Time Reversal chapter 3

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Naruto rolled over to look at the clock to see that it was only three in the morning. Naruto groaned he wasn't sure what had woken him but he knew for sure that he wasn't going to get back to sleep. Naruto got off the bed trying to make as little noise as possible so as not to wake Sasuke. He grabbed his clothes and headed for the bathroom. Once Naruto was changed he wrote a short note explaining where he had gone incase Sasuke woke up while he was gone.

Not really having a set place he wanted to be Naruto started walking. He hadn't realized where he was walking until he was looking out over the village from his favorite spot on the fourths head. Naruto sat down and decided to watch the sunrise. He stayed watching over the village until he knew that a store he could get groceries at would be open.

Naruto stood up, stretched and looked to the sky 'I'll keep everyone safe.' Naruto promised as he walked back to the village. On his way back to the apartment Naruto stopped to pick up some rice balls and tomato's to give to Sasuke as a peace offering for going out and only leaving a note. Naruto could understand why Sasuke had become a tad over protective since they came back to the past, but it was getting a little annoying.

Naruto opened the door to see Sasuke walking out of the bathroom drying his hair with a towel. "I brought onigri and tomato's that we can cut up and put in a salad for supper tonight." Naruto gave Sasuke puppy dog eyes hoping he wouldn't be to mad that he left and didn't wake him.

Sasuke held out for about a minute before giving in and taking the bag that had the onigri to the kitchen. Setting the rice balls on a plate Sasuke sat down at the table. While he was no longer mad that Naruto had left with out telling him, he was still a little upset about it. Sasuke knew that Naruto was getting annoyed at him for being over protective. He just couldn't help it.

"What time should we head to the training ground?" Naruto asked as he sat down to eat after he had put the tomatos in the fridge.

"Around ten, last time he didn't make it there until around eleven." Sasuke looked at the clock. "Which means we have just over three hours. That means we have enough time to come up with a plan to figure out how to get Sakura to help us."

Naruto looked thoughtful for a second before saying, "I think the easiest way to get Sakura to help us would be for you to ask her." Naruto smiled at the thought of it.

Sasuke looked disgruntled at the thought of it. "I know your right. But that doesn't mean I have to like it."

Naruto laughed for a while before turning serious and saying, "you could also say something about trying to learn some medical ninjutsu's. It might help her grow up a little and stop being such a fan girl."

Sasuke did his normal, "hn," as he thought about it. "If we go with your idea then you have to come up with a way to get Kakashi to start training us seriously before we go to wave country."

"Fine," Naruto huffed. "Maybe we should head over so that Sakura doesn't think she is the only one showing up for the test." Naruto stood up and put their dishes in the sink. "I'll do them when we get back tonight." Naruto said knowing that both he and Sasuke couldn't stand a mess for very long.

Training ground nine looked exactly the same and both Naruto and Sasuke experienced flashbacks. "We'll work together this time, right?" Naruto asked Sasuke looking for reassurance.

Sasuke smiled slightly. "Of course dobe." The raven-haired boy grabbed the blond and headed towards the tree Sakura was dozing under.

Naruto being who he is couldn't help but sneak up beside her and shout in her ear, "GOOD MORNING SAKURA-CHAN!" Naruto then proceeded to fall on the ground laughing when Sakura jumped up screaming.

Sakura looked over to where she saw Sasuke who was smirking. Sakura felt her face grow hot as she turned to where Naruto was still laughing and growled, "Naruto, I am going to KILL YOU!"

Naruto seeing the danger signs tried to placate her and when that didn't work he ran. Sasuke sat himself under the tree and smirked while watching the show.

Ten minutes later both Sakura and Naruto came to rest beside Sasuke. "You could have helped me you know." Narruto growled under his breath at Sasuke.

"I could have, but then I would have missed the show." Sasuke whispered back fighting a smile.

Kakshi walked in to see Sasuke smirking at Naruto; the blond growling at Sasuke while shooting apologetic glances towards Sakura, and Sakura glaring daggers at Naruto. Kakashi couldn't help but ask, "What happened here?"

Naruto jumped up to answer but was cut off as Sasuke grabbed his arm and told him to sit down so that they could get on with the test. Sasuke gave Kakashi a pointed look telling him to get on with it.

Kakashi sighed but started anyways "The test to see if you can pass to become gennin is simple. All you have to do is get a bell from me within the time limit." Kakashi was smirking by the end hoping one of his students would ask why there was only two bells.

Sakura didn't disappoint. "But Kakashi-sensei there are only two bells and three of us how are we all suppose to pass?"

"See that's the fun part. One of you will be going back to the academy no matter what. Also as an added bonus the person who doesn't get a bell will be tied to the stump over while the rest of us eat lunch." Kakashi had that weird eye smile going by the end of his speech when he saw Sakura's horrified face. What annoyed him though was that Naruto and Sasuke both looked bored if anything.

Kakashi decided not to think about it for now as he said "When I say start you will have until noon to get a bell from me. Any questions?"

Naruto looked at Kakashi. "Yeah, can we start already?"

Kakashi sulked, "Fine. Start!"

Naruto hid in the bushes not trying to hide his chakra as doing that would one: alert Kakashi that something was going on as no gennin had been taught that yet. And two: because his chakra was too strong and he didn't have that kind of control over it yet.

Sasuke on the other hand had gone after Sakura to try and convince her to work with him and Naruto. "Sakura," Sasuke called once he was sure they were far enough away from Kakashi so that they couldn't be heard. "I was hoping that you would work with Naruto and I to get a bell seeing as Kakashi is a jounin instructor and by ourselves we stand no chance." Sasuke was just about gagging by the end. The thought of being nice to fan girl Sakura made him sick.

Sakura looked like she was on cloud nine when Sasuke asked for her help, but when she noticed Naruto's name it brought her crashing back to earth. "I would love to work with you Sasuke, but why do we have to include Naruto. He will just bring us down. Besides there are only two bells if we get them we can be on a team together." She said looking hopeful.

Her hopes were dashed when Sasuke looked at her like he was disgusted to even be standing near her. "Naruto for your information," Sasuke hissed. "Is my friend and he would do anything for his friends. That includes giving up a bell for them if it meant that they could pass, even if in doing so he was sent back to the academy."

Sakura looked down ashamed. "Sorry," Sakura whispered. "If you know where he is I will help you get the bells."

"Hn," Sasuke said as he walked away with Sakura following him.

When Naruto noticed their chakra signatures coming closer he went to meet them. "Hey guys," Naruto said with his thousand-watt smile. "Are you going to work with us Sakura?"

Sakura looked uncomfortable. She was still a little ashamed that she was willing to overlook Naruto just to be able to be on a team with Sasuke. "Yeah, Naruto I am willing to work with you."

Naruto's smile brightened. "Awesome, so my thoughts are that we are going to need to have one or two of us used as a distraction while the other goes for the bells. What do you guy's think?"

"It may work but the person going for the bells would have to be very fast even with the distraction." Sakura said thoughtfully. "The distraction would also have to be big and would probably require a lot of chakra."

"I'll handle the distraction if you two think you can get the bells," Naruto said.

While the tree gennin were busy planning Kakashi was beginning to get annoyed. For the last hour he had been waiting for one or all of his students to attack and so far all he had seen were some birds and a snake. Kakashi looked at the clock and noticed that they only had around 5 minutes and then whether they got the point or not would be of no consequence. Kakashi for the first time hoped to be able to pass the team as the interested him. This team had interested him and he would rather teach them instead of any of the others he had been assigned.

Just as Kakasho was beginning to relax he felt Naruto's chakra moving closer.

'Well' Kakashi thought 'this should be interesting.'

Naruto sent an army of shadow clones ahead of him while keeping around forty of them with himself, and waited. While Kakashi was busy demolishing the clones Naruto and the clones he kept with him worked on adding some explosion tags to his kunai. When Kakashi got down to around twenty clones Naruto and the clones in the bushes threw the Kunia and waited for the explosion. Naruto knew that the explosion wouldn't distract Kakashi for long, but he hoped it gave Sasuke or Sakura enough time to get the bells. If not Naruto had a contingence plan he really didn't want to use, as it involved the orange book and he really had no idea how he would explain to Kakashi how he knew that he basically loved the books to an extreme and very disturbing level.

"BOOM" When Sasuke and Sakura heard the explosion they knew they had to work fast. Dodging their way through Naruto's who were fighting Kakashi they both tried to reach for the bells. As it turned out Sakura was the one to reach success. Kakashi had felt Sasuke's chakra and had moved out of his reach and into Sakura's path.

Naruto dispelled his clones as Sakura did a small victory dance, and Sasuke smirked. Kakashi hid his surprise as he asked, "So Sakura who are you going to give the bell to? And who are you going to send back to the academy?"

Sakura looked scared not really wanting to make a choice when Naruto made one for her. "I'll go back to the academy Sensei. Sakura should give the other bell to Sasuke. I've already failed the exam three times what's once more." Naruto smiled at Sakura showing her there would be no hurt feelings.

Sakura looked ready to cry. Thinking back on it Sasuke was right Naruto would give everything for his friends. Blinking back tears she said, "Sensei I have made my decision I give a bell to Sasuke." When Kakashi looked ready to say something she finished with, "and I give my bell to Naruto." All three of the guys looked surprised. "Naruto has worked so hard to get here and who knows if he goes back he may never pass again." Sakura said trying to lighten the mood. "I on the other hand will pass with flying colors."

Sasuke knew it was now his turn. "No Sakura if you can pass with flying colors after a year I'll be out of there in half so I will go back." Now that they had all said their piece Naruto and Sasuke knew it was just a waiting game as to when Kakashi would tell them they passed. Sakura on the other hand had no idea and looked ready to pass out.

Kakashi looked at them all with a grim expression. "Well then if you can't decided who goes back you will all have to… PASS." Naruto smiled, Sasuke smirked as Uchiha's don't smile, and Sakura looked ready to explode.

"What do you mean we pass? I thought that one of had to go back because there was only two bells," Sakura screeched.

"Well you see," Kakashi said with his hand held in a placating gesture. Her screech could be used as a weapon. "The test is used as a way to see if the teams can understand that teamwork is important. My main rule that I want you to remember is that those who leave a comrade behind are worth less than trash."

"So we really don't have to go back to the academy?" Sakura asked.

"No you all pass. We will start missions tomorrow. Meet me on the bridge at seven." Kakashi shushined away.

"Hey Sakura," Naruto said trying to get her attention. "Would you like to go out to eat with Sauske and I?"

Sakura looked unsure of whether or not to go. "Just come with us." Sasuke said in a bored tone.

"Ok…Okay," Sakura stuttered with a blush over taking her face. Sasuke groaned when he noticed it. He really waned older Sakura back.

"RAMEN!" Naruto shouted as he grabbed each of their hands and started to drag them to Ichiraku Ramen. Sasuke rolled his eyes, while Sakura looked a bit shocked.

"Two miso's oji-san." Naruto shouted as they came up to the counter.

"One beef for me," Sasuke said as he sat beside Naruto.

"I'll take a chicken please," Sakura said sitting beside Sasuke.

While they waited for the ramen to be served Naruto brought up the topic of Sakura being trained in medical ninjutsu. "Sasuke and I were talking yesterday about trying to get specialized training for our strengths and weaknesses." Naruto gave Sasuke a pointed look.

Sasuke sighed quietly. "Yeah, I was thinking about trying to find a sword teacher and Naruto was going to look for someone to help him control his chakra better." Sasuke hoped she would catch on to what he was insinuating.

Looking a little disappointed in herself Sakura asked, "what do you think would be a good thing for me train in?"

"Every team needs a medic ninja. Naruto and I would be better suited for big attacks because of how much chakra we have. You on the other hand would be perfect. You don't have a lot of chakra but you can work to make it so you gain more. Also having less chakra means it is able to be controlled easier."

Sakura thought it over and looked pleased that there was something she could work towards to be useful to the team. "Thanks Sasuke, I'll go to the hospital tomorrow and see if any of the medic ninjas can spare some time to train me."

The ramen came and they ate in silence as they all had a lot to think about.

"Thanks for asking me to have lunch with you. I should probably get back. My mom will be wondering where I have gotten. She also knew I was nervous about a test and she'll want to know how it went. See you later." Sakura said as he waved goodbye and headed home.

Sasuke and Naruto headed back to the apartment. "Hey, Sasuke?" Naruto asked.


"I was wondering if you ever forgave your brother for leaving?" The blond asked slightly nervous; hoping he hadn't offended Sasuke.

Sasuke wondered where the question came from but answered anyways. "Yes and no. I can forgive him for following orders. What I can't forgive is that he left me to believe that he had turned traitor. Does that answer your question?"

"Yeah," Naruto whispered. "Sorry I was just thinking about how as soon as you asked to come back with me I forgave all that you did."

In the scant light the streetlights provided Sasuke could have sworn it looked like Naruto was crying. "Naruto…?" Sasuke asked hesitantly.

Naruto looked at Sasuke with a bright smile and said, "What?"

Sasuke thought he must have imagined it and said, "nothing." They let themselves into the apartment and Naruto went to the bedroom to put away his weapons while Sasuke slumped down on the couch.

"Hey Sasuke…?" Naruto said as he poked his out of the room.


"Thanks," Naruto said with that little sincere smile of his that was rarely ever shown.

Sasuke looked surprised. "What for?"

"Don't worry about it." The blond said and went back into his room thinking how if Sasuke had never came back with him he would be lonely and a little scared by how much there was to change if they wanted a different future.