Yet again my carless sister had gotten us into one hell of a predicament; this time, however, she could not talk her way out of it and I could not cast my way out of it. I had a feeling that this was quite permanent, at least until our death, which if I recall correctly…is nearly impossible for an Ascendant. I need to keep a positive outlook, since there's no getting out of it; however it is a bit out of my grasp at the moment.

Strangely, I knew she was not dead, but…sleeping, somewhere. I have not been able to pin down precisely where, but I have narrowed it down to either my mind, or the strange metal disc on the chest of her body…our body…whatever.

I nearly topped my two previous extravagant lies when I met the Master Magi of Necromancy, who was a bit of a dunce compared to some of the people I had trained with, and I would like to think compared to myself. He bought my story, likely because of the 'talent' I displayed for the necromantic arts – he started begging me to give up the path of a Warlock and devote my studies to that of the Necromancer, to which I could only snicker over. Perhaps there would be some amusement in my situation with this man trying to teach me…

There was one slight problem, however. Either Ykatya knew exactly what was going on, or she had other theories that lead her to be quite wary around me. While I understand that Dia chose to confide in the Bahmi woman, I did not, and would not until I had more time to appraise her. She had not yet revealed to anyone what had transpired, at least no one who approached me about the situation, but that was not quite enough to assuage my doubts. If you had ever met any one of my sister's lovers, you would understand why I am so cautious about her choice in friends.

She had to obtain a third soul soon, too. I was not overly fond of her first choice, although it was not as bad as it could have been, I suppose. Her second choice made me smile, due to how often she had tried to get me to teach her more about Necromancy. But now we are faced with this third one, and I believe it would be best to choose something that perhaps both of us can enjoy. This would take some time to research, however I believed that any of the Master Magi would understand the desire to know exactly what one is getting into.

Naturally, I spent most of my second day and all of my third in the libraries of Meridian, studying everything I could about each of the possible magics that could be garnered from soul interactions. Elementalism annoyed me, and I lacked any knowledge of what my sister thought on the subject; knowing Dia, she enjoyed how flashy and extravagant the spells of Pyromancers and Elementalists could get. Archons sounded appealing to me, as the ideal of stolen power was quite tempting already, and theirs was more directly so than even my own – unless it was true that Necromancers stole their power from Regulos himself.

The last one I researched seemed to be the most viable option for the current situation, as I was drawn to the idea of being able to have a different kind of control over people, whereas Dia wished for people to love and adore her and fall under her charismatic spell – Dominator was clearly the choice then, I think. She would likely enjoy…

…I need not think like that.

Aside from an initial moment of being stunned, my fallen knight and I reclaimed the soul of some Dominator after a major Death rift appeared a few kilometers away from Meridian. I could not help but cringe as I opened the container that would encase his soul, recalling my own brief time in such a device and the strange happenings that followed. I was almost leery about going through the soul interaction within the sight of, well, anyone at this point. I had not yet determined if the interaction Dia and I experienced was going to be the standard for her, or if Thontic really had taken our oath seriously – yet I could not quite figure out if the Thontic of this time would know of what occurred in the future of a separate timeline.

Cradling the contraption, I began the walk back to Meridian, reminding myself that attempting to understand the Vigil – or any gods for that matter – was more likely to result in a headache than in answers. Focusing my mind elsewhere, I began to prepare a number of possibly believable lies to give the Magi should something strange happen. That is, of course, if I were the one to regain control of our body once the interaction finished, though I was sure that Dia was quick witted enough to come up with a lie on the spot, and whatever her words didn't convince, her smile and large eyes would.

Surprisingly, nothing very spectacular happened when I unbound the soul and began to breathe it in. I became a little light headed, and saw a flood of memories about the dominating magics the prior being had become a master of, a deluge of information committing itself into my mind so quickly it was as if I just suddenly had known these things all my life. Thankfully, we didn't get a third party joining us, as I felt the sentience fade from my mind and soul without taking the information it had shared along with it. While I have no solid proof at the moment, I believe this may be what our 'normal' interactions will be like as we learn more from other souls.

Unsurprisingly, I took to the arts of domination almost as well as I did to my treasured necromantic arts; both Magi will likely be arguing over which one I will be the protégé to, while the first Magi that my sister dealt with attempts to remind them both who the student's first teacher was to begin with. That would likely be an interesting debate for a brief moment, though really I wouldn't want to get caught up in such a thing – I have no plans of remaining a 'student' for long.

Shortly before bed, I decided to jot down a list of the events that had occurred since Dia and I had shared…whatever that moment was. We were long lived in our first life, for Eth at least, but true immortality was likely to rob us of many of the smaller details of life, and I felt that perhaps they were something to remember. I really hoped they would serve to show my sister what a mess she got us into, and keep her from doing such again in the future.

Our bed is surprisingly comfortable, and it was not long before a familiar darkness consumed me.