Oh, this is how it starts, lighting strikes the heart
It goes off like a spell…maybe something else, brighter than the…something or whatever
Oh, we could be the stars, falling from the sky
Shining how we want, brighter than the…whatever I decide goes up there

I let out a frustrated groan and ripped the sheet of paper from the pad, balling it roughly in my hands and tossing it in the general direction of the rubbish bin. Nothing bright rhymes with the word spell. The first and last set of lyrics weren't right and I couldn't think of two sets of things that would go together and be somewhat muggleish. I like the gist of where it was going, but it didn't flow. It didn't sound as smooth as the songs that I've heard the past couple of months. It was rubbish; therefore it belonged where I was chucking it.

"Whatcha angry at?" Leah questioned, skipping over and attempting to look over my shoulder. It didn't matter; the sheet of paper was empty. Like my brain. And my creativity. I sighed and drew an angry scribble in the corner. This songwriting thing was not working out. Why was I even trying in the first place? I didn't even know the beginnings of how to write a song, yet I was attempting it.

"I'm rubbish at writing songs. Hell, it's not even a song, it was just lyrics and I couldn't even do that," I sighed as Leah absentmindedly began to plait a chunk of my hair.

"I'm sure they're fine. You're probably just being hyper critical. I wouldn't throw away whatever you just chucked over there. Cam says the earliest versions wind up being the best," she sighed, dropping my hair and bounding over to the small mountain of paper I threw in the corner. She gathered them in her arms, deposited it in my lap, and plopped back down on the couch. "So, are you going to tell me where you and Cameron disappeared to for four long days? Colby says you went on some great big sex raunch, but he's kinda a perv. I just thought you guys took a little vacation or something? Please tell me it was a vacation because I don't have the twenty bucks to cough up to Colby."

I sighed. I've been waiting for Leah to ask me such. Cameron and I only got back about an hour ago (no splinching this time, thank you very much) and I purposely avoided my room and any human contact. I just didn't want to tell anyone yet, because once I did the specialness of it all would disappear. It would be public, no longer just ours. Oh for the love of Merlin, he's turned me into a sentimental bint. I guess it was now or never.

"Well, I brought him home to my family," I started. Leah's eyes widened and she smacked me hard against the thigh. "Oi! Physical assault is not going to get the story out of me!"

"Sorry! I didn't mean to get so worked up—I just—well does that mean—he would have to-"

"Yes, he knows," I sighed, doodling an errant snitch on the corner of the still blank sheet of paper.

"Oh my god! I can't believe you decided to tell him! What changed your mind?" Leah squealed, bouncing on her knees and furiously clapping her hands together. I shot her a wary look and she froze, repositioning herself into a more normal sitting stance. "Sorry, I forgot about the whole overly girly thing. But for real, spill."

I blew an errant piece of my fringe out of my eyes and started from the beginning—our huge fight in the auditorium. Leah was certainly quite the audience member; gasping at all the right places, cooing at others (more specifically when I told her about him telling me he loved me), and laughing about what my Uncle George did to him.

"I told you he wouldn't care!" she declared, wiggling her bum in what could only be a Leah-esque victory dance.

"Yes, but that didn't make it any less easy to deal with. I thought I killed him, Leah," I sighed.
"But after this weekend and how completely amazing it turned out—it really was amazing. Even I, a complete pessimist, can say that—I thought I could maybe channel these feelings somehow. And it all comes full circle to my completely awful songwriting skills."

"I can see you're changing the subject on me and I will indulge you because you just shared a rather juicy story with me and didn't skimp on any details. Now let's look at these awful attempts," Leah announced with a slight eye roll. Before I could even let out any shout of protest and cover my rejects with my body, Leah snatched a good handful from my lap and began flattening them back out.

"No! They're dead depressing, really. I think I'm just going to give it up as a bad job," I whined, attempting to snatch them back. Leah gave me a raised eyebrow and ignored my efforts by holding me off with a swift protruding elbow. I tried to pull her arm away, but she squealed and flipped on her stomach so all my rejects and the main part of her body was on the opposite end of the couch. I launched my body across her back, shouting out my protests, as she began to read my lyrics under her breath.

"Whoa! Chick fight!"

Leah and I looked up from our struggles, the quick change of movement sending us off balance and careening off the couch and to the floor. I pushed my hair off my forehead and attempted to gather up the wrinkled pieces of paper. Cameron bent down and began help me gather the paper off the ground. He glanced at one of the rejects as Tanner began complaining about how Kyle interrupted the 'fight' at the buildup of the 'sexiness' and if he just shut his trap we would've been far more entertaining. I shot him a dirty look that quelled his argument as Cameron gave me a confused glance.

"Are you writing a song, babe?"

"No! Don't be ridiculous," I spluttered, ripping it out of his hands and tossing them deftly in the bin. I had to resist the urge to Incendio the whole of its contents right there and then. Cameron was grinning at me as Leah giggled from where she righted herself. "Wipe that cheeky look off your face. Do you think the kitchens still have tea things out?"

"She's changing the subject! We have a liar in the house!" Jason exclaimed, doing an odd sort of jig thing.

"Will you shut it," I huffed, tucking my notebook in my bag and starting for the door. Cameron grabbed me round the waist and tossed me on the couch before plunking down and throwing his legs over my lap so I couldn't move. "And get off of me, please?"

"Nope, not until you share with the world what those pieces of papers are!" Cameron laughed.

"This is hardly the world," I snorted.

"She's changing the subject again!" Nathan crowed, plopping down on the other side of me and throwing his arm around my shoulders.

"Will you guys shove off?"

"No, I don't think we want to Dominique darling," Kyle declared, fluttering his eyelashes at me. Leah giggled again but bit down on her lip when I glared at her. It didn't work, another giggle broke through.

"What do you say, Leah-girl? Was a song in attempt here?" Tanner questioned, throwing himself backwards over the arm of the couch so his head was plopped in Leah's laugh. I raised my eyebrows as Leah as the tips of her ears turned pink.

"I think it was attempted," she answered finally. The five guys cheered loudly and I felt my cheeks flush up.

"I thought I'd give it a go, but I was total rubbish at it so it didn't matter any ways," I finally admitted, directing my eyes anywhere else but Cameron who was beaming at me.

"Dom, why didn't you tell me you were trying to write a song? How long have you been working on this? How many have you written?"

"Will you calm down, Cameron? It was a spur of the moment thing. I was thinking about it at dinner tonight and just started trying but like I said everything I write is complete rubbish," I snorted, relenting with a small shrug.

"Let me see!" Kyle shouted, getting up and running to the trashcan. I let out a sharp shout and he froze.

"Nobody is looking at those! Now get back here before I make you," I growled. Kyle took one look at the glare I was shooting him and he slowly backed back to the couch, settling down with his back pressed against the edge of the sofa. Cameron cocked one eyebrow and got off the couch.

"Cameron Hutchinson! Get your skinny arse back here," I snapped, launching myself off the couch and clipping Nathan in the head in the process. I grabbed Cameron around the waist and dug my heels into the blue flecked carpeting of the rec-room.

"I just want to check them out!" he laughed, plowing on like I wasn't even attached.

"Please!" I begged, contemplating stunning him and then modifying everyone else's' memories. "Now stop before I make you."

Cameron paused as he was scooping up the paper balls and shot me a look over his shoulder.

"That's illegal," he pointed out. I narrowed my eyes at him as his bandmates snickered (probably misconstruing his words to something sexual because that's just the way they thought).

"I'd make it work," I growled. Cameron sighed and began to juggle the worn pieces of paper.

"I don't see why you won't let me just look at them."

"Because they're embarrassing—and—well—personal," I managed to choke out. There was a chorus of 'ooh's' from the room and I gave our little audience an annoyed look.

"Well can I just look at your rejects tonight? Just me," he sighed, dropping the balls and gathering my waist with his hands. He pressed his forehead against mine and appropriately jutted out his bottom lip. "Please. Pretty please with sprinkles on top."

"Are you begging me?" I snorted. Cameron nodded his head and scrunched up his nose, furthering the jutting of hit bottom lip.

"Has he always been this pathetic?" I questioned, leaning around him to look at the band.

"No," Nathan barked. "I think it's your effect."

"I am so sorry then," I laughed, trying to wiggle out of his grasp but he only tightened his grip on my waist, pulling me flush against him.

"Just let me see the songs," he sang, tilting his head to the side. I raised an eyebrow and he blanched slightly. He knows what I can do. "I know, I know. I'm pushing the annoyingness, but I really want to see what you came up with."

"Fine," I relented, not really up for a fight that I didn't have any energy for (frankly, it was exhausting), and the only way I was going to get out of it was to give in. As much as I hated giving in to anything, but this was the smart route and I am the smart one. "But only you. I don't look forward to embarrassing myself in front of anyone else."

Cameron gave a loud whoop and promptly dropped my waist before scrambling to gather up my past attempts.

"Way to hold out there," Jason giggled. I shrugged and began to put my things back in my bag. I took a look at my watch before glancing around the room.

"I'm way too tired to argue with him right now. Best to choose my battles, yeah?" I laughed, hoisting my bag upon my shoulder. I winced slightly. That bludger really got me in the arm, I should probably attempt to heal that tonight or I wasn't going to be wearing any tank tops anytime soon. "As stimulating as this conversation has been, I think I'm going to head up to bed."

"So soon? It's only like ten," Tanner announced, looking up from where he was heavily flirting with Leah. She was positively levitating with happiness.

"Yeah, I've had a rather big day. I'll see you guys in session tomorrow. Hopefully Giles won't bite my head off for missing so many days," I declared, giving them a slight wave and starting towards the lifts. Footsteps bounded behind me as Cameron ran after and practically launched himself onto my back. I stumbled forward with a slight shriek, but was caught around the middle before we could tumble to the floor.

"You were going to walk away before I could say goodnight!" He exclaimed, continuing to walk with his arms wrapped around my stomach and causing us to waddle slightly. I laughed and twisted from his grasp, but captured his hand in mine as I jabbed the lift button.

"Well you know-you were rather annoying back there."
"Excuse me for wanting to read my girlfriend's creativity," he laughed, pulling me into the box and backing me against the wall. He jabbed the floor button and planted his hand by my ear, tucking some hair away with his other. "I want to see what other talents you're hiding from me."

"Well I told you, it's not much of a talent," I mumbled through the lips he planted over mine.

"I'll be the judge of that," he laughed, moving his lips to my jaw and then peppering small kisses until he reached the hollow behind my ear. I bit my lip against the giggle that threatened to break out. The doors dinged open and I attempted to push back Cameron but a loud huff reached us first. Cameron moved back and I felt my cheeks flush up as Cecelia crossed her arms and held her palm against the lift door.

"That's just disgusting. Can you not ick up public places," she snapped. Cameron grinned at her and gathered my hand in his.

"You didn't seem to have a problem with it last summer, Ce," he quipped, ushering me out of the lift and into the hall. Cecelia made a rather unattractive squeaking noise as I gaped at Cameron's profile. He hurried us down the hall and into my room before speaking again.

"I know, not the best thing to say in front of your current girlfriend," he began, lightly pushing me down on the bed as I glared at him. I was too shocked to even form words, anger notwithstanding. Who actually says things like that, let alone in front of their significant other? Isn't that supposed to be a taboo? "But I knew it would get to her and she pisses me off."

"Is that supposed to be a legitimate excuse?" I managed to get out. I don't want to think about Cameron doing what he was doing to me to any other girl. Let alone having him put it in my cerebral cortex. So send me Azkaban for being upset.

"Dom, don't look at me like that," he sighed, crawling onto the bed next to me and planting his chin onto my shoulder. I resisted the urge to push him off. "It really was the first retort I could think of replying with."I stiffened as he slipped his arms around my waist and lowered me so he was hovering over me. "I never felt for her the way I've felt for you. You know that. We've covered this whole thing."

"I know but I'm just angry you're such a git," I huffed. Cameron's eyes crinkled as he grinned at me, the emerald color glinting in the moonlit room.

"Does this mean you're not angry at me?"

"Of course not. It means you're stupid," I sighed. Cameron laughed, lowering himself slightly. I grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him down the rest of the way. "Just know you're treading on thin ice, you big fat arse."

"I know," he declared in between kisses. He moved to my neck again and instead of the desire to giggle, I had to hold back a moan that threatened to escape from the back of my throat. I felt him smile as he moved down to my collar bone, his fingers slipping under the edge of my top. I actually did let out a small moan then, hooking my fingers in his front belt loops and holding him tighter to me.

"I can't believe you tried to write a song," he declared, lifting his head from where his lips were working and looking me in the eyes. I rolled my eyes and pushed the flop of hair off his forehead.

"I'm telling you, they're awful," I groaned. He kissed my nose and rolled to the side, somehow wedging himself between me and the wall. He shifted around and released his hand, one of the paper balls clutched in his fist.

"I told you that I'm going to be the judge of that," he laughed, spreading it out flat and squinting at it in the dim light. I rolled off the bed (the whole two inches he left me) and lifted up my shirt. Cameron made an affirmative noise as I detached the wand holster and lowered my shirt again.

"You could've left it up," he grinned. I rolled my eyes at him and squeezed my eyes shut, thinking of my happiest memory. My silver fox erupted from the tip of my wand with the murmur of the spell and I sent it off to my parents before shedding my jacket and surveying my shoulder. Cameron hissed, the bed springs squeaking as he got off the bed.

"That's gnarly. Is it from the demon black ball?"

"Yeah. Luckily I didn't break anything because I don't know if I could heal that," I sighed, twisting around uncomfortably so I could place the tip of my wand against the large purple bruise. The door burst open and I over compensated my arm movements sending me crashing to the ground (yet again), somehow managing to hide my wand behind me. I let out a sigh of relief when it was just Leah.

"Sorry! Was I interrupting something?" She questioned, noticing Cameron lounging on my bed.

"Yes! You were interrupting us!"Cameron declared quickly, ushering Leah out the door.

"Relax Cam, she knows," I laughed, scooting against the bed and finally managing to heal my bruise. Cameron gaped at me before looking at Leah again.

"She knew before I did?"

"Yeah," Leah shrugged, throwing herself onto her own bed.

"So not fair," Cameron huffed. I gave Leah a raised eyebrow as I really took in her appearance. She was distinctly ruffled. She grinned and pulled her teddy bear into her lap, squeezing it to her chest and clearly holding back a squeal. Cameron looked between us, gave an impatient noise and knelt down so he could give me a light kiss.

"We're even for my comment in the elevator now. You told Leah first and I was an ass. I'll see you tomorrow," he laughed. I raised my eyebrows at him. I'm not quite sure it works that way, but I'll let him off the hook. Leah waited until the door before bounding off her bed and pouncing onto mine.

"Go ahead and spill, Leah. I can see you're dying to," I laughed, getting up and settling in next to her so she could prattle on about what happened between her and Tanner tonight. I welcomed the distraction of her own love life because if I didn't than I would be thinking non-stop about how by tomorrow Cameron would think I was a blundering prat. Those lyrics really were quite awful.


"Alright, I spent half the night really reading through each of these attempts," I started, plopping down on the bench next to Dominique the next morning. She raised her eyebrows at me and silently passed a mug and the pot of coffee at the center of our table towards me. I gave her a grateful smile and quickly fixed myself a cup and took a large sip before continuing. "And frankly they're not half bad."

Dominique flushed red and dunked her tea bag into her own mug of hot water (with a slight grimace; she prefers tea leaves) and tucked her hair behind her ears. "You're just trying to get back on my good side after the whole lift situation last night."

"What happened in the lifts? Should I take the stairs from now on," Colby purred, giving Dominique and I his signature look. I rolled my eyes and pulled out one of her best attempts. I had scribbled my own notes all over it but she had a good idea going.

"No, I'm not sucking up to you. That would involve lots of compliments on your looks and probably me singing to you. But this, this has potential," I remarked, ignoring Colby's comment and flattening it out. She cocked her head to the side and examined it, biting lightly on her lower lip.

"Even if I did work out the lyrics, I have no idea how to write music," she declared finally, biting down onto her fork of fruit.

"That's what I'm for. I already have a few ideas," I shrugged, pounding out a small beat onto the table. "If you replace the word 'spell' with 'gun' you can put in 'sun' and you have the chorus. Your verses aren't bad at all. It just needs a good bridge, really."

"Well, do you think it would be ready by the final show?" she questioned hesitantly.

"Since you've joined forces with me, yes. I can write a good song in a day—but for your sake I'll take longer and make it phenomenal," I declared, giving her a big smile and grabbing a couple pieces of bacon. She frowned slightly and ran her fingers through her hair.

"Maybe. Let's see how it sounds when it's done, yeah?" she concluded finally. I grinned and hoisted my bag onto my shoulder, grabbing a few more pieces of bacon and my mug of coffee. "Where are you going?"

"To work out some music," I shouted over my shoulder. Nathan let out a large laugh (probably in regards to our 'whipped' conversation last night) as several footsteps followed after me.

"You don't need to get so worked up about this," she sighed. I raised my eyebrows at her and she bit down on her lip.

"It has potential to be amazing and I won't rest until it is!" I announced gleefully. Dominique gave me a flat look but followed me to the elevators regardless.

"You really don't need to get so worked up," she repeated. I rolled my eyes and gathered her in my arms, planting a kiss on the top of her head.

"But I want to," I whispered. I could almost feel her smiling. She flipped around and softly pressed her lips against mine. I grinned and started to deepen the kiss when the doors dinged open on our floor.

"Really? Do I have to go complain? I really hate having to catch you two macking out every time I try to take the elevator," Cecelia hissed as we jumped apart. Dominique blushed again and pushed past her, earning a rather sharp shoulder check from Cecelia. She froze, her eyes flashing, before she turned on her heel and stalked towards the studio.

"Was the really necessary Ce?" I sighed, giving her a pleading look.

"She's a no talent slut," Cecelia shrugged. My eyes narrowed as Cecelia gave me a haughty look.

"Jeeze Cecelia, way to hide that jealousy," I snorted. "Stay away from her. She's done nothing to you."

"That's what you think. She's not so innocent, Cammy boo," Cecelia shouted after me as I made my way down to the studio. Dominique looked up from her perch at the piano when I stalked in and raised her eyebrows at my fuming expression.

"She's kinda a cow," she sighed, plunking a scale or two up the keys. "I don't know what you ever saw in her."

"She was good looking and I was shallow," I replied begrudgingly before jumping onto the stage and grabbing a set of bongos from the percussion corner.

"You speak highly of yourself," Dom laughed. The laugh wasn't a happy one. It was bitter. "You don't know how difficult it was to not jinx her right then and there."

"Good for you for biding your temper. You did far better than I did," I laughed, pounding out a beat on the drums in my lap. "So how about this for the back beat of your song?"


I didn't even have Cameron to distract me from one of Giles' lectures later because he was eyeball deep in sheet music that he's been working on all day. I leaned over and peeked over his shoulder. At this point it was only black splotches and squiggles that I couldn't really make heads or tails of. I hefted a pointed sigh (which went unbeknownst to Cameron, as he was immersed in the music as heavily as I would be in a good book) and glanced around the room. Tanner was fast asleep in the corner. Kyle and Jason were bent with heads together and were engaged in some sort of game played on paper—I couldn't tell what. And Nathan was flirting with some girls on the other side of the room. I zeroed in on that section before I felt the overwhelming feeling of being watched. My hand automatically went to my hip as I hesitantly turned to look over my shoulder. If looks could kill—I'd be Avada Kedavra'd at this point.

Cecelia was sending me a look of such venom it rivaled the looks Professor Vector sent James' way back at school. I resisted the urge to shudder slightly but steeled my own eye and sent it right back at her. She flicked her hair over her shoulder and automatically turned to her little friend and began whispering fervently. I snorted and directed my gaze back to Giles who apparently just started to notice the lack of attention the room carried.

"OI! THIS IS IMPORTANT INFORMATION YOU BLEEDIN' PRATS!" he bellowed, following it sharply with a piercing wolf whistle. Tanner fell out of his chair with a loud snort. Cameron was blinking owlishly, obviously trying to piece together just exactly what he missed. "This is about the Final Performances and their auditions. But if you all want to give it purely to the drama and dance department, by all means—leave now."

There was a sharp silence before Nathan broke it with a slight snicker. The room gradually picked up in laughter and even Giles couldn't keep a stern face for very long before he too was rolling in mirth. "Yes, yes, rather out of character for the likes of me, but I had to get your attention somehow. Now—we have chosen the opening and closing company numbers. The first one will focus on your vocal talents and the closing will allow the musical theatre singers their chance to shine—but of course you will all be there to carry their lack of harmonies." The room giggled at this—Giles always loved to poke fun at his talent being more legendary than Jenks' (but never directly in front of her of course. That woman rivaled Grandmum when she got angry).

"I will be deciding who gets what portion of the song after your auditions—which will be taking place in three days time. Rehearsals start Friday—I'm afraid there won't be much going off campus these coming weekends." I made a mental note to inform my parents and sat up straighter. Would I audition with the song that Cam and I were working on? Or do another one? "The songs you audition with don't necessarily have to be the ones you sing if you get the role, but it is advised." Well that answers that. Three days. I'll never be ready.

"It'll be done by the show but not by auditions. We don't have time to finish it and then have you learn it," Cameron whispered. I looked over at him, my eyes wide. "Also, I'm not doing a duet with you."

What? No duet! He knows I've never sung in front of people without him! He knows I can't do it! I can't even do it in front of the whole program—let alone the amount of audience the Final Performance will hold. Is he trying to make it so I don't sing at all?

"—solos. Three duets. And four performances with two or more. The rest will be divided up in musical performances for the musical theatre and dance routines. They won't have any solos so they're open to auditioning for our spots," Giles was continuing. I blinked. How many solos did he say? "So needless to say, some of you will only be performing in the group numbers and will be working on costumes and such. But you all know the drill."

"How many solos are there?" I hissed, turning to Cameron who seemed to be continuing with his conversation with me even though I wasn't listening. Too many conversations were going on at once and I was getting overwhelmed—that could also be the gripping fear that laced my chest. I need to get bearings with what was going on. "Wait don't tell me just yet. Let me finish listening to Giles," I snapped, interrupting Cameron mid-sentence. He snapped his mouth shut and gave me a weary look. Giles continued on speaking about how there would be two musical theatre duets but mostly small scenes and improve performances as well as a few large group numbers.

It was tougher competition then I thought. The only options that I could see myself doing was a solo—but Merlin knows it wasn't happening at this point because of my awful stage fright—and convincing Cameron to do a duet. I didn't know enough people to join up and do a group performance and it wasn't like I could do a musical theatre performance with Leah and Colby (I've heard them sing, it's totally a different style of voice that I didn't have a chance in Hogwarts of creating). I'm so royally screwed it wasn't even funny.

Giles finished up his instructions and the group began to pack up their belongings. I was frozen. I didn't work all summer to only sing in a group number, but at this point the thought of even getting up to sing by myself was making me sick to my stomach.

"You're not mad at me for refusing to sing with you right? I just think that you can do so amazing if I let you freefall on your own. I mean you can't rely on me to catch you all the time. You need to try—"

"Save it Cam, I'm just going to wind up singing the group numbers so don't worry. I know you want to do a group number with the guys anyways," I sighed, shoving my notebook in my bag and relying on my hair to hide my face.

"Dom, that's ridiculous. You're a far better singer than anyone in this group. You're bound to get a solo," Cameron sighed, forcing his hand into mine. As much as I wanted to reject it right now, I felt myself relax at his touch.

"You seem to forget that every time I try to sing by myself I freeze," I declared. Cameron raised his eyebrows at me.

"But I believe in you," he answered finally.

"So—warming up to sing in the background Dom dear?" Cecelia cooed from behind us. I stiffened and flipped around to face her. She was smirking with her little posse flanking either side. "We all know you just don't have the capacity to sing for an audience. It's a shame really—I'll just have to sing my solo on my own. It's my rightful place after all."

"Really Cecelia—I'm shocked," I spat. Cecelia's eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"About what? The fact that you're scared of your own shadow or that I'm a fantastic singer? Really, they're both quite obvious."

"Neither actually. I'm shocked that you're not attached to the ceiling, seeing as your head is so filled with hot air. I think you should try humility sometimes, it does a body well," I replied, locking my jar firmly and smirking as her jaw dropped slightly.

"People with talent deserve to be cocky about it. How do you think all the fame has made it in the world? Maybe you should try it—that is if you could find some talent to be cocky about in the first place," she shrugged, pushing past me (with a sharp jab from her shoulder) and through the door. Cameron caught me around the waist as I started after her, my hand automatically going for my wand.

"Oh no you don't. I'm not getting you arrested for the likes of her," Cameron laughed as I struggled against him.

"Forget it! I'll punch her bloody lights out myself," I spat. I may not be one for courage—that was for my Gryffindor cousins—I preferred thought out plans of attack. But this, this was too much. I wasn't going to roll over and give her what she wanted. I wasn't going to be walked all over. I may be a Ravenclaw, where confrontation wasn't fought with fists but with the mind and in tests rather than in person, but I was still a Weasley. And Weasley's don't take shite like that lying down.

"I need to go to the music store and find a bleeding song that will throw that awful cow to the curb. If I don't get this solo, I'll bloody well make sure she doesn't get one either," I snapped, roughly pushing my hair out of my face and hoisting my bag higher on my shoulder. I ignored the amused—and slightly wary—expressions of Cameron and the boys and stalked out of the room with determination. Screw stage fright, I was going to prove that lowly bint wrong. Then again—this could be the adrenaline speaking for itself.


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