Hello everyone. Scary Survivor here. I have decided to (maybe) rewrite "Reiko's Emotions" and "Fatal Frame: The Aftermath" but because my computer for some reason will not allow me to post, check messages, or look at reviews I will have to use my mother's computer (for now). I just figured it would be fair to tell you guys who have loved and wanted more of my stories. I truly wish to keep up with updates, but considering I am not supposed to be on my mother's computer (when my step-dad is home) I am going to write and write until my fingers bleed from the typing! Haha, sorry that was a bit morbid. Thank you guys for sticking with my stories and loving it. I hope to keep up with the way they are going. And I thank you guys for being with me all along the way. You have no idea how much I appreciate your support, so once again Thank you. Hope to update soon!

Scary Survivor!