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A Promise

"Natalie Elizabeth Goodman, will you marry me?"

I look down at Henry, who is kneeling before me, and can't quite be shocked. I always thought this might happen. I was always afraid this might happen.

"Natalie? Nat?" He's such a sweetheart, worrying about me instead of being nervous. I don't deserve, him, I really don't.

"Henry," I start, "I would be happy to marry you, Henry Theodore Anderson." Before I can say another word, he sweeps me into a giant, bone-crushing hug, then kisses me, then hugs me tighter. "Can't – breathe," I sputter. "Henry, wait."

"What?" he asks, confused.

"I . . . I want you to promise me one thing."

"Anything for you, dear," he smiles. We'd just seen Oliver the night before and he hadn't been able to stop humming it the whole morning.

"If I . . . If I ever end up like my mom, I want you to get out of that mess as soon as you can. No matter what, when things start to get bad, I want you to leave." And I do. That's the noble thing to want. I want Henry to be happy more than anything in the world.

"No. If that happens, and I'm not saying it will, I will be right there beside you. We'll get through it as a family. No matter what, I'll stay."

I guess I should've seen that one coming. We've had this argument before, after all. "That's what my dad said, too, and we all know how well that worked out. When my mom was still with him, he had to be strong. When she left, he shattered. I don't to be your albatross. I don't want you to shatter too." I can barely keep myself from crying.

"Natalie," he sighs. "I love you. I never want to leave you. And if you need me, I will be there. I don't care what it does to me! But . . ." I can tell he doesn't want to say this. "But if you need me to leave, to get better or to figure things out, if that's what will really be best for you, then I will leave. Just, let me know when I can come back, okay?" He tries to smile.

"Of course. God willing, it won't happen anyways." I kiss him long and hard. "Now cheer up. We're getting married!"

He grins. "Yup. I don't know why we didn't do it sooner."