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Ten year old Naruto sat on the bench outside the school with his teacher Iruka. Naruto had learned to trust Iruka sensei over his time at the academy. Iruka sensei was one of the few people he could feel comfortable with and let his guard down. Iruka had always given him a tender yet truthful answer to all of Naruto's question.

One such question was the one that was lingering in Naruto's mind. He had overhead Ino and Sakura talk about Sasuke the other day. The two girls had mentioned that Sasuke was a sex-god sent to Earth. Naruto understood what God meant yet the term sex was unfamiliar to him.

Being too lazy to look up the term in the school dictionary, Naruto asked Iruka sensei.

"Nii, Iruka sensei, I have a question for you. The other day I heard Sakura and Ino mention something about Sasuke that I didn't understand. Think you can help me?" Naruto asked while swinging his legs back and forth on the edge of the bench.

Iruka was a kind man. He had learned much about the pain and suffering of Naruto. The young boy had been orphaned since the day he was born and didn't have any friends or family to rely on. Iruka felt pride taking the young boy under his wing and taking care of him. The young teacher nodded and allowed Naruto to ask his question.

"See here's the thing; Sakura and Ino are crazy about the stupid bastard Sasuke. I don't get it but I guess it's probably something about him that they like. I heard them talking about the bastard and I kinda understood everything they were saying except for one thing. They said something like Sasuke was a sex-god. I know what the God part means, but sensei, what is sex?" Naruto asked in his own innocent way.

Iruka choked on the air in his throat. He never imagined himself to be teaching sex education one on one with a student. Surely Naruto was just pulling his leg. After all, weren't all shinobi students required to learn about sex and reproduction?

"Naruto, didn't you take a class on all of this when you were about 9? You know that one class that Kurenai taught" Iruka asked.

"Well you see, I figured it wasn't important so I skipped that day and went to eat ramen. Ichiruki was giving it for free that day!" Naruto grinned sheepishly.

Iruka sighed. He hated doing this.

"Naruto, sex is something two or more people engage in when they are overcome with emotions. It is a physical act that requires a lot of touching and other activites. Generally it is used as a way to create children and to express affection." Iruka gave Naruto the watered down and innocent version. He was quite uncomfortable explaining this to the boy of ten years.

"Oh I get it!" Naruto then jumped off the bench and ran out of the playground, shouting a goodbye to Iruka.

Iruka wondered what had Naruto so rustled but decided the boy probably got hungry and wanted some ramen.

Naruto ran till he reached the waterfall area. It was about the time he met Hinata every day to train. He was secretly helping her prepare for the exams by practicing with her. He would have said no to Hinata's request to train, but she was the only one willing to train with him. No one else had even bothered to talk to him outside of the occasional joke.

Seeing the shy nine year old, Naruto ran over.

"Hey Hinata, guess what?" Naruto exclaimed when he got to the shy heiress.

"ummm whaattt Narutoo-kun?" Hinata stuttered.

"Iruka sensei was just telling me about this thing called sex. And he said that it's this thing that people due when they touch. Apparently it makes them have babies. So I was thinking, since whenever we train, I touch you, so you must be having a baby right?" Naruto rambled.

As he continued with his thought, he failed to notice the loud thud that came from the fallen heiress.