Fatal Frame

By: Scary Survivor

A/N: Hello people! As I stated in my Calling fic, I am going to be writing one chap stories…or I may write one chapter and when I have time I would continue. I hope to

stick to the horror video game genre; since I am a Scary Survivor LOL.

Also, this is a test run, if I get enough reviews (which is like 3 and I get some positive reviews, I may continue. But due to my busy schedule I may not update as quickly as

I wish. And I kind of do not have a plot for this, just imagining how Mio must have felt after such an event.) But I do have a small idea of being Mio until the Manor of Sleep

ordeal. (might even put a little romance and introduce Itsuki again)

Chapter 1

"Mayu!" Mio cried to the sky, sunlight seeping through the darkened clouds. She sat on her knees, crying into her hands. "I'm sorry…"she spoke between her heart

wrenching sobs. Her sobs echoed through the now empty village. All the spirits were freed from Sae's evil clutch. Mio stopped crying long enough to look at the skies

again, with one last thought, before falling into unconsciousness. 'Was Sae really that evil..? Or was she just a girl who forever wanted to be with her big sister..?'

A few days later…

Her dark brown eyes opened. 'Where am I?' Mio thought to herself, turning her head to look around the room. It was very bright. Everything was white, and by

everything. A person appeared beside her, their hand over hers. "Mio…?"A soft voice sounded. Mio turned her head to look, a smile spread upon her face. "Uncle Kei…" she

spoke softly, barely a whisper. He smiled, gripping her hand. "Do you remember what happened?" Mio looked at Kei, fear in her eyes. She remembered everything, the

camera, the forest, the boy with white hair, and finally her sister. It wasn't a dream. She took her hand from Kei's and covered her eyes, tears seeping.

Mio's POV

I kept crying for a few hours. I really did it! I killed my sister, just like Sae wanted. How could I live knowing I had killed her? Uncle Kei just sat beside me on the bed,

rubbing my back and whispering that everything will be ok, but I know it won't! "Mayu…" I cried softly. Kei heard my soft cry and hugged me. "Mio? Where is Mayu? They

did not find her." He said the last part more to himself. Ever since Mayu and I's parents died, Kei considered us the last family he had.