Last warning- Shounen ai/ fluff and puppyshipping! that means two hot anime boys kissing! if you dont like that ! If you like that then read the damned fic already XD

Joey stared at his calender in surprise.

He didn't know how the rumor had started or if it was true or what but tomorrow was his birthday and the world was supposed to end on that particular day?

He sighed. That really was just his luck.

His last day to live, huh? He thought of Seto and blushed shaking his head. He should call him Kaiba. If the brunette ever caught him calling him by his first name he would probably get angry at him. Joey smiled imagining Kaiba's angry face.

He didn't know why it just seemed amusing. He sighed and started his trek to school.

"Yosh! Since today is my last day I'm gonna eat a ton of melon bread!" he said pumping his fist and smiling at his resolution.

After school he walked to the small convenience store and stopped just outside it. He saw someone on the other side of the street that shouldn't be there. He turned around to see Kaiba making his way towards him.

Joey blushed slightly and gulped thinking he was in trouble. "Yo." he said weakly when Kaiba was a few feet away.

He just nodded and kept staring at Joey, with a determination Joey had only seen in his eyes when he dueled Yami.

"So... Whaddya want Kaiba?" he asked leaving out the honorifics by habit.

Seto smirked and leaned in close to Joey making the blond's heart go wild. "Today the world ends right? Figured I'd contribute to the coming apocalypse and go ahead and say this." he said and then straightened back up looking away. "I like you Mutt." he said slowly as if he couldn't believe what he was saying... or rather like he could but he just couldn't believe he was actually saying it.

Joey's face went bright red. "You... wha..." he managed before Kaiba sealed off his words with a glare.

"I like you too... kinda." he said looking away. This was kind of awkward.

Seto smiled. He actually smiled and leaned in close to Joey once more. "Then you won't mind if I do this." he said planting a mall, light and gentle kiss right on Joey's lips that made the pup's face go insanely red. You could almost see smoke rising from his ears.

Joey nodded his head. "No, I don't mind..." he said quietly earning another kiss.

They both smiled for real and then went their separate ways, both seriously hoping that the end of the world was just another fluke.

I dunno bout you guys but I thought it was cute X3 then again it might've sounded better in my head.