Hey, everybody. I'm running out of pairing ideas, but I thought this one up. Here we go!

"You just never seem to learn, do you, Knightbrace?" Numbuh 60 asked as they were walking down the halls of the Arctic Prison Base. "Well, no matter how many times you commit crimes, it'll always end the same way."

"Well, at least I'll get to be back in my nice cold, dark prison cell." Knightbrace replied, sarcastically. He practically had his own cell with his name on it.

"Don't worry, Bracey. You're not alone this time." Soon, they reached his cell and Patton opened it for Knightbrace to step in. When Knightbrace looked in, however, there was already someone there. "Knightbrace: meet Nurse Claiborne. Nurse Claiborne: Knightbrace. Now, get in there and think about what you've done, which you'll probably break out and do again. Until then, have fun!" With that, Patton closed the door and left. Knightbrace then walked over and sat by Nurse Claiborne on the bench.

"So, what are you in for?" he asked.

"Using children's eye crust to make apple crumbles. And for grinding Rainbow Monkeys into Rainbow Munchies."

"Blech. I hate both of those things! Too many cavities! Anyway, I've been in here several times. I try to forcibly brush kids' teeth and put braces on them."

"I'm actually starting to hate those things, too. I wish I had your job, though. I don't think you have to listen to kids constantly whine as much as I do. Plus, they really could brush their teeth every once and a while."

"Tell me about it. Too bad I got fired from being a dentist for, you know, being evil."

"Funny. I got fired from my job, too!"

"Hehe. Yeah. At least we still have this prison cell!"

"Yeah…And it's not so boring when you have someone to talk to!"

"Hey, I guess not!"

"So, what do you usually do here?"

"Sit and wait for one of the guards to walk by and fall asleep, so I can pull him in, take his keys, and free myself."

"I'm in for that! And when we get out, wanna plan an attack on those Kids Next Door together?"

"I wouldn't have it any other way!" And with that, they sat in their cell, waiting for something to happen. Going to prison wasn't gonna be so bad for him now.

Well, there's more villainous love. Well, back to my game. Later.