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I sit alone in a wooden rocker on the porch, nursing a whiskey in my right hand. I'm still wearing my best man suit. It feels scratchy and old, like it belongs in some old maid's dusty closet somewhere. It feels like weariness and boredom and growing old. It feels lonely.

We had done it. Over a year ago now, matter of fact. We got the amnesty. Boy we sure were thrilled. Couldn't be happier. We could live a life now! We could do anything we wanted. We didn't have to worry about posses, or sheriffs, or twenty years in jail. We never needed to think about being shot, or being recognized, ever again. We could get jobs, do what we wanted; we could get married, have kids. Live a life.

And we are. I can see my parter from here. He looks happier than I've ever seen him. He just got married, you see. Clara Simone. She's a great girl. Her father's the mayor, even.

He's with her now. He just looks so dang happy. I've been with him all our lives, but I've never seen him as happy as he is right now. With Clara.

I love seeing him like this. I do. But I can't help thinking... I can't help thinking that he never looked this happy with me.

Had I done something? Or maybe I didn't do something? I hadn't been a good enough partner? I hadn't. I should've protected him better. Shouldn't have left him alone that one time... or that one... Should've been more cheerful.

I suppose I'm being... jealous. I know I should be thankful. And I am! But I wonder whether things will ever be the same between us.

And that's another thing. What will even happen to me? Sure I'll stick around. I'll be invited to dinner, watch his kids grow up, share a drink with my partner. I'll still be there. I'll always be there.

But it was me and him before. Heyes and Curry, Curry and Heyes. We were inseparable, everyone knows that. We were.

But there he his grinning, laughing, smiling, being happy with his Clara. Without me.

I guess the real thing I'm worried about is that this proves that- he's happy without me. It used to be that we wouldn't go more than about two weeks without each other. And not just because we were partners in crime, or amnesty. Because we wanted to be. We worked well together. We fit to each other. And when we weren't together, we missed each other, like we were missing parts. Or I did, anyway.

But now? I just don't know. He's- moved on. He's married. And happy. But he doesn't need me to be happy.

I guess he doesn't, anymore. He doesn't need me.


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