One Year Later

Jean Valjean was let into the parlor in the Marais, where he saw Cosette and Marius sitting a few paces apart from each other on the floor with the baby between them. Jean-Georges, had just began crawling a few days before, and it was endlessly entrancing.

They looked up when he entered the room.

"Hello, father!" Cosette said, springing up and kissing him on the cheek. "Watch, he's even faster now!"

The baby, who had just been near Marius, crawled over to Cosette. She bent down and picked him up.

"Say hello to your grandfather," she said. Jean-Georges giggled, his chubby baby face delightfully happy.

Cosette turned to Marius, who was just getting up now. Valjean was actually pleased that neither of them felt that they needed to greet him at the door, or interrupt their activities when he arrived- he was welcome as family.

"We're going for a walk," she informed her husband. "What were your plans for the day?"

"Courfeyrac is stopping by," he said, and reached his hands out. Cosette passed over the baby. "He is going to, once again, demand to know why he was not named godfather of Jean-Georges... I have told him about a hundred times that, in order to be Godfather, you must be trusted to be a good role model for the child. Also, something of an affiliation towards religion would help-"

"Excuse me," came Courfeyrac's voice as Basque let him in. "I don't appreciate being talked about when I am not here to defend myself! And I have an affiliation! I was baptized!"

"Oh, well then..." Marius said sarcastically.

"Please, let me see me nephew," he pleaded, ignoring Marius', Cosette's, and Valjean's visable flinches. "Come see Uncle Courfeyrac!"

"Don't listen to a thing he says," Marius whispered to his son, keeping him away from his 'uncle.' "He's a bad, bad man and you are not to take after him!"

Courfeyrac laughed. "Now you are just setting me up to failure!"

"Alright, enough of this," Cosette said. Marius handed her the baby again. "We're going for a walk. I'll see you in an hour or so." She kissed Marius on the cheek, and then made to leave with her father.

"No kiss for me?" Courfeyrac said, in mock indignation. Cosette flashed him a smile, and left. Courfeyrac turned and saw Marius glaring at him. "What?"

"Will you ever stop doing that?" Marius asked his friend.

"Mary," Courfeyrac said. "You know I am your truest friend."

"The best," Marius said sarcastically.

"I am," Courfeyrac said, missing this. "If I thought I ever had a chance, I would stop. Unfortunately there is something wrong with your wife- she's immune to me. So I have to keep trying."

"Ah, well," Marius said. "I suppose you aren't the very worst... I can forgive you."

"That's it," Courfeyrac said, slapping his friend on the back.

Courfeyrac had no idea how true the words were. Patron Minette was in jail, and at the time, all was well.

They both still had nightmares, Cosette especially. The day the verdict had come out was the worst; Cosette was white and pale all day, and would not speak. But as of now, they had each other, a child they loved and were safe in their home.

What else could anyone ask for?