Yay for sequels when the original story isn't done. :P I'm not in the mood to write a sex scene, so I'll get to that eventually. XD But for now, enjoy this short (but sweet) intro for part 2! :D

The controller turned to dust in Emmett's hands as he lost yet another match of Mortal Kombat. "Son of a bitch!"

"Jeez Emmett," Jasper said sitting next to him. "What's gotten into you tonight?"

He put his head in his hands. "It's Rosalie. She's trying this new thing where we don't have sex for a long time and then it's supposed to be super awesome when we finally do. I haven't been laid in three weeks!"

Edward and Jasper laughed. Emmett threw the controller (or what was left of it) at them. "Shut up!"

"Whoa, calm down boy," Edward said. "Bella hasn't been as horny as usual either but you don't see me breaking shit do ya?"

"Come to think of it," Jasper chimed in. "Alice and I haven't had sex in a while either."

Emmett's head shot up. Edward turned to him. "Really Emmett?"

"You're just scared cause you know I'll win."

Jasper was confused. "What the hell are you guys going on about?"

Edward faced him. "Emmett wants to bet to see who can convince their wife to sleep with them first."

Jasper laughed. "We're no match against Rosalie. She's always horny."

"Well, Bella's been pretty horny since becoming a vampire, so I think I could win."

"Maybe. Come to mention it, I could make Alice horny. Yeah, let's do it!"

Emmett smiled. "Awesome! What shall we bet?" Jasper and him turned to Edward. He read it on both their minds and sighed.

"I'm not sure if Bella will be all too thrilled to find out about this."

"She doesn't have to know!" Jasper and Emmett screamed at the same time.

Edward glared at them. "Just how badly do you two wanna fuck my wife?" They both looked away. "That's what I thought. Well, you can't have her, cause I'm gonna win this bet hands down."

Emmett turned back to him. "So do we have a bet then?"

Edward put out his hand. Emmett put his on top of his and Jasper after that.

"Remember," Emmett started. "First one to have sex with their wife wins. We can't tell any of them about the bet or you automatically lose. The winner gets to have sex with both of the loser's wives. I wish you both the best of luck men. This is gonna be one fun bet."

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