"Oh, don't worry, I won't. But even if I did it wouldn't make any difference to you."


"OK! We got off topic here so let's get back on track. I'mna go to the background; you two have fun with Spot. Tschus!"

"Wait, who's Spot?" Burt asked.

His answer was the familiar buzzing of his wrist seismo followed by a more unfamiliar bellow.

"That doesn't really sound like El Blanco," Tyler said puzzled.

He was right. Almost immediately after his observation the ground erupted about 30 feet from them. A large, white, graboid stood there, if you could call it standing, and bellowed loudly. It looked quite a lot like the current resident worm, except for the darker array of circles covering its body.

"What the heck!" Burt grabbed for his gun but before he could even reach it, the worm was gone.

They stood there in silence for awhile, mulling over the recent events, until Tyler finally broke the quiet.

"Think that was Spot?"

Jodi was hanging up the new shipment of Shrieker, Assblaster, and Graboid piñatas when Larry walked in.

"Hey, Jodster."

"Hey," Jodi spared a quick glance at him. "Where're Burt and Tyler?

Larry frowned. "I don't know, I was just wonderin' that myself."

"You mean you're wonderin' where Tyler is," Jodi teased.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Larry grumbled, his ears turning a light shade of red.

Jodi giggled. She finished hanging the final piñata and climbed down the ladder. No sooner than her feet touched the floor the missing men pulled up in Burt's jeep.


"You're not unexisting!" Tyler cried out, interrupting the store keeper and tackling Larry in a tight hug.

"She said she wasn't going to do that," Burt said with a roll of his eyes. The kid was waaaaaay to protective of his boyfriend.

"I was just making sure," Tyler replied shortly. "She's unpredictable, that…..uh, womanly-voice."

"What on earth are you two talking about?" Jodi demanded.

"Some voice started talking to us in the desert," Burt replied. "Said we were in a 'story' and had to do whatever she told us to."


Larry pulled his head away from Tyler's chest and placed a hand on his head. "Are you sure you guys aren't suffering from a heatstroke?"

"Yes, we're sure," Tyler said, pushing his hand away. "It's not even 80 degrees outside."

"Ok then," Jodi shook her head and went back to putting the ladder away.

Tyler pouted. "She doesn't believe us."

"Tyler, I don't believe us," Burt said.

"But what about Spot?" Tyler protested. "We saw that."

"Who's Spot?" Larry asked, still stuck in Tyler's arms.

Again, the answer was the buzzing of their wrist seismos. Moments later El Blanco surfaced, followed by the other, spotted, graboid.

Jodi and Larry gaped at them.

"Is that another albino graboid?" Nancy's voice came from behind them as she appeared from Jodi's living quarters with a basket of laundry, her face covered in shock.

"Yep," Burt glared at the worm in annoyance. "That's Spot."

"You named it?" Jodi asked.

"Naw, Kiyo did," Tyler replied.

"Who's Kiyo?"

"The big voice."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Nancy held up one of her hands. "Before this becomes any more confusing, maybe you guys could start at the beginning?"

Burt sighed. "Tyler and I were out in the desert patrolling and while we were taking a break a loud voice coming from the heavens started sayin' somthin' about Spot. And she said that we were part of a story for someone and we couldn't do anything about it. And then she left us and Spot there popped out of the ground and then left."

There was a moment's silence.

"She also said she could talk because she was nobody," Tyler added as if talking about the weather. Burt rolled his eyes again.

"How come they're not movin'?" Larry asked.

Everyone looked and noticed that indeed neither of the graboids had moved from their position.

"That's odd," Burt frowned. Another annoying twist to these damn creatures.

For several minutes they just stood there, watching the strange worms. El Blanco was lifting himself off the ground and waving his tentacles around.

"Kinda looks like he's given a tour," Tyler commented, finally letting go of his captive and moving towards the window.

"Like we're gonna let that thing stay here," Burt scoffed.

"Aw, I think she looks kinda cute," Nancy said.

Burt raised an eyebrow. "Who says it's a she?"

"Well, we always refer to El Blanco as a he so why can't Spot be a she? We need more women in this valley anyway," Jodi added.

"I'd prefer one that doesn't want to eat us," Burt said irritably.

Larry shrugged. "Maybe she'll be useful like El Blanco."

Burt frowned, unconvinced.

"Aw, come on Burt," Tyler pleaded. "Have some doubt in your doubt for a change an give her a chance. If somethin' happens to convince us otherwise by the end of the week, then you can kill it."

Burt was silent for a moment. He really wanted to say 'No, not a chance in hell.' But with four people giving him begging looks (one with incredibly accurate puppy eyes), he was having a hard time getting the words out. He sighed.

"Fine!" Burt threw his hands up in defeat. "But one. Week. Only. No more, not even an hour or a minute. Got it?"

Larry and Tyler saluted smartly and nodded and the girls grinned happily. Burt rolled his eyes. Honestly, the people he lived with. He glanced out at the two graboids who had yet to move on and yet also seemed to have no interest in the group of humans (although Burt was positive they had sensed them, how could they not with the noise they'd been making?). He had to admit, it would be kinda nice having another graboid. They had no idea how long El Blanco would last, and if he either kicked the bucket or was killed by more yahoos like the ones from Vegas, they could still resist the little Turds' ranching developments. Not that he'd admit any of that to the others, he couldn't have them thinking he was going soft. But still, he couldn't help but hope 'Spot' would prove herself by the end of the week.

That worth was proven four days later. The town was having a quiet, peaceful day when they were attacked. Or more specifically, Jodi, Nancy, and Larry were attacked while Burt and Tyler were at Rosalita's studying a half eaten calf carcass that was suggesting a new mixmaster creature. It was right of course.

The thing came out of nowhere, a snake creature with short stubby legs and the tail and ears of a mountain lion and over 10 feet long. It raced towards the store where Larry, Jodi, and Nancy were sitting, yowling and moving faster than it had a right to.

"What the hell?" Jodi screamed.

"Come on!" Larry rushed the women inside and slammed the door shut just before the creature crashed into it. The wood splintered but held.

Nancy grabbed her radio. "Burt! Tyler!" she was interrupted by another crash against the door frame. The creature was big but apparently wasn't very skilled at breaking through wooden walls.

"Nancy? What's wrong?" Burt answered, catching the fear in her voice.

"There's some….snake creature here, trying to break into the store!"

"Hang on, we're on our way."

Suddenly there was a shuddering crash as the creature slammed into the store again, crashing through the wall and into the figurine display case. They all screamed and ran as it shot forward but just as it was about to snatch Larry off his feet their wrist seismos vibrated and the floor erupted in a fountain of graboid, knocking everyone to the ground.

The snake creature screamed as Spot grabbed it with her tentacles and pulled it towards her mouth. It took a bit of struggling but she finally got it to her maw and chomped down, cutting off its head. The creature fell dead and after swallowing Spot retreated.

Burt and Tyler came on the scene five minutes later, clambering over the unmoving body to get into the store.

"Are you guys OK?" Tyler asked, helping the others to their feet from where they had been sitting and wondering at the sudden events.

Jodi nodded shakily.

"We're all fine, I think," Nancy replied. "Just...shaken up a bit."

"That was awesome!" Larry grinned.

Tyler laughed and Burt rolled his eyes.

"So what happened?" Burt asked, turning to look at the creature.

"That Snake Lion attacked us and then Spot rescued us," Larry replied enthusiastically.

"See Burt? Told ya she'd come in handy," Tyler grinned.

Burt grunted, smiling inwardly. "Well, I guess we gotta put up with her now," he grumbled, doing his best not to sound very happy about it.


Everyone looked up at the voice.

"Is that…Kiyo?" Jodi asked.

"Yep," Tyler grinned.

"Cooool!" Larry's eyes widened in excitement. "This is just like-"

"No, no it isn't little Larry. This is just me doing a short of wall shattering. So, thank you for participating, have fun dancing and singing, yes?"

"That was the story?" Burt asked irritably. "You made a story just to hurt us? Who does that?"

"Au contraire, my dear little survivor, no one was actually hurt were they? And you guys got a new bodyguard. So really, you have no reason to complain. You're welcome."

"You are so confusing," Tyler said.

"I know. Auf Wiedersehen!"

Yeah...this came out a lot differently than I'da planned but, *shrug* whatever. Hope this works Regie, and sorry for the relationship thing if it didn't turn out so good...I've never really written anything like that before so I was kinda mnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. lol. Anywho, hope ya enjoy, as with the rest of y'all who read but don't comment. Trust me, I know you're there, I have stats on who sees my stories :P So review, ya ain't gettin' away unnoticed.