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Someone helpfully pointed out that I made Charlie too old since in cannon he married Renee and had Isabella quite young. Also he never went to college. I've decided to change that and have Charlie be 29 when he met Renee since it pleases my plot bunnies and my image of Charlie. It was a whirl wind marriage in cannon, and having him older here really show cases just how much Renee's spontaneity affected him. I like to think she was the only wild decision Charlie had ever made, and he's still reeling from it, so many years later.

I also want to add that my Charlie did go to college, but he dropped out half way through due to his parent's failing health. I'm not sure what he was trying to major in, anyone have some suggestions?

Also, someone else asked why Harry changed his name and why Teddy didn't. Since I don't think I can add it to the story anywhere I'll just answer here.

Harry has always tried to be Just Harry, but the identity of himself has been tainted so much that he doesn't even know who Just Harry is (what with Voldemort in his head for so long, Dumbledore's manipulations, and the expectations of everybody heaped on him). Too much has happened in his life and he can no longer differentiate who he really is and the savior everyone has made him out to be. So he decided to have a clean slate and be whoever he wanted to be.

I chose the name Silvan because well...I just liked the name. Harry can arbitrarily like a name too without there having to be a reason.

And Teddy kept his name because it is one of the few things Remus and Tonks have given him. Harry can't bare to change it.

The reason Charlie could spot Teddy's hair in green green Forks is because he's a bad ass like that.

You'll just have to wait and see if Teddy turns into a wolf or not.

Slight warnings in this chapter though, mentions of homophobia, bigotry, and a brief panic attack.

Charlie to the Rescue

The three teenager boys dropped Teddy and took off running the second Charlie hit his siren just like he knew they would. It didn't matter, he already knew who they were. Robin Ferris never went anywhere without his trademark Letterman jacket, and his two best friends Jason Holts and Micky Dansworth never went anywhere Robin didn't tell them to go.

So he let the cowards tear off into the forest as he got out of his car. There was no point in chasing after them since Charlie knew exactly where they lived, and he was going to pay each one of them a visit, one that they would not forget.

Teddy was left gasping on the ground, curled up on his side clutching his tender stomach as he tried to catch the breath they had punched out of him. A trail of bright red blood flowed out of his nose and dribbled down to his chin, watered down to a light pink by the drizzling rain.

Charlie knelt beside him and placed a hand on his bony shoulder. "You alright, son?" he asked.

Teddy, still unable to speak, glanced at him with the bitter sort of angry shame that all boys suffer at not only being caught in a fight, but caught losing at it. A blow to the pride that was even worse than the actual physical pain.

Charlie remembered the feeling, and he knew Teddy wouldn't appreciate it if Charlie pointed out that there was no reason to be ashamed. Robin Ferris and his flunkies were the best line men on the high school football team, each one of them outweighing Teddy by an average of 100 lbs. Not only was he outmatched, but he was outnumbered. It wasn't a fair fight on any account, but boys will be boys, and there were no words to ease the sting of losing.

Charlie held in a sigh, and patiently waited for Teddy to recover. It took a long minute but eventually Teddy's breaths evened out, and he allowed Charlie to help him sit up.

"Take it easy," Charlie said, his hand on Teddy's shoulder to steady him, "You gonna be okay? You think you need to visit the ER?"

"M'fine," Teddy said mulishly and shrugged out of Charlie's hold, his eyes cast down to his shoes. The blood from his nose dribbled down his chin to sluggishly trickle down his neck.

"Come on, lets get out of the rain," Charlie urged, "it's not much warmer in my squad car, but at least it's dry."

Teddy tensed and his head snapped up to look at Charlie, his eyes wide and hostile. Charlie noted that they weren't green like he thought. Shocks of bright blue appeared around his pupils, encroaching on the green until it was nothing but a thin ring around the iris. Charlie watched as the blue turned even brighter right in front of him, and freckles of brown and gold appeared out of nowhere. That meant they were hazel, the ever shifting kind that girls just died over.

"You're arresting me!" Teddy exclaimed, voice high and defensive.

"I never said I was," Charlie said in a calm, easy tone, "If I was arresting you, I'd be reading you your Miranda rights right now, which I'm not. I just don't feel like getting wet standing out here, and you're already soaked enough."

That seemed to placate Teddy a bit. And he really was soaked through, out in the rain in nothing but a t-shirt and jeans. Again. It's a miracle the boy hasn't caught pneumonia if this was how he left the house everyday. Charlie seriously hope that he'd get a clue and put on a damn jacket once in a while, if not for Silvan's sake than at least for Charlie's. They really needed to stop meeting like this.

Shivering slightly, Teddy silently got on his feet in slow, aching movements, minding his bruised ribs. He looked a sorry sight, soaked to the bone, splattered with mud, blood dripping from his face, green hair all a tangled mess around his head and down his bony shoulders. He looked like a half drowned parrot, miserable and ruffled and likely to bite a finger off anyone who tried to touch him.

"Why do you think I would arrest you?" Charlie asked as he stepped aside to let Teddy go first. After a slightly mistrustful glance, Teddy shuffled forward, heading towards the squad car and his bike left in the gravel.

"The hair," Teddy muttered with an awkward half shrug and a vague gesture of his hand, "people judge."

"I'm not one of them," Charlie assured Teddy. Teddy only gave him an unconvinced look in response.

Charlie couldn't really blame him. The scene practically screamed small town soap opera. The police chief breaks up a fight between three all star football players and the skinny, alternative punkish new kid, the obvious underdog. It's only natural that the chief would take the local's side, hometown pride and all that. And that green hair just screamed trouble maker.

But Charlie has never been much for soap operas, and he never played favorites. For one, Charlie didn't even have favorites. He would arrest Isabella or Jacob if it came down to it. Nobody was above the law. Secondly, he knew Teddy was a nice boy for Jacob to be such fast friends with him. And lastly, he knew for a fact that Robin and his stooges were bullies, plain and simple.

Even if Teddy didn't press any charges, Charlie was going to make a phone call to their coach. He didn't care if it cost them the playoffs, Charlie would personally see that their asses were benched hard. Luckily Coach Farley was a fair man that did not tolerate misconduct in his players, on or off the field. It won't be hard at all to convince him that those three needed to be knocked off their pedestals.

Charlie hoped that Teddy would press charges, but his silence so far was telling.

Hurting and angry Teddy made his silent way over to his fallen bike. Gently he propped it up, handling it as if it was an injured animal. The chain was broken, the front wheel bent out of its perfect circle into an oblong shape, and the body was dented so much that the handlebars could only sit at a sharp left. The thing was more damaged than Teddy was, and Charlie realized with a sharp stab of hot seething anger that one of them had probably held Teddy back, forcing him to watch while the other two trashed his bike.

Forget benched, that was the least Charlie was going to do to those shitty little maggots.

Silently, Charlie stepped forward and helped Teddy hook up the sad remains of the bike to the back of the squad car. They had to jerry-rig it with a bungee chord since the frame couldn't fit anymore, but they got it on, and Teddy gave Charlie a brief, raw glance of gratitude for it.

Charlie let Teddy sit up in front with him, the soft patter of the rain the only sound between them.

Charlie pulled out a tissue box and held it out to Teddy. Teddy took a few and pressed it to his still bleeding nose.

"You wanna tell me what happened back there?" Charlie asked softly.

Teddy eyes were directed at his lap.

Charlie sighed. "I know you weren't the one that started it."

No response.

"Do you wanna press charges?" Charlie asked.

Teddy gave a small shake of his head.

"You have every right to." Charlie urged.


Charlie sighed again. "You do know I have to take you back home," he pointed out. "Your dad will want to know what happened."

Teddy finally looked up. His eyes were still very blue, and wide with anxiety. "I can walk home," he insisted.

"You're five miles from town. I'm not about to let you walk in the rain without a coat. Again."

Teddy cringed, "C-can't you just...not tell him what you saw."

Charlie gave the boy a flat look.

"Please?" Teddy grimaced.

"You know that I can't."

"But he'll freak out," Teddy exclaimed, "he always freaks out about stuff like this. And he shouldn't because it was nothing but he will because he's just like that and he'll think it's all his fault but it's not. Just please, please don't tell him!"

His voice was high with nerves, his breathing turned suddenly rapid, and he fidgeted in his seat as his hands fluttered about in wide anxious gestures.

"Teddy," Charlie tried to cut in, but the boy continued on.

"It was just a hiccup, just a little setback. He doesn't need to know about it. I've already made a friend and I like it here. I really, really like it here. I don't want to move away. And I know da likes it here too, we both like it! We can't move away!"

"Teddy," Charlie tried again, more firmly.

"They're just stupid bullies! I can just ignore them, I'm not going to let their stupid bigotry scare us away. They're not going to bother me at all because they're dumb asses and I know I can avoid them. High School will be just fine, I can handle it! I know I can handle it!"

"TEDDY!" Charlie shouted as he took Teddy by the shoulders. The boy had stopped taking breaths between sentences, he was speaking so fast his words were beginning to slur together in a high pitched screech. Charlie's touch managed to snap Teddy out of it and the boy gasped once he realized he had no more air in his lungs. His cheeks were flushed red and his eyes shone brightly with the threat of tears.

Teddy looked like he was having a panic attack.

He clutched at Charlie's arms and gaped at him. Then, slowly, Teddy began to breath. He inhaled deeply through the nose, and then exhaled out of his mouth. It was ragged at first, and he nodded his head with the motion, his chest expanding and deflating visibly with each deep breath as if he was working through an asthma attack. Charlie found himself mimicking Teddy, breathing with him and nodding along, because he didn't know what else to do.

It took a long while, but in steady increments Teddy's breathing smoothed out until he was taking calm, regular sized breaths and it no longer looked like he was on the verge of being hysterical. Teddy let go of Charlie's arms, and Charlie carefully leaned back in his seat to give Teddy some space, but kept a reassuring hand on Teddy's shoulder.

"You alright, son?" Charlie asked.

"Yeah," Teddy replied, his voice faint and small. "I'm sorry."

Charlie has had his fair share of hysterical people. It came with the job description, but he's never had a full unprovoked panic attack happen right in front of him. The trick was to stay calm while the person worked through their freak out, so he took that to heart as he gently asked, "What happened there?"

Teddy cringed, shame and embarrassment clear on his face. "I've got...anxiety problems," he admitted, eyes cast down to his muddy shoes.

"Ever since I was small...I'm not...good with...Just-" his explanation faded into a grimace.

"The stupid bloke with the jacket asked me if my da was a faggot," Teddy confessed suddenly, his voice heated with lingering anger. "Told him it was none of his business, but then he goes on! He starts spouting nonsense about my da being a pervert, and his stupid cronies just laugh and egg him on. And then he asks me if my da ever touched me! And he starts calling me a faggot too!"

Teddy made a disgusted sound, his fists curled in his lap as if he wanted to punch something. Charlie shared the sentiment.

"I know I should'na hit him, it was really immature of me. But I just couldn't...he just...I was so angry!" Teddy groused, and then sighed. His shoulders slumped as he stared down at his lap. "And now I've gone and made a mess of it all. Because...because da is gay. I'm not ashamed of him, not at all. But if he hears about this, he'll worry that I'll have trouble fitting in with the other kids and he'll blame himself. And he shouldn't! Because it's nothing to be ashamed about. I mean, we came here just so we could be ourselves, and I just..."

Teddy looked up at Charlie. His eyes were no longer blue, but grey, a grey so light it looked nearly white, with veins of blue and purple coursing through the iris. It reminded Charlie of the stunning moment after a lighting bolt strikes, the image still lingering after the shock and noise had passed.

"I just don't want him to worry," Teddy confessed softly, his stare pleading.

Charlie sighed. His one and only weakness was the eyes. Bella had figured that out fairly quickly, as did Jacob. He couldn't deny them anything when they looked him like that, the way Teddy was looking at him now. But as a police officer he couldn't keep quiet about this. But it went beyond the job. As a father, he couldn't let someone go on not knowing that his son was being bullied. Especially since he's seen first hand how bad it could get.

"I'm sorry Teddy," Charlie said.

Teddy's face crumpled in on itself and he turned away to stare at his lap. He did not lift his head once during the silent ride back to the bakery.

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And Teddy is a metamorphmagi, he didn't actually dye his head green guys. He's learned the trick of keeping one color for a week or so before getting bored with it and then changing it. His head is gonna change a lot through this story.

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