I Did It Before And I'll Do It Again

Summary: Dean gets mad at Cas for not being there to save little kid on a hunt that goes wrong. Before Dean can get a chance to apologize, Cas saves Dean from being killed, but he pays the price. Will Cas survive? Hurt!Cas Caring!Guilty!Dean

Chapter One-

"Dean it wasn't your fault." Sam said, trying to calm his brother down.

"Dammit Sammy we could've saved that kid."

"We tried out best Dean, sometimes these things happen." Sam said.

"Your brother is right Dean. It was the child's time." Said Cas, appearing out of thin air.

"And where the hell were you? I called for you, and you didn't come!" Dean shouted at Cas.

"I was-"

"Busy I know. It's the same shit every time. We could've saved that kid if you would've came, but I forgot you've got to play ass boy for your brothers."

"Dean." Sam said, giving him a look that meant he had gone to far.

"I couldn't come to your aid, because I was in the heat of battle. I lost ten of my brothers today Dean. Ten. Most of them by my hand."

Dean looked at Cas and saw how tired and hurt he looked.

"I can't come to your every need. I have to fight with my brothers. I fight to protect the Earth and you!"

Before Dean got a chance to say anything, Castiel had flown away.

"Dean that was harsh. It wasn't his fault." Said Sam.

"I know. I'm just pissed off. I will apologize to him later."

Three weeks had passes since then and the Winchesters had not seen head or wing of the angel. Dean was starting to get a guilty feeling in his gut. He felt bad for what he said to Cas. He was mad and Cas had happened to be standing closest to him. He would apologize when he saw him next. In the meantime, him and Sam were working on taking out a group of demons.

He and Sam carefully snuck into the warehouse. Ruby's knife in hand.

"Get ready Sammy, these bitches are going to come from everywhere."

The broke in the door and went after the demons. They were holding their own. Sam had already killed four and was working on his fifth. Dean stabbed one demon in the neck then pulled out the knife and quickly threw it into another one's chest. He was so distracted he didn't see the demon come from behind him.

"Dean look out!" Yelled Sam.

Dean turned around just in time to see the demon come at him with the knife. He flinched and waited for the pain to come. It didn't come.

He opened his eyes and saw a tan trench coat in front of him, protecting him from the knife. The was protruding from Cas' abdomen.

No! He would be okay. It was just a knife.

Dean remembered stabbing Cas with Ruby's knife when the first met. He pulled it out without a flinch.

The demon tried a second time, but Castiel put his hand on the demon's face and killed him. Sam killed the last demon and stood and looked at Cas.

"Cas? Are you okay?" Asked Dean, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Dean-" Said Sam, staring at the knife. Dean went to Cas' front and just stared. Light was seeping out from the edges of the knife, still lodged in his friend's belly.

"Dean-" Gasped Cas. His knees buckled and he started to fall to the floor.

"CAS!" Dean cried out, catching the angel in his arms. Slowly Dean sunk to floor with his friend.

"Cas! Talk to me. Tell me what to do!" Dean demanded.

"Nothing...you...can...do..." Cas whispered, leaning over and vomiting blood.

"No. No no no no! Cas come on stay with me. You're not getting out that easy." Dean stampered, holding the angel's face.

"M' sry D'n." Castiel whispered.

"Stop it! I'm the one who is sorry. I should have never said that to you the other day. I understand, just don't leave me!"

Cas closed his eyes, and his head lolled to one side.

"Balthazar! Gabriel! Somebody get down here now."'Sam prayed. "Cas was stabbed with an angel sword. We need help...he's in bad shape."

"Sam help!" Screamed Dean.

Sam ran over and felt to see if the angel had a pulse. "He has a pulse. Dean, his wings aren't showing. He's not dead, he just passed out."

"How do we help him? Do we pull the knife out and stop the bleeding, or do we leave it in?" Asked Dean.

"I don't know. But we can't stay here. We need to get to Bobby's."

"Help me lift him up." Said Dean, as they carefully hoisted Castiel up. This made Cas stir and he let out a pitiful groan. "Easy Cas. We've got you. We're going to get you help."

They each put an arm around Cas and let his feet drag between them. They got to the Impala and Sam told Dean to get in the back seat. Carefully, as to not disturb his wound, Sam and Dean brought him into the car, and Dean put his head in his lap. Sam ran to the drivers seat and stepped on the gas.

They were almost halfway to Bobby's when Cas woke up.

"Cas?" Asked Dean.

"Mhm." Cas grumbled.

All of the sudden Cas sat strait up and grabbed at the knife.

"Cas! Cas, calm down. It's okay you're safe. I've got you."


"Yeah Cas I'm here."


That a lump form in Dean's throat. He had never seen the angel this weak before. It hurt him inside to know that this happened because Cas had saved him.

"I know buddy. I know." He said, soothingly, rubbing circles on Cas' back.

"Should we take him to the hospital?" Asked Sam.

"And tell them what? My friend got stabbed by a demon, don't worry about it glowing, it's because he's an angel."

"What should we do then?"

"Take him to Bobby's and summon every angel in heaven if we have to."

An hour later, they pulled up to Bobby's house. Again they pulled Cas between them.

"Bobby! Bobby! Open the door!" Yelled Dean.

"What the hell you idgit-" Bobby cut off when he saw the angel between them with an angel sword sticking out if him. "Jesus!"

"Help us take him down to the panic room." Said Dean.

They got the angel downstairs and put him down on the bed. "Bobby what should we do?"

"Summon a damn angel for help. If we pull it out we don't know what will happen, and we certainly can't leave it in." Bobby said.

Dean striped Cas of his trench coat and his shirt. He winced when he saw the knife sticking into his bare flesh, blood pooling around it.

He knew this was all his fault, and he never got the chance to apologize to Cas. He could hardly look as Castiel moaned and whimpered.

He tried praying hoping someone would come. "I know we are not that popular upstairs, but Castiel is...dying. He needs help. He got hurt saving me. Please just come down and tell us what to do! I know you may not be on the best terms, but he is still your brother."

Dean heard the fluttering of wings and turned around.

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