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5 years later


The sound of... wait, there were no sounds in the air. In fact it was completely silent which worried me. That must only mean one thing. Scarlett and Gray are either fighting, or getting into something they should not be. I went into the playroom where they were most likely hanging out only to find Gray tied up with a jump rope while Scarlett put my MAC eye shadow on him. She was painting him up like some kind of hooker.

"Scarlett Elizabeth Goldsworthy... What are you doing to your brother!

"Mommy... I'm making him beautiful."

"Untie him."

"But Mama... he'll kill me."

"Well I'd kill you too if you gave me the face of a sad clown."

"Okay... fine."

She untied the rope and Gray pounced on her. The fight began and I had to break it up. Turns out... Gray and Scarlett did end up changing early. The wolves they become aren't scary...more fuzzy but Eli said that'd change once they hit puberty. They were both starting to change which would have been an all-out battle so I pulled them apart.

"Gray! Go to your dad's shop! Now!"


Scarlett just stood there, her red hair glistening in the light that was coming in from the window. She looked beautiful but with her dad's crooked smirk she also looked sneaky and mischievous.

"Young lady...what do you have to say for yourself?"

"It was fun mommy... he gets angry like daddy! Ha ha!"

"Yes...he's exactly like your father and it can sometimes be amusing but you can't just provoke him, or tie him up."

"I'll apologize."

"Thank you."


"Yes red?"

"I think I have a problem."

"Of what nature?"

"I've got a crush on a stinking bloodsucker."

"Scarlett, where did you pick up that language?"


"I am going to have a long talk with him. The proper and polite term is vampire."

"Well... a vampire."

"Who is it?"

"Lucas Coyne-Sinclair."

"Oooohhh... well he is handsome. He looks just like his dad, except red headed."

"Yes, he's a ginger just like me and he's so dreamy like...Edward Cullen...he doesn't have fangs."

"But sweetie one day he will have fangs like Auntie Fiona and his dad Declan and Mom Holly J."

"Yeah...when we're old. But right now... he's just dreamy! I'll break up with him if he tries to bite me."

I couldn't help but laugh at her while she held her hands to her heart as if it might fall out on the floor. The woes of young love. In an instant Eli and Gray stood in the middle of the room. Gray was all cleaned up and Eli was just looking at Scarlett and me with a raised brow.

"What are you two up to?"

"Nothing, just having girl talk."

"I'm sorry Gray."

"Me too I guess."

Eli gave me a sneaky smirk and we left the children to their own devices. He went into the kitchen and I followed him.

"Our kids are freaking lunatics."


He pulled me close and kissed me on the lips. The scent, not a scent of cologne but one of his longing for me, filled my nostrils and gave me tingles all over that made me want to hold onto him and never let him go. Before either of us realized it we were making out in the middle of the kitchen like two horny teenagers unable to control their hormones. The party was suddenly busted up by two little people with their hands over their mouths, trying to hold their sniggles in.

Eli gave me a devious smile before growling at the children in a very… animalistic manner. They both retreated back into their playroom, screaming "ahhh, daddy's going to eat us!" I laughed and so did Eli before we went into the brightly colored room to find them hiding under Scarlett's pink princess table, which they'd moved into Gray's zip up camouflage tent. Eli unzipped it and they hugged each other. By now they were just acting. They knew Eli wasn't going to hurt them. I'm not sure growling at them is the best thing to do but they seem to enjoy the healthy dose of fear he instilled in them.

"Alright pups, come on out of there."

They pounced on him, making him fall back and he pretended to let them overpower him. I just leaned against the wall watching as they rolled around in the floor playing. My two beautiful kids and my perfect husband… could things get any better?


"And then your mom shot the alpha, right in the back and he burst into a million flaming pieces."


I told Scarlett and Gray the story about our battle at Centerfold Park. They've heard it a million times but they never seem to get tired of it. They started shifting early so there was really no hiding the monster from them. They don't see it that way anyway, they like the fact that they are two natured and if they were in better control of their bodies I think they'd completely change at will every ten minutes.

"Daddy…tell us about when you and mommy fell in looooovvvvveeee…."

"Well we were in college and one day your mom just came up to me and splashed a cup of hot coffee in my face."

"Scarlett, Gray…that's not how it happened. I think I'll take control of this. Your dad and I met at a book club meeting, he bumped into me and scalding hot coffee went all over us both. We bonded over that and our love for poetry."

"Aw what a boring way to fall in love…when I fall in love with a girl it's going to be because I rescue her or something. Not because of mushy stuff like poetry."

"Shut up Gray… I think its rommmaaannnticcc."

Clare and I kissed the crazy pair and then turned out the light in their room. They were sleepier than they thought because before we even cracked the door they were fast asleep and snoring. They are my kids and I couldn't be prouder if they were dipped in gold and slathered in diamonds.

I went to do my books for the shop and Clare went to take a bubble bath. In the middle of crunching the numbers I heard her soft voice, humming a tune that pulled me to her like a siren does the sailors. I opened the bathroom door and she was just lying there, covered in foamy bubbles while she hummed with a wet rag over her face. I removed the towel and kissed her lips, catching the vibration from her throat as she hummed the last tune of the song.

"Have I told you today how much I love you?"

"No you haven't…"

"I love you so much."

"And I love you."

She smiled at me and I lifted her from the water and took her into our bedroom.


Eli laid my soaking wet body on the bed as he kissed my neck, shoulders and lips again. His hands roamed all over me, palming my breasts and caressing the petals of my core gently. It felt good but I was suddenly in a hurry to have us be one. It must be the fact that the full moon is tomorrow. I stripped off Eli's clothes, pulling his shirt off effortlessly and moving his pants down with my thighs.

After he kicked off the jeans we rolled around, messing up the sheets and further drying me off. I made a trail of kisses across the amulet tattoo while he whispered I love you's in my ear and nipped at it gently.

He entered me and it was familiar and new all the same. I moaned his name softly and he delved deeper into my pool, filling me up with his fleshy length. He sped up and I clenched my walls making him grunt in a way that made me laugh. I flipped us over, ending up on top and Eli slapped me on the ass. I moved up, clenching my walls as I came back down. Eli grunted again before flipping us back over and taking his position on top back. I knew he liked dominance so I decided to flip us back over and we ended up rolling off the bed onto her floor. We laughed at ourselves and how we must look but that didn't stop anything. He sped up again, ushering us both into the throws of passion. He filled me with his essence and we lay in the floor, still connected and tangled in the sheets.

"You made us fall off the bed again."

"Because you have dominance issues Goldsworthy."

"I just like to be in control.


"You control everything else."

"Eli please...your alpha-ness has gone to your head."

He tickled me for my remark and I tried to get away but there was no escaping. When he felt I'd had enough he scooped me up in his arms and he kissed me again. I latched onto him, hugging his neck and we stayed that way until a little voice rang out from the other room.

"Mama! Gray pinched my nose when I was sleeping. He's trying to kill me!"

"It's not true Mom! She dreamed it! She's hallucinating!"

"Mom Gray's trying to bump me out of the picture."

"Dad back me up!"

"Eli...this one is yours"


I went in the room to find Scarlett and Gray fighting. Scarlett was winning. I separated the two and put them back into their beds.

"Scarlett, Gray... can you please behave and go to sleep?"

"I'll try daddy..."

"Yeah dad I'll try too if she doesn't lie on me anymore."

"Keep on buddy and I'll swipe you."

"Nobody's swiping anybody...Scarlett, Gray...go to sleep or... I'm going to..."

"He's going to eat you! Ahhhhhhh!"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh daddy's going to eat us!"

I looked back at Clare who was standing there with a devious smile on her face. She laughed as Scarlett jumped into Gray's bed and they hid from me under the covers. We tucked the demonic duo back in and left when they went to sleep. After that we went into our bedroom and wound down ourselves. While Clare lay on my chest, snoring lightly I looked out the window at the sky. Full moon is tomorrow and I'm finally looking forward to it.

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