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"Lock it and throw away the key."

"Eli you want me to lock you up?"

"Clare just fucking do what I tell you to do! We don't have much time!"



It came out as an animalistic growl. No human could make that sound, not even if they tried, not even if they'd been trained. It was the sound of a beast. Eli and I have been dating for five years and every full moon he disappears. His absence is even more noticeable now that we've moved in together. I've always wondered why so tonight I followed him to the place. It's an old abandoned warehouse. He wasn't happy to see me here but once I convinced him that I wasn't leaving he… he told me to chain him up. I did that while wondering why there was a sedated cow on the floor.

"Clare you need to leave now."

"No. Eli, what's going on?"

"Stand back!"

"Eli! Why did you have me chain you up here?"

"Clare look… there are things you don't know about me. Things that could get you killed so I need you to leave now. You should have never fucking followed me here!"

"Eli what…are you a werewolf or something?"


"You honestly think you're a werewolf."

"Please just leave."


The moon started to rise into the sky and suddenly I started to wish I'd taken Eli's advice and left. My first indication that something horrible was happening was when I saw Eli's usually gnawed off fingernails turn to thick, razor-like claws… The second indication was when I could hear the sound of his bones breaking while he shrieked out in pain. His structure changed, he got bigger and more muscular. The third indication was when he whipped his head up while yelling in pain. His intense green eyes were now glowing, he had sharp crooked teeth pointing from his mouth in every direction like drawer full of daggers… I should have left when he told me to. This was no longer Eli, it was a monster. One that I'd always thought was a myth. He ripped at the chains trying to get loose to get to me. I was afraid…afraid of dying but something wouldn't let me leave. Instead I watched it devour the cow. It was barely alive but the blood was still hot and fresh. He got down to the heifer's bones in hours. Blood was matted down into the beast's fur as he finished off his meal and looked around the placed searching for more. He looked at me and sniffed in my direction and once again he tried to get to me but the chains restrained him. After useless attempts to get free the monster finally went to sleep. I watched him as he did. I couldn't go to sleep and I couldn't leave. I was too scared to do anything. A werewolf… An honest to goodness werewolf.

When the moon gave way to the sun I watched Eli go through a painful transformation back to his human form. It left him covered in dirt from the floor, blood from is kill and slime. It almost seemed like he was being born again.

"Clare…. What are you doing here?"

"I stayed Eli… I stayed here."

"I told you to leave!"

"I know what you are… I saw you and you tried to get to me."

"I could have killed you if these chains had broken. That was so reckless of you!"

"I know. I was just too fascinated to leave! You're a werewolf!"
"Don't sound so thrilled! This is real life not the fucking twilight saga and there's nothing glamorous about it!"

"I just thou…"

"I'm sorry I snapped at you. I'm usually a little cranky after the full moon."

I unchained him and I helped him up off the floor. He limped over to where he'd put his change of clothes. He put them on and then we left the place. The car ride back to the city was quiet. I had a million questions but I didn't know if he'd answer them willingly. We got to our apartment and I let him shower first. He's earned it. When he came out he still looked feeble and weak.

"Ask me anything you want."

"How'd it happen?"

"I was born this way. When I turned thirteen I changed for the first time. My mom passed down the trait."

"Does Bullfrog know?"


"Oh… Does it hurt? What does it feel like?"

"Imagine every bone in your body being broken sequentially from crown to toe in a matter of minutes. With the added bonus of having your skin stretched and having knives being pushed through your gums. Oh and your organs shift around."

"Wow… so what happens to your regular teeth when you get…wolf teeth?"

"They just elongate to become the 'wolf teeth'?"

"Wow… So are you in a pack?"

"No. I don't do packs. Cece and I are rogue."

"Couldn't you and Cece be a pack?"

"Clare in every pack there has to be an alpha… neither me nor Cece is willing to step up to be an alpha or step down to be an omega. We do what we want."

"Have you ever killed anybody?"

"That's the wrong question."

"Well how many?"

"Less than fifty but more than eleven."

"Do you remember doing it?"

"Not usually. It's in my memories but I really have to be looking for it."

"Can you recognize faces and stuff? You wouldn't remember me at all?"

"Clare the monster doesn't know faces, names or relationships. Last night what you did was stupid. Don't EVER do that again! I could have… no, I know if by some change of fate, I'd gotten out of those chains… I would have killed you and I would have never forgiven myself."

"Did you kill Julia?"

"No. Julia was…like me. She was killed by the hunters."


"Let's just say…there are some people who've been working around the clock since our existence to put us on the path to extinction."

"Oh… well…could I ever be like you? Couldn't you…bite me or scratch me?"

"NO! You don't want this Clare and even if I did… it's not guaranteed you be infected and be turned. You could just die from the bacteria poisoning your blood. You don't want this life."

"Just one more question… Why didn't you tell me before? We've been dating for four years and living together for one year. You didn't trust me?"

"Trust wasn't the issue. Safety was. Sometimes being unaware of something is as safe as you can get. I understand if you want this to be over so that you can date someone who's human."



So now Clare knows. That's a relief in some ways but in others it only adds more stress to the equation. Will she tell anyone? Will she attempt to bond with the animal even though I've told her it's not possible? If I ever woke up to find that I was the reason for Clare's demise I'd kill myself.

After answering her long list of questions I laid down. It feels like I'm dying. It's always like this after a full moon because changing wrecks havoc on your body but there's nothing you can do about it. I decided to call Cece to see how she was doing.

"Baby boy… how was your night?"

"Clare got involved."

"Is she okay?"

"Yeah…I was chained."

"She was lucky and that was stupid. We need to talk. Call Adam… it's important."


"It's bigger than them."

I got dressed and I was heading out the door but Clare looked my way. Dammit, this means I will have to explain myself.

"I have some business to attend to."


She looked a little let down that I didn't give her an in depth explanation but she already knew too much. I called up Adam. He met me and Cece at a diner on the outskirts of the city. They have good steak and potatoes. When everyone was all assembled Cece started telling us the news.

"There's been an alliance made."

"Cece there are always alliances being made… Alphas mating an…"

"Adam this one is different. Hunters and the pack from Alaska have united. They've already gone through the western packs forcing them to either pledge loyalty to the new union or die with their alpha."

"Why would this affect us? We aren't in a pack…"

"Eli they are killing rouges too. When the time comes… I will migrate to save my life and the life of your father."

"They are killing humans?"

"They've been using humans as bait."

Cece's news was unnerving. After the little meeting she went back home. Adam and I sat in the diner catching up. He's my best friend and… when I was only fourteen I turned him. I didn't mean to it was an accident. I thought I'd ruined his life but he seems to enjoy being a monster.

"How's Fiona?"

"She's a vampire… how do you think?"


"Alright that's enough."

"You two make an odd pair. A wolf and a vamp."

"Whatever… so how's Clare?"

"She knows now."

"Really… what happened?"

"She followed me last night and watched me until dawn. The funny thing is that she didn't seem that scared."

"What are you going to do when the time comes down?"

"I don't know…"

I went home and Clare was curled up on the couch asleep. There were dried tears on her face and a balled up tissue in her hand. I kneeled beside her and I willed her to wake up.

"Eli… you're back."

"Yeah… I told you I was just stepping out for a minute."

"I thought you were leaving me because I knew about well…you know and because I'm not special like you."

"Go back to sleep. You are delusional."
I carried her effortlessly into the bedroom. I put her under the covers and I laid her down. She went back to sleep immediately. Looking at her face lets me know I'm going to have to decide soon. If I stay to fight for my home then I have to send her away but if I decide to flee…she has to come with me because If I'm going to die, then she has to live but if I'm going to live… I won't do it without her.

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