1482, in a stinking cell of the Bastille, a young woman was chain to a wall, her ankle was hurting from by torture, her name is Esmeralda. She was tried and convicted of the murder of Phoebus, but it was not her, it was the Archdeacon of Notre Dame, Dom Claude Frollo that kill Phoebus.

In another time 2011, on a island, in a living room, voices could be hear.

"Now me and Angle will be gone for couple hours get groceries" a voice called.

"Okay" another voice said.

"Plase, don't touch of the Book, Lorna" the first voice ordered.

"I wouldn't, Martin" Lorna, the second voce answered.

"Okay" Martin, the first voice answered walk out.

"We be back" Angle , the third voice called close the door behind him.

"Now where that 1982 Hunchback of Notre Dame?" Lorna asked look for a DVD. "There it…next to the Book" pick the DVD up when the book fell and open up to a page. "Now what?" look at the page. "From a different time than ours, two people will come and help to the shinies and the chosen one defeated the shadows". She bend down, pick it up and close it, she put it on the coffle table and put the DVD in and start to watch then feel sleep.

Back in 1842, Esmeralda is cold and hungry, she don't know what today it is. The door scraped open on rusty hinges, as she slowly awoke from the boneless stupor into which she had fallen. Turning dim eyes to the tiny shaft of light now intruding into the shadowy cell, she could just make out the outline of a man in robes, hood up.

"What do you want?" she ask. "Who are you?" as the man look over her.

""A priest," it answered simply, and Esmeralda felt herself roused slightly. The voice was soothing and calm, assuring her of its reality. "Tell me, are you prepared?"

"For what?"

"For death"

"I'm very cold, I want to go away from here, monsieur (1)"

"I can help, you need to only follow me"

"You" while the priest raised his hands to his hood, flicking it back, as ash-blonde hair and piercing blue eyes afire with desperation and burning met her own, youthful features gleaming in the dim light. She grape, it was the Archdeacon. "Oh…dear God…I beg you, leave me be" begged as he kneed down to level with her.

"I can't"

"What have I done for you to hate me so?" broke down cry.

"I don't hate you," he breathed. "As God is my witness, and the Devil my undoing, I love you". Esmeralda look at him. "Can't you even conceive of that? Yes, I who was once consumed by devotion to God…the sins of the flesh, the gross things of this Earth, they never touched me. And then…that morning I first saw you, a creature so beautiful, God would have chosen you before the virgin! Your eyes, so dark and radiant, hair glistening like threads of gold…" while there a whisper start. "…I was enchanted" Frollo was still talking even when the whisper was talking "I was bewitched, yes and I knew, I knew at once this was the Devil's doing! This was Satan reaching out for me, but I was helpless, quite helpless. And I remain so" he trailed off, quietly now, the passion in his voice dying to be replacing by an intense, burning urgency as she turned away from him again. The whisper get loud. "What is that?" look around to see a bring light that circle them. It brought them to the island

Back in 2011, Lorna start to woke up by a light that was coming from the Book.

"What the heck?" she ask get up when the light get bright.

"From a different time than ours, two people will come and help to the shinies and the chosen defeated the shadows" a whisper called out as light dim away, leaven a man and woman in it's place.

"Dom Claude Frollo" Lorna said look at Frollo. "Esmeralda" look at Esmeralda. "Blonde is going to kill me" sat down.

"Where are we?" Frollo asked not knowing of Lorna.

"I don't know" Esmeralda answered still scare.

"You two are in the year 2011" Lorna answered as they look at her.

"Who are you?" Frollo asked.

"I'm Lorna Dane aka Polaris" Lorna answered. "You on a island call Genosha".

"What is Polaris?" Frollo asked.

"It my mutant's name" Lorna answered.

"What a mutant?" Esmeralda asked.

"People who power" Lorna answered. "It was God's chose" look at Frollo. "Sat down and I explanted what happen" as they sat down.

Two hours later, Lorna pound tea for Frollo and Esmeralda.

"So you told us that a book brought us here?" Frollo asked.

"Yes, the Book is call Book of Changes, cause it easer itself when it know the Shadows are around" Lorna answered.

"What are Shadows?" Esmeralda take a slip of tea.

"Parts of Ghost that are left behind, eat the guilty from the ghost" Lorna answered shuddered at the thought of the shadows. "They can be only defeated by the shines and the chosen one"

"Then what are shinies?" Frollo asked.

"I don't know, I only know about the ghost and the Shadows" Lorna answered. The door start to open.

"Lorna, we home" Angle's voice called as they stand up to saw a young man with bags in his arms. "Lorna, why do I saw Frollo and Esmeralda?" close the door behind him. He put the bags down on a table.

"I…The Book brought them" Lorna answered.

"The Book?" Angle asked.

"Yes, and who are you?" Frollo asked stand in font Esmeralda

"I'm Angle Higurashi" Angle answered. "Blonde is going kill you"

"I know" Lorna called as the door open again and a girl walk in with short hair and pair of sunglass on walk in. She was wear a tan duster.

"Angle, my great-aunt is outside widow again" she called.

"I take care of it, Blonde" Angle added walk out again. The girl take off the sunglass to see Esmeralda and Frollo.

"Lorna, why do I saw Esmeralda and Frollo?" the young girl asked take off the duster.

"The book brought them" Lorna answered.

"Okay" the girl added. "Bonjour, Je suis Hawkins Martin (2)"

"Bonjour, je suis Dom Claude Frollo et c'est Esmeralda (3)" Frollo called.

"Votre nom est Martin, mais c'est le nomd'un mâle (4)" Esmeralda added.

"Je sais, mais il est tradition que le deuxième petit-enfant né nom soit après la première Martin de l'Egypte (5)" Martin called.

"Hey, there someone in this room who don't speak or understand Frecnh" Lorna called.

"Sorry" Martin apologized. "Do you speak English?" as Frollo and Esmeralda nodded. "Okay" when they hear a wolf's howl. "Oh, sound like Angle scare that old beg with his howl" look at a window to saw a woman flee from a big black wolf, which was show it's teeth. She open the window as the wolf jump up and step in. She then close the window.

"Get her run" Angle said form back into human.

"Yeah, she going get the Book if it stay in my room" Martin called.

"Why dose he form into a wolf?" Frollo asked. "Dose he have a demon in him?"

"No, he is a demon" Martin answered,

"By gone, demon" Frollo answered hold up his cross.

"I baptize in Lord's name" Angle called.

"Oh, but how?" Frollo asked.

"Family's blood" Angle answered.

"But how do you form in a wolf?" Esmeralda asked.

"I can show you" Martin answered run over to Angle, who look at her when out of nowhere, Martin stomped on his foot.

"Martin" Angle yelled get anger. He start form into a wolf.

"He can form into his wolf demon when he get mad" Martin answered.

"Angle, she was only show" Lorna said clam Angle down. Angle look at her then clam down.

"Okay" Angle called form back.

"Okay, back to the Book, who room it going to still now?" Martin asked.

"I had it last week" Lorna answered.

"I take it" Angle added pick it up.

"What about us?" Esmeralda asked. "Where are we going sleep?"

"Oh, yeah, well, Frollo can stay with Angle and Esmeralda can stay with Lorna" Martin answered light a cigarette.

"Open a window" Angle and Lorna order as Martin roll her eyes and reopen the window.

"What is that?" Frollo asked.

"A cigarette, it help Martin's lungs since she has fire in them" Angle answered.

"Fire in her lungs?" Esmeralda questioned.

"Yeah, I bender fire and have mark of the Phoenix" Martin answered.

"The Phoenix?" Frollo asked.

"The bird that dies in its flames but reborn in it's ashes" Esmeralda answered.

"Yep, the Phoenix and me are one so I can fly and heading myself" Martin added.

"I make dinner" Angle called walk to the kitchen.

"Esmeralda, come on, we going in Martin's closet to see if we can found some cloths" Lorna answered walk to a closet that was nearly the kitchen.

"Should the clothes be in the bedroom?" Frollo asked.

"That closet is for people that need cloths" Angle answered/

"Then where dose Martin keep hers?" Frollo asked.

"In my room, which none is let in" Martin answered burn the butt of the cigarette then blow it into the air.

"Okay, Angle, after you did cooking, is your turn help Frollo to get clothes" Lorna called walk out with Esmeralda, who was wear jeans and a shirt. Her hear was pull up. She was wear flats on her feet.

"Nice" Martin called.

"Martin, where the red wine? I need it" Angle asked look around.

"Ryoko was here, you did the math" Martin answered look thought the TV.

"She drink the all bottle?" Lorna asked.

"Yep" Martin answered.

"Great" Angle called.

"Who Ryoko?" Esmeralda asked.

"Ryoko is one of my friends" Martin answered.

"She a drunker?" Frollo asked.

"Yep" Martin answered "but she learning how to control it"

"Really?" Angle asked.

"Yeah" Martin answered.

"I needing that red wine for dinner" Angle called.

"I get some more from…Magneto's wine caller" Martin answered get up.

"Martin, don't, remember last time?" Lorna asked.

"Yes, but him or your sister catch me" Martin answered walk out the door.

"She a theft?" Frollo asked.

"Yep, the best in the world" Angle answered cut up some vegetablesthen put them in a hot pan. He then cook some rice.

"No, Angle, the best in the universe" Lorna answered get down some dishes.

"Do you need any help?" Esmeralda asked.

"Yes, we need to set the table for dinner" Lorna answered handing her some dish down

"Lorna, keep an eye on the vegetables, plase?" Angle asked.

"Sure" Lorna answered. "We wait unite Martin come back with the wine for the meat?"

"Yeah" Angle answered. "Frollo, if you come with me, we can get some clothes for you" take Frollo to the closet.

In the closet, Angle was take some measure from Frollo.

"Okay, I think we have something for you to wear unite we can go shopping" Angle answered look at some clothes.

"Angle, why dose Martin not let anyone in her room?" Frollo asked.

"Martin like her privacy" Angle answered. "If you hear a music come from her room, she listen to it when work" get some shirts out.

"What work?"

"She the pharaoh of Egypt, Queen of All Good and Evil"

"She royal?"

"Yeah, but she don't act like it" get some pants.

"Angle, how can Esmeralda forgive me?"

"Well, you try to kill Phoebus, but I know you had good reason, he is a married man"

"But she was tried for his murder, cause of me. I cause her so more, I want her so much" sat down. Angle stop to look at him

"Frollo, listen, if you want Esmeralda to like you, take it slow" lay a hand on Frollo's shoulder. "Here, try this" handing him some clothes. ""There a change room thought that door" point to a door.

"Thank you" walk to the door.

Outside the closet, Lorna and Esmeralda was setting the table.

"Lorna, why dose Martin will not let anyone in her room?" Esmeralda asked.

"I don't know, she don't like it" Lorna answered when the door flung open and Martin run in with a bottle in her hand. "Something tells me that my sister saw you" as Martin use her power to close the door.

"Hold this" Martin ordered handing the bottle to Esmeralda while she rub her hands together.

"Martin, don't even think about it" Lorna called as Martin's hands change to a red color.

"Martin, open this door" a female voice ordered pounding on the door.

"Sorry, Wanda, but no" Martin answered when the all door become a scarlet color then Martin use her power on the door.

"Angle, Martin and Wanda's power are in use again, this time on the door" Lorna called as Angle walk out.

"Martin, let Wanda in" Angle order as Martin begin to open the door. "Not before you both undo your powers" as the colors disappear and Martin open the door. A woman in scarlet color walk in.

"How many time did I have do told you? My father's wine caller is not for you" the woman said.

"Wanda, I will pay for it" Martin called to the woman name Wanda, Lorna's haft-sister aka Scarlet Witch

"Wanda, you know Martin will pay for the wine" Angle called. "Even when me and Lorna told her not do" as Esmeralda hide behind Lorna, but Wanda saw her.

"Who is that behind, Lorna?" Wanda asked.

"Wanda, meets Esmeralda" Martin introduced.

"Esmeralda from Hunchback of Notre Dame?" Wanda asked. "MARTIN" as Martin hide behind counter when a hex was throw.

"Wanda, clamed down, I make dinner" Angle ordered.

"The book brought them" Lorna answered.

"Them?" Wanda asked look at Martin, who look over the counter.

"Yes, Dom Claude Frollo" Martin answered.

"Where is he then?" Wanda damaged.

"Change into normal clothes" Angle answered take the bottle from Esmeralda and pour on the meat that was there and put it in the oven.. "Martin, pay Wanda while I go check on Frollo" as Martin take out her wallet and give Wanda about $1,000 dollar while Angle went to check on Frollo.

In the bathroom, Frollo was in his long underwear, look at the clothes that Angle give him when there was knock on the door.

"Hey, Frollo, are you okay in there?" Angle's voice asked.

"I need some help" Frollo answered as Angle walk in. "I hear woman's voice, who is she?"

"Wanda, Lorna's haft-sister aka Scarlet Witch" Angle answered.

"Is she a witch?"

"That her mutant's name" look at Frollo then the clothes. "Here, let me help you" take the clothes. "This are pants, they cover your legs like tights" handing pair of blue jeans back to Frollo and watch him put them on. "Good, I know you can put on a shirt" handing a black shirt to him and watch him once again "Nice, here are some shoes and socks" given him a pair of black shoes and socks. Frollo put them on. "now, we have to do something with that tonsure?".


"Frollo, you are in a different world, none going around with a tonsure anymore"

"Okay" as Angle look around for something,

"Found it" hold a bottle of hair growth. "Okay, I need put some dips of this on your head" dipped three of the hair growth on Frollo and wait for a minute when the hair come back in. "There, we finish" let Frollo look in a minor.

"I look young" as Angle nodded.

"Come on, I have to check on the meat" both walk out to hear loud gun shoot from the TV. "Martin, turn down the volume" look at Martin, who was deeply in a video game. Esmeralda was watch but turn her head when Martin kill someone. Wanda was drink some wine.

"What is she doing?" Frollo asked.

"She playing a video game call "Halo: Reach" Lorna answered put some ice tea on the table.

"Who she play against?" Angle asked.

"Untouchables" Lorna answered.

"Sorry, Rogue, but you are dead" Martin called kill the person. The person was Angle's sister, Rogue, the untouchable and one of Martin's friends and she want a rematch.

"Told my sister you play again after dinner" Angle ordered as Martin nodded and turn off the game.

"So how we going told Magneto about Frollo and Esmeralda?" Martin asked after doing pray

"You have told my father" Wanda answered cut her meat.

"You know he will think this was my fault" Martin said pound some tea.

"Angle, this food is good" Frollo called.

"Thanks, I love to cook" Angle thanks.

"So, Martin, can you told us what the shinies are?" Esmeralda ask Martin, who look at her than Lorna, who smiled then look away.

"Shinies are ghost children that have crossed over into the Light" Martin answered eat some vegetables.

"And the shadows are fear them?" Frollo asked eating some of his meat.

"Yes, for there are more shinies then shadows and with the help of the chosen one, the shinies will defeated the shadows forever" Martin answered.

"Who the chosen?" Esmeralda asked.

"Me" Martin answered get up to put her dish in the sinks.

"You?" Esmeralda and Frollo asked.

"Yes" Martin answered.

"How?" Frollo asked.

"I'm a child of light and dark" Martin answered refilled her cup. Angle and Lorna were clean up. "Can we pleases change the subject about the shadows?"

"Find" Angle called.

"How about we watch a movie before going to bed?" Lorna asked.

"Movie?" Esmeralda asked.

"Yeah, they like plays but better, there is action, adventure" Martin answered jump on the counter. Lorna throw some apples to her but Martin cut them in half with a knife she dross from her feet.

"Get down from there" Angle ordered as Martin did a front flip and landing in a chair.

"Wow" Esmeralda and Frollo said while clapping.

"Merci (6)" Martin called sat down. "There are drama, musical, and Lorna's favorite, romance" as Angle sigh.

"Some of the movies are have lot of blood in them, have you forgetter and I know some people don't like blood" Angle added.

"So? You like Sweeney Todd, and that had lot of blood in" Martin called.

"Sweeney Todd?" Frollo asked.

"I told you later" Martin answered. "How about we watch Pirates of the Caribbean?" as Lorna and Wanda nodded.

"What that about?" Esmeralda asked watch Martin got up and put in a DVD.

"Well, it about an Blacksmith name Will Turner teams up with eccentric pirate Captain Jack Sparrow to save his love, the governor's daughter, from Jack's former pirate allies, who are now undead." Martin answered.

"It sound interesting" Esmeralda said.

"You going love Captain Jack Sparrow" Martin smiled. "He is so hot" as the movie start.

Two hours, Martin and Wanda feel sleep in their chair when Esmeralda and Lorna were talk about the movie. Frollo and Angle were watch the movie when it ending.

"That was good movie" Frollo called.

"Yeah, all Pirates of the Caribbean movies are good" Angle answered.

"And that Captain is hot" Esmeralda smiled as Lorna nodded.

"I better wake up Wanda and than, we can go my room, Esmeralda" Lorna smiled wake up her sister, who get up.

"But who going wake up Martin?" Frollo asked.

"I do it" Angle answered walk over to Martin, who reach out to grabbing his arm and flip him on his back. "I forget, she can flip people in her sleep."

"Martin, get up" Wanda ordered as Martin open her eyes to saw Angle on the floor, rub his back.

"Angle, why are you on the floor?" Martin asked get up.

"You flip him in your sleep" Frollo answered.

"He try wake me up?" Martin asked.

"Yep" Lorna answered.

"Angle, you know better than to wake me up" Martin joked.

"Yeah, come on, Frollo, let go" Angle called grabbing the book.

"Don't forget to leaven shine out for the Shinies" Martin order walk in her room and lock the door behind.

"She really like her privacy" Esmeralda called walk out with the others.

"Yeah" Wanda added.

"Martin work hard for be a queen" Angle called. "She need her privacy" as Wanda nodded and went to her room.

"Good-night, gentlemen" Lorna called walk in her room with Esmeralda.

"Night" Angle said walk down the hall to his room with Frollo.

In Angle's room, Angle open the door and put the book in a safe place with shines around it.

"You must don't want those Shadows to have the book" Frollo said.

"Yeah" Angle answered. "You can have the bed, I sleep on the coach"

"Do you have any night clothes I can use?"

"Take off your shirt and sleep in your pants" take off his shirt and shoes and lay on the coach. "We get some clean clothes in the morning"

"Okay, good nigh and may the lord watch over you through the night" Frollo said as they went to sleep.

While in Lorna's room. Lorna let Esmeralda have a the bed and pair of pj and they both went to sleep.

In Martin's room, Martin was up and was look at night sky, she had a feeling that something more evil was coming.

"The shadows are coming stronger" she said to a light beside her.

"Yes, but the Shinies and you are the stronger than them, you have good heart" the light answered.

"Then told me, why is Frollo and Esmeralda here? How can they help me?" Martin asked.

"Love" the light answered.


"Yes, their love for each other will give you and the Shinies the power to defeated the shadows" as Martin look at the light to see it gone.

"God, I hate it when she dose that" walk to her bed and lay down.

To be counting

1. Monsieur: sir

2:Bonjour, Je suis Hawkins Martin: Hello, I am Martin Hawkins

3. Bonjour, je suis Dom Claude Frollo et c'est Esmeralda: Hello, I'm Dom Claude Frollo and this is Esmeralda

4. Votre nom est Martin, mais c'est le nomd'un mâle: Your name is Martin, but that is a gut name

5. Je sais, mais il est tradition que le deuxième petit-enfant né nom soit après la première Martin de l'Egypte: I know, but it is tradition that the

second grandchild born after the first name is Martin from Egypt

6. Merci: Thank you