A/N: Set during that tear jerking scene with Idris being all glowy and lovely and Matt Smith winning all of the awards for his face. AU.

Disclaimer: Borrowing implies the eventual intention of returning the thing that was taken…

Human Again

Tears gathered in his eyes. He wasn't ready for this, "...Goodbye."

"No...I just wanted to say..." The glow intensified around her body, and the Doctor thought he would never hear what she had to say to him. His lips quivered, tears threatening to spill down onto his face.

Her head bent upward, her arms outstretched as the glow fully engulfed her. And then she was gone. Amy and Rory watched with wide eyes, holding onto each other tightly. The Doctor sniffed and turned around so his friends wouldn't see how much this was hurting him.

And then he stopped, hands falling to his sides. He blinked.


There, standing on the other side of the console, was...Idris.



"...Hello, Doctor," she smiled, her very human hand coming up to tuck a smooth strand of very dark human hair behind her very human ear.

"It's so very, very nice to meet you."