I got the idea for this piece about a year ago after hearing "Love With a Stranger" by Marie Digby. I actually listened to this while I was writing "I Am a Wicked Child," but I wanted to put it into a one shot of its own. The words just weren't coming to me. So the idea has been sitting in the back of my mind for almost a year, just waiting to be written. FINALLY! Inspiration has struck. I got the Lubadub stamp of approval, as well as a good yelling at in gchat afterward for not warning her adequately enough.

So, just in case the summary wasn't thorough enough for you, this is not safe for work. If you are in an office environment, now would be a great time to turn back because this is total porn with very limited plot. There are lots of dirty words and explicit sexual content with some kink thrown in for good measure. Don't say you weren't warned…

Love With a Stranger

He snored. He was actually pretty cute. I knew He was sexy but I wasn't paying attention to the cute factor when I picked Him. I was looking for something I wouldn't have the guts to go after in my regular life, and He definitely foot the bill. I didn't even know His name but that was the whole point. It was sort of a shame I hadn't met Him under other circumstances because if I had, I got the impression He might have been good boyfriend material.

But I didn't need a boyfriend. In fact, a boyfriend was the last thing I needed. I was trying to get over a boyfriend, which was part of the reason I picked Him in the first place. He was the exact opposite of the boyfriend I was trying to forget. Blond, tall, bright blue eyes and definitely a generous lover. I figured referring to Him as "Huge Cock" was crass, even after what I'd just done, so I would simply call Him Viking, since that was what He looked like to me.

I carefully rolled out of bed and began to search for my clothes. They were scattered around the room and one piece at a time, I started to get dressed. The only thing I left behind were the panties He'd torn off of me a few hours before. I left them on my pillow. Whether or not He chose to keep them would be up to Him to decide. It wouldn't matter to me either way. I zipped myself into my little black dress and slipped on the five inch heels (when did I even take them off?) I hardly ever wore because they were the very definition of 'fuck me shoes,' and hardly office appropriate.

Between my breakup earlier in the week, the stress at work and the regular family drama I dealt with from one day to the next, drastic measures had been called for. I was stressed out and this time a pedicure and a glass of wine weren't going to cut it like they usually did. What I needed was a release for all my frustration. I needed something physical. I needed someone to push me past my comfort zones, take what they wanted and let me unleash on them all at once.

Viking was perfect for such activity. He had tried to give me His name, but I didn't want that. I didn't want to know anything about Him, other than whether or not He could get me off. And He did. Many times. I had no doubt I would be sore when I woke up in the morning but it would be worth it. Already, I felt lighter and less weighed down by all the nonsense in my life. I felt used but in a good way.

It wasn't my usual style to pick a stranger, go back to His hotel room with Him and fuck Him senseless but sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do. I would make an appointment with my doctor in the morning just to make sure the birth control did its job. He didn't look like He was carrying anything, but neither did my ex and it turned out He had a thing for banging hookers on business trips. Bastard.

I paused at the door of the hotel room. The only light in the room was the little bit of moonlight from the drapes that hadn't been closed all the way. We were so high up in the building I wasn't worried about someone seeing us from the street. Hell, if they had, that probably would have been an even bigger turn on. Not that Viking didn't ring my bell just fine all on His own.

I felt the urge to go back to the bed and kiss Him goodbye but I didn't want to risk waking Him and breaking the spell. It was perfect just as it was. No regrets, I told myself and then walked out of the hotel room and Viking's life forever.

Six hours earlier…

I walked into the hotel bar dressed to kill and on the prowl. The shoes I was wearing were pinching my feet but I didn't plan on wearing them for long. I walked up to the bar and ordered myself a martini. I didn't want to get drunk but I figured it would look strange if I sat in the bar with nothing in my hands but a beaded clutch. I tried to look inconspicuous as I scanned the bar to see what was available.

I assumed it was mostly business men meeting for drinks, or unwinding after a long day of meetings or conferences. I was near the convention center, so it was entirely possible some of them were there as well. I parked myself at the empty end of the bar and stirred my martini with the olive. I sipped slowly while taking inventory.

I wondered how many of the men in the room were married but willing to forget the fact just long enough to fuck another woman their wives would never know about. I reminded myself that just because my ex was a cheating dickwad, not all men were like that. Some of them actually had the ability to remain faithful to the women they committed themselves to. While there was no way for me to know for sure if the man I picked was really single or not, I promised myself I would not intentionally pick a man I knew was married. I wouldn't hurt someone else the way I had been hurt.

I wasn't sure what I was looking for, exactly, but I knew what I wasn't looking for. Any man that was average height with dark hair and eyes was automatically out of the running. I especially wasn't interested in anyone wearing khakis and Henleys. I was just getting a start on my second martini when I spotted Him from across the room. He was hard to ignore.

He had to be close to six and a half feet tall, which was easily six inches taller than my ex. His eyes were a bright shade of blue. His face was angular and lightly sun kissed. I didn't want anyone pale who looked like He spent His life behind a computer screen, pecking at a keyboard. I wanted someone who looked like He had life in Him. He was perfect.

I remained on my stool, however, biding my time. I waited to see if He would make His way to the bar in His designer suit with the right number of buttons left undone on His crisp, white shirt. When He approached a short time later, my eyes darted to His left hand. No wedding ring.

Jackpot, I thought in my mind and refused to give much thought to the possibility He might have a wedding band hidden in His breast pocket the way some men did when they were off the leash. Instead, I went about eating the olive in my martini in an overstated way without looking like a tramp. It would be easy to assume I was a hooker, based on the way I was dressed and the fact that the lucky winner wasn't going to have to work for what I was willing to give.

But I wasn't a hooker, nor was I a slut. I just needed a good, hard fuck to clear my head. If that meant picking up a stranger, which seemed like the best option, then so be it. It wasn't something I would ever do again, but that didn't make it wrong. I stayed right there in my chair and hoped He would notice me.

When I felt a pair of eyes on me, I turned to the right just a little to see Him looking at me in my peripheral vision. He was definitely checking me out. My heartbeat got a little faster. I wasn't used to doing what I was about to do. Usually, I was a romantic. I preferred to be in love with the person I was with, but what I wanted wasn't about love or romance. It was about need, lust and release, nothing more.

He didn't seem to be in a hurry to approach me, which was fine. We kept exchanging looks and small smiles with each other until I finally decided to see if He would follow if I moved. I cleared my throat, picked up my martini and purse, and walked over to a corner table sort of out of the way of the rest of the lingering happy hour customers who were congregated toward the center of the room. No sooner was I settled at my little table than He was casually making Himself comfortable as well.

Neither of us spoke but I didn't take that as a sign of a lack of confidence I would with other men. Just the fact that He had balls enough to sit down across from me, completely uninvited, told me He wasn't at all lacking in the confidence department. We stared at each other for a moment, fully taking one another in. My dress was the right blend of naughty and modest. By that, I mean it hinted at all the things that might, or might not be, underneath. The dress defined all my curves and amplified my cleavage to almost ridiculous levels, yet managed to leave me looking rather classy.

He was wearing a suit that might very well have cost more than my car the year it was built. He wasn't wearing a tie, which was too bad because I wouldn't have minded taking it off of Him only for Him to use it on me. Oh well…in the long run, it wasn't that important. After a few more minutes of silent flirting and a look from Him that definitely got my lady business on high alert, He opened His mouth to speak.

"Don't," I said quickly. "Whatever you're going to say, just don't. I don't want to know your name, where you work, where you come from or why you're here. All I need to know is if you have a hotel room, condoms and a cock that works."

I couldn't believe the words that were coming out of my mouth. It was so unlike me, and yet, it felt good to take control of the situation. He smiled at me, nodded His head and then reached into His pocket. I was afraid He was going to pull out a business card when I saw His wallet, but He didn't. Instead, He dropped some cash on the table.

"I'm not a hooker," I said, taking offense to what He'd done.

"It's for the bartender," He answered and the timbre of His voice finished what His eyes had started.

"Are you married?" I asked Him. That was the only thing I really needed to know of a personal nature.

"No," He answered unequivocally, and while He could have been lying, there was something honest about His face that told me He wasn't. "Are you?"

"No," I answered in return and finished off my martini.

"Are you drunk?" He asked while swilling His bourbon.

"No," I crossed my legs under the table. "I am of completely sound mind and I know what I want."

"Good. I like that in a woman," He said and already, it was getting a little too personal.

"I don't want to know," I held up my hand.

"Fair enough," He said with a respectful nod, although I could see He was curious. I could see questions forming in His eyes but He kept them to Himself. "Shall we?" He asked when He finished His drink a minute later.

I nodded, uncrossed my legs and grabbed my purse. He was already on His feet and extending a large hand to me. It was strange to not ask any questions. The ride up to His room was silent. Well, not entirely silent. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. When the elevator doors opened, His hand settled on my lower back, giving me a gentle push out of the car. He kept His hand there as we walked down the maze of hallways until we came to His door.

He produced the key from His pocket and slipped it into the little reader on His door. The lights lit up green and there was the click of the lock turning over. He pushed the handle and the door opened easily. He gestured for me to walk ahead of Him, which I did, and with my head held high. I looked around the room as the door clicked closed behind me.

It was a nice room. Just a basic room, but a nice room all the same. There was a single king size bed up against the wall. The headboard was mounted to the wall and there were lights on either side of it. An alarm clock was situated next to a phone on the left side night stand. There was a small circular table by the large window with a chair on either side of it. A long black lacquer dresser was opposite the bed with a mirror mounted over the top. A flat screen TV was also mounted to the wall to the side of the mirror.

The lines were clean and contemporary. The carpet was exactly what I would expect for a chain hotel, as was the wallpaper. An abstract painting hung above the headboard. I didn't bother to look in the bathroom since I didn't anticipate spending much time in there. I dropped my purse on the dresser and turned to face Him. He lingered in at the end of the hallway, watching me take in the room. His hands were in His pockets and He exuded nothing but confidence and sexuality.

Before I could over think my next move, I reached behind me and unzipped my dress. He remained right where He was, just watching me slowly undress. I didn't want my nerves to get the better of me. I didn't want to panic and make it obvious I didn't really know what the fuck I was doing. I mean, I wasn't a virgin, but I wasn't used to playing the seductress. I didn't know a damn thing about how to be a femme fatale but I was going to Meryl Streep the Hell out of it and hope I didn't make a complete fool of myself.

My dress fell with a whoosh around my ankles, exposing my black lingerie underneath. I wasn't wearing much; just a strapless lacy bra and a pair of barely there boyshorts my ex had called trashy. What the fuck did he know from trashy when he was banging whores on the side? Talk about someone with a Madonna complex. I stepped out of my dress and began what felt like the longest walk of my life to cross the room to where He was standing.

So far, I hadn't gotten much of a reaction out of Him but I didn't take it personally. I was actually glad He wasn't fawning all over Himself to tear off my clothes. Being overeager meant I probably wasn't going to get much out of the encounter, and while the whole point was wham, bam, thank you ma'am, I wasn't going to be happy if He treated me like I was nothing more than a receptacle. Of course, there was only one way to find out.

I gathered up all the courage I had and reached out to run my hands up the front of His shirt. His body was firm, which wasn't really a surprise to me. I had figured as much since His suit was fitted just so that it seemed to be stretching to cover His body without being too small. I wanted that jacket gone, and when my hands finally reached His broad shoulders, I pushed the material down His arms. I looked up into His eyes and shock of all shocks; it didn't feel strange to be nearly naked in front of Him.

I didn't feel the urge to cover up or yank the duvet off the bed to hide behind. There was challenge in His eyes, daring me to do more. It seemed strange to undress Him further without having tested the waters with a kiss, so I started there. My hands slid up His arms, past His neck to His jaw. There was just the lightest scratch of stubble on my palms. I loved stubble. My ex had always kept himself baby smooth. I ran my thumb over His bottom lip which was soft and full.

I stepped closer to Him to close the distance between us. I was planted firmly in His personal space and He didn't seem to mind. It was almost like He was waiting for instruction or permission to make His move. It didn't take much coaxing to get His face down to mine. I didn't realize I was biting my bottom lip until His thumb landed on my chin and gently tugged it from between my teeth. Much like I had done to Him, His thumb brushed over my bottom lip, before His hand moved down to my throat.

There was something incredibly sexy about having a man's hand on my throat. Not squeezing, of course, since I didn't get off on being choked, but just the pressure of it. There was something possessive and domineering. Maybe it was because He could close His fist and literally have my life in His hand that did it. There was something that bordered on dangerous about it, forbidden, maybe. Whatever it was, it made me shiver and that much more excited when my lips brushed against His.

I could taste the bourbon He'd been drinking and just a hint of mint from a breath mint I hadn't seen Him pop in His mouth. The combination was nice and when our lips met a second time it was more purposeful. I opened my mouth to let Him taste me as well. Olives weren't nearly as pleasant but He didn't pull away or make any comments. His tongue brushed against mine, testing the waters and searching my mouth.

He was a good kisser. Not too much tongue or sloppiness. I hated feeling like the guy I was kissing was trying to lick my spleen. It was unnecessary, in my humble opinion, and He wasn't like that at all. The pressure of His hand on my throat got a little firmer, holding me to Him while He kissed me. His other hand came up and pulled the chopstick from my hair so it would tumble down my back in big waves of blonde nearly the same color as His.

His hands didn't go any further than my neck and the back of my head to tug on my hair gently. There was a caveman in Him which was just perfect for the evening I had in store. I wanted the aggression. I wanted to be able to flip-flop who was in the driver's seat. I wanted someone who would let me take charge but not be afraid to take it right back. Apparently, He was exactly what I was looking for in every way.

My heart slowed just a little as we fell into a rhythm. As my comfort level increased, my hands started to roam. When we broke apart to breathe, His hand moved away from my throat, only to make room for His lips to settle in its place. His tongue trailed from just below my ear to the junction of my collarbone. I always thought collarbones were the sexiest part on a woman. They were so delicate and graceful, and didn't reveal too much skin when being shown.

I wondered if He felt the same way when He strung a line of kisses along mine before returning to claim my mouth again. Apparently, I'd had enough time to breathe. I didn't mind one bit. I wanted to be breathless, surprised and pushed beyond my normal limits. The fact that I didn't need to tell Him these things only made it that much better. His fingers twisted in my hair; turning my head to the angle He wanted it. I could feel myself giving over more and more control by the moment.

I grabbed the hand that had been on my throat and put it on my breast, curious to see what He would do next. Just as quickly as I had taken control, He took it right back by yanking down the lace that covered my breast and let His fingers trace the fullness of my flesh. He wasn't just a good kisser; He was an amazing kisser, which got me thinking about all the skin He had yet to taste. I shivered again and was just about to find out if His kissing skills still applied when He was working below the neck, when there was a knock at the door.

He growled in frustration, which was a bigger turn on than He probably intended it to be. He put a finger over my lips to keep me quiet, not that I had any intention of speaking. Whoever was on the other side of the door clearly wasn't taking silence for an answer, and knocked again.

"Fuck," He muttered under His breath.

"Answer it," I whispered in His ear, and then bit gently on the shell of it. "I'll wait."

There was lust in His eyes and He clearly wasn't keen on being interrupted. I hadn't noticed the tenting in His pants until He stood up straight, and almost as if His erection had its own gravitational pull, my hand went right to it. He froze where He stood, watching my hand stroke Him while my eyes watched His. The knocking at the door started up again.

"Wait for me on the bed," He ordered in quiet, but firm, tone of voice.

I smiled at Him and turned toward the bed. A slap that stung just a little landed on my backside but I didn't yelp. Instead, I found myself wanting more. If I was going to go outside my comfort zone, I might as well go all the way. I vaguely remembered a drunken night where I demanded my ex spank me during sex, but since he wasn't into it, it didn't work the way I hoped it would. He actually seemed insulted at the idea of being asked to hit me. I hadn't considered maybe he was afraid of it, but maybe he was.

I could feel this little animal inside me, clawing to get out. With Him, I was pretty sure it would be okay. I made my way to the bed and I could feel the wetness when I pressed my thighs together. The friction combined with the lace felt amazing. He jerked open the door and very quickly told the person on the other side to fuck off. If I were a bit more brazen, I would have told Him there was room for more but I was taking enough chances already.

I pushed away the image of myself sitting on some trashy talk show, waiting for DNA results to come back on a child I hadn't planned for. The ex and I hadn't slept together in weeks and he was shooting blanks anyway. He had decided shortly after college that children weren't in his future and had himself fixed. While I fully intended to use a condom in addition to the birth control I was already taking, I knew there would be no stopping God if He decided I was meant to have a child at that point in my life and with a man whose name I didn't even know.

What a story that would be to tell said child.

The hotel room door closed and I turned on my side, pillowing my head on my bent arm. I left my other hand splayed in front of me, stroking the soft material of the duvet. I hadn't even taken my shoes off before lying down. He came back with an apologetic look on His face but offered no explanation as to who was at the door, which I was thankful for.

"I put out the 'do not disturb sign;' we should be fine from now on," He said and then took the phone off the hook and pulled an iPhone from His pants pocket to turn that off as well before tossing it to the side.

I rolled onto my back to make some room for Him to set at the edge of the bed. His long fingers gently ghosted over the side of my face. It was a sweet gesture; one I would have expected from someone who was about to make love to me. While I could certainly appreciate the little bit of sentiment, I didn't want this to be about feelings and deep connections. The connection was supposed to last as long as an orgasm. Then we would retreat to our own worlds and go on with our lives.

All the same, my eyelids fluttered closed for just a moment, taking in the sensation of His hand moving so lightly across my skin. Goose bumps rose in the wake of everywhere His hand touched and by the time His fingertips made it to my nipples, I thought they were going to explode. His lips on mine had my eyes open again. I had never kissed someone with my eyes open before and I was relieved to see His eyes were closed. Looking into His eyes while He kissed me would have been too much for me.

"Turn over, lover," He said when He got to my ear.

Lover? That was unexpected, but what else was He supposed to call me? At least it held the tone of something erotic, yet classy. It was certainly better than Him calling me a dirty little slut or something equally offensive when it was meant to be hot. Lover was, by far, the better choice of pet names. And it helped that no one else had ever called me that. Even better, for the rest of my life if I ever was called that again, I would think of Him.

I turned over and tried to think of something sexy, yet dignified to call Him, but lost all train of thought when His long fingers trailed my spine and came to a stop at the clasp of my bra, before continuing their journey down my back and stopping at the waist of my panties. Just His fingertips found their way under the smooth black lace. He lingered there for a moment but then pulled them out again to run them over crest of my backside. My thighs squeezed together to get more of that friction I so desperately wanted.

My panties stayed on while His fingers continued down the back of my thighs, both of His hands moving at the same agonizingly slow pace. Every cell in my body came alive under those fingertips that were barely touching me. Parts of me ached that I didn't even know existed, but mostly that aching was concentrated between my thighs. I wanted Him. I kept quiet and my face pressed against the mattress while He touched me. He got all the way to my ankles but didn't touch my shoes.

I was surprised when I felt His teeth sink gently into my lace covered ass. The bite wasn't hard enough to break the skin, but tough enough to suggest a rough and playful mood. Without waiting for Him to ask me, I turned over and exposed both breasts to Him. His large hand swatted my bra off the bed and across the room. His kisses landed on my lower abdomen before moving up. His tongue briefly dipping into my navel and the way it flicked gave me a hint as to what it would feel like for that tongue to press against my clit.

The wetness in my panties only increased and I was on the verge of telling Him to get on with it when His fingers pushed my legs apart. Yes! Finally!, I thought to myself, but His hand didn't invade my panties. No, He touched me over the lace, using the texture in whatever beautifully evil plans He had in mind. His mouth fastened around one of my nipples while His fingers worked between my legs.

"You're very wet for me, lover," He purred against my skin before attacking my other nipple with equal zeal as He'd used the first time.

My hips rolled under His hand and then bucked up, wanting to feel more of Him. He was still dressed and that just wouldn't do. "You're wearing too many clothes," I gasped for air when He pressed a little harder on my clit.

"Ladies first," He said and used His teeth on my nipple.

I cried out and felt my hands sinking into His hair, holding Him to me while He assaulted one breast and then the other. He quite literally had me in the palm of His hand and I was pretty sure I was going to explode soon. But then He backed off and stood up at the side of the bed. My eyes popped open in confusion.

"What's wrong?" I asked, wondering why the fuck He had stopped when I was so close.

"Undress me," He ordered.

I got up on my knees and began to unbutton His shirt. My lips trailed after my fingers that were shaking just a little. I got His button down off, and then tugged the wife beater from the waistband of His perfectly tailored dress pants. With His chest bare I was able to see just how much I had underestimated Him. I had assumed He was in good shape, but that would have been an insult. His muscles were nicely chiseled without being too big. I hated body builder types. I'd slept with one in the past and vowed never again. He didn't fit that mold, however, and I said a quick prayer of thanks for it.

My mouth went to work tasting His skin, stopping to see if His nipples were as sensitive as my own. He growled when I bit gently, which got Him a similar bite on the other side. While I toyed with Him, I flicked open His belt and pulled it from the loops of His pants. I dropped it on the floor, wanting it to have no part in whatever festivities we were about to partake in. Spanking was one thing, but I didn't think props were necessary. That was a little too advanced for me.

I got the fly of His pants open and ran my hands around His hips to His ass and did a little groping before pushing the material down. He had, bar none, the most amazing ass I ever had the pleasure of groping. Figuring what was good for the goose was good for the gander, I managed to get around Him just enough to bite His ass the way He had bitten mine. When I looked up into His eyes, I saw amusement and approval there.

"Do you like biting, lover?" He asked as I moved back to His front and began to pull at the legs of His boxers.

"Never tried it," I admitted while running my nails up and down His thighs. I did a silent victory cheer when I felt Him shiver just a little, and then reached up to the waist of His boxers. There was definitely an obstruction keeping me from just yanking them down and I wasn't interested in causing Him pain that wasn't quickly forgotten with pleasure. "It's too bad you weren't wearing a tie, though," I smiled up at Him.

"You like being tied up?" He looked surprised, which was refreshing since it probably would have been easy to assume I was into all sorts of kinky shit. I was bordering on desperate for Him to fuck me and I refused to let Him tell me His name.

"I've never tried that either, but tonight is a night for firsts," I admitted and quickly wished I could take it back. I was telling Him too much. Strangers; we were supposed to be strangers.

"Do you want me to tie you up?" He asked in a dangerous tone that had my thighs rubbing together again.

While I felt comfortable with Him, maybe letting Him tie me up was a bad idea. Perhaps that was something I should be saving for my next relationship. Or maybe if we got to a round two, we could try it then.

"We don't have to do anything you don't want to do," His fingertips tilted my chin up so I had to look Him in the eyes. "If you're uncomfortable, we'll stop."

"You bet your balls we will," I said firmly and He laughed.

Fuck. That laugh was just… no, I couldn't think about it. I had to get my head back in the game and stop thinking so much. Slut on, conscience off, I told myself while easing down His boxers. What awaited me there left me speechless.

"Holy third leg, Batman," I muttered and He smirked at me.

I gulped. What the fuck else was there to do at the moment? Well, okay, there were plenty of things I could do, but all that my body would allow was a gulp. I had a brief moment of panic while I worried about whether or not I would be able to accommodate Him. Comparatively, my ex was average and the two other guys I'd been with were bigger, but not His size. The good news, at least I hoped I was presuming correctly, was that it seemed like He most likely knew what He was doing.

While it would have been wrong of me to assume He wasn't a virgin strictly because He was incredibly sexy and kissed like a house on fire, I sincerely doubted He was. No doubt my look of amazement wasn't the first He'd received in His sexual past. Thank God I wasn't a teenager, or a virgin, or I probably would have run screaming from the room, nearly naked as I was. He was going to have to go easy on me but I was willing to bet He was used to Hearing that.

"Do you need a permit to carry that?" I asked Him.

Again there was that laugh. There was something almost infectious about it and I dropkicked the little voice that got sad over not hearing it again after tonight. He used action rather than words to answer me and placed my hand on His cock, showing me the proper amount of pressure and when to twist my hand. I was grateful for the tutorial; just as I was thankful He backed off quickly to let me do my own thing.

I worked His boxers off the rest of the way and He left them pooled around His feet instead of kicking them away. I tried to ignore the dull throbbing in my core, but the more I tried to ignore it the more intense it became. With that in mind, my hand moved faster. Since my ex had always been a little more on the prudish side with me, he wasn't insistent on oral sex. I'd give it every once in a while when I wasn't really all that into having sex at all just to keep him at bay.

With Him, however, I discovered I didn't mind it. In fact, I welcomed it as a challenge. I moved back on the bed and said, "Lay down for me."

He did as I requested and stretched out on the bed, finally kicking away His boxers. I hadn't seen Him remove His shoes but they were gone. I made quick work of His socks before crawling up His legs. I was just about to descend on Him when He spoke up.

"Turn around," He said.

"What?" Call me crazy, but turning around wasn't going to work.

"Put your legs here," He said, patting the mattress on either side of Him.

Oh. Oooooh! Well, that made more sense. It was also a position I had never tried before and was willing to give a chance to. I turned and then slung a leg over Him so I had one on either side. He grabbed my hips and pulled my lower half closer to His face until I could feel His breath on my inner thighs. I whimpered quietly, wanting Him to touch me but afraid to say so in case He was in a teasing mood again.

His hands palmed my ass with just His thumbs pressed against my center. My hips gyrated, trying to get Him where I wanted Him but a gentle slap on my backside stopped me from moving. I took a deep breath and then leaned forward. If my panties had been off, I would have been completely exposed to Him. My tongue darted out cautiously, and a long lick from the base of His shaft all the way to the head had Him gripping me a little harder. My tongue swirled around the tip and with the new moisture on His skin; my hand closed around His cock and started stroking again.

I kept up the stroking and swirling for a little while until I finally got up the nerve to go a little further and I took as much of Him in my mouth as I could. I felt His body tense under mine and then His breath on my center again. I felt His teeth drag against the lace and I shivered. Biting was bad, considering where my teeth were, so I didn't.

I was starting to wonder if my panties were ever going to come off when I heard the unmistakable sound of lace ripping. I moaned in surprise and it didn't escape me that He had probably timed it so I would very literally have my mouth full when He did it. The upward thrust of His hips in response caught me off guard, but it wasn't as horrible as it could have been. But then His tongue was tracing my slick folds and searching for a place to bury itself and that was all I could think about.

His thumbs parted me and His tongue dipped inside me. I released His cock from my mouth and kept stroking while getting myself upright as much as I could. With our significant height difference, it made positioning a little tricky. Thankfully, His height was concentrated in His legs and not His torso. My hips moved over His face, grinding down occasionally in search of more friction.

The ex had never fucked me with his tongue and I was sure even if he had, it wouldn't have felt as good as what I was currently feeling. Those thumbs that had been a source of torture before became my Godsend when they battled for control of my clit. I descended on His cock once again and sucked a little harder than before. It dawned on me we hadn't had the birth control talk but I promised myself we would before He fucked me. There would be no Baby Daddy talk shows in my future.

His grunts and growls sent amazing vibrations through me and just when I was on the edge and about to go over, He managed to get a hold of my hair and pull me up by it. The move caught me by surprise. Quick as a cat, He had me on my back and His mouth on mine. The kiss was sure to leave my lips swollen and bruised, and while one hand was pinching and twisting my nipple, the other was sliding through the wetness between my legs.

"You're very good at sucking cock, lover," He told me and then kissed me again, pulling away before we could find a rhythm. "Almost too good. It wouldn't be good for either of us if I cum too soon."

Fuck no it wouldn't!

"But you can cum all you like," He said before claiming my lips at the same time He pushed two fingers inside me.

His kiss swallowed my moans and my fingers dug into His shoulders. His hand worked between us, His fingers pumping in and out steadily while His thumb worked my clit. The kiss broke and my head thrashed from side to side. My hips rose to meet His fingers and He bit my neck almost gently.

"That's it, lover, ride my fingers," He said and then tugged on my ear with His teeth.

"Oh, God," I moaned, feeling my orgasm so close.

"You're so tight," He said and I both rejoiced and winced when He added another finger inside me. I'd never done that before either, and His fingers were big. That's no surprise considering what was in store. "Cum for me, lover," He pinched my clit and that was it.

I screamed and clawed at Him. If I came that hard from just His fingers, I was in for one hell of a night. Condoms. We needed condoms. How many did I have with me? Fuck, would they even fit Him? He took care of it Himself when He pulled His fingers from inside me and looked into my eyes while He licked them clean.

"Delicious," He smeared His finger over my lips, and then leaned in to kiss me deeply so I could taste myself all over Him.

No sooner was He kissing me than He was gone. My eyes fluttered closed while I tried to catch my breath. I heard a zipper being opened and looked over to where He was standing. That gorgeous ass of His was all I could really see, which suited me just fine. When He turned around, He had a box in His hand. Condoms.

I rejoiced at Him having what He needed and even more so when I saw it was a new box and there were a dozen inside. I didn't think I had the stamina to use all twelve in one night but I'd take what He was willing to give. I was also willing to bet I'd pass out from exhaustion before we were able to get through all twelve of those condoms. He opened the box, pulled a package from it and dropped the rest on the night stand.

I watched Him tear the package open and roll the condom onto Himself. I took a deep breath and expected Him to pounce on me. Instead, He stretched out beside me and pulled me on top of Him, lifting one of my legs so I was left straddling Him again. "This way is better, at first, so you can take your time," He explained and rubbed the head of His cock against my slick opening.

I moaned and braced my hands on His chest. I leaned forward to kiss Him, both impressed and thankful for His thoughtfulness. I had definitely picked the right guy for the night. He teased me while we kissed until finally, enough was enough. He positioned Himself at my entrance and slowly, I started to sink down. While I was plenty wet and He had done about as thorough a job as He could to prepare me, my body still had to stretch to take Him. It was a feeling I wasn't used to and would have been more painful if He wouldn't have let go of His cock to rub my clit instead.

"Oh fuck," I moaned and He wasn't even half way in yet.

I pushed up just a little and then started to sink down again. I repeated the process, lifting myself until just the tip of Him was inside me before sinking down. It made taking all of Him a little easier and eventually, He was buried as deep in me as He was going to get. I stayed still for a moment, letting my body adjust to its new friend. His hands settled on my hips but didn't push for me to move. His eyes were glazed over and I'm sure mine weren't much different.

My hips rocked when I felt the urge and then it was like we were off to the races. I began to move up and down and His hips moved to meet mine. The combined thrusts were almost dizzying and His hands settling on my breasts added another layer of awesome to what I was experiencing. We rolled over and I learned just how flexible I could be when necessary. He had me twisted just the way He wanted me, and started pounding.

I cried out, grasping for His wrists, the sheets, whatever I could get my hands on. I wanted more and told Him so. "Oh, God, fuck me harder!" I screamed, not recognizing the sound of my own voice.

Any hesitation I had about what I was doing went away. Name or no name, this was absolutely perfect and just what I needed. He moved my legs a few times, shifting the angle He was reaching inside me. Each position brought a new feeling and He caught me off guard when He suddenly pulled out and put His head between my legs. His tongue replaced His cock and the teasing I had experienced earlier resumed until I was begging Him to fuck me again.

He flipped me onto my stomach and pulled me up by my hips. "Keep your head down," He said before He thrust inside me again.

"Don't stop! Don't stop!" I screamed when His hands gripped my hips hard enough I was sure there would be bruises the next day. "Fuck! Don't stop!"

Almost as if He had the ability to read my mind, He delivered a stinging slap to my backside that made my core clench around Him. He did it again and again until I was sure my ass was red, but I didn't care. My hand found its way to my clit and started rubbing hard and fast, matching the strokes of His cock. I came hard, my orgasm shaking my entire body. The pounding slowed just a little, and His hands collected mine and brought them behind my back.

"Greedy," He grunted and resumed the fiercer pounding from before.

"Fuck me," I whimpered, more to myself than to Him.

I looked over my shoulder and caught the expression of sheer concentration on His face. I felt another orgasm building when He pulled out again and I was on flipped on my back. His stamina was certainly impressive as He pushed inside me again and forced my legs up against my chest, pinning them at the back of my knees. He thrust harder than before; angling Himself just right to hit a spot inside me I didn't know existed.

I screamed with every deep thrust until I exploded again, my core milking Him of His own orgasm. He finished with an animalist roar and let go of my legs. They fell to the sides, my body feeling like jelly. He collapsed on top of me, but managed to hold up most of His weight on His sweaty arms. We were a tangled, heaving mess of limbs and hair, each of us gasping for air and scrambling for the ability to find words.

When He had recovered sufficiently, He gently pulled out of me and I immediately wanted Him back. It couldn't be over so quickly but a look at the clock told me more than two hours had passed since we first reached the room. Had time really gone by so fast? It seemed like it had only been minutes since we first got to His room.

It took a few minutes for me to get myself together enough to realize it was probably best if I got going. He was still flat on his back beside me, sucking in oxygen and staring up at the ceiling. I didn't know Him well enough to know what He was thinking. If He was anything like me, He wasn't thinking about much.

"Thank you," I smiled at Him and gave him a complimentary stroke before rolling over to get out of bed.

"Where are you going?" He pulled me back to Him.

"We're finished here, aren't we?" I smiled over my shoulder.

"That was just the practice round," He grinned at me and then set Himself between my legs again.

"Oh Jesus," I moaned the second His tongue touched my clit. I was still experiencing aftershocks from round one.

My moans didn't seem to interfere with His program, however, and He stayed between my legs until I came twice. By then He was hard and ready to go again and I was starting to question what I'd gotten myself into. Yes, I wanted to fuck, but I also wanted to be able to walk again. I hadn't even seen Him dispose of the first condom but He was reaching for a second.

I lay there panting while He put it on and then He turned me over again. My hands were very familiar with grabbing onto the sheets by that point and I wasn't the least bit surprised when He propped me up on my knees. But rather than entering me like I thought He would, He rubbed His cock against my clit and slowly pumped a finger inside me.

"That feels so fucking good," I groaned and tried to back up to get more friction. But then He pulled his finger out and trailed it up to my other entrance, which made me panic a little.

"I won't hurt you," He said in a reassuring way. "Relax, lover."

He was gentle about it, slowly working His finger deeper and deeper into my ass. I'd never done that before and at first, I wasn't sure how I felt about it. It was different, that's for sure. I probably would have gotten nothing from it if it wasn't for the teasing of his cock against my clit. That felt fucking amazing.

"Such a tight little ass you have, lover," He said, His cock suddenly pressing at the entrance where His finger wasn't.

"A finger is all you get," I told him and I meant it.

"As you wish," He said and then pushed inside me.

"Oh fuck!" I clamped down on Him immediately. I was so close to coming again just from the way He'd been teasing me.

He grabbed my hair and tugged on it while He started to thrust into me hard, His finger working a counter rhythm. "You're a dirty girl, aren't you, lover? Letting me finger fuck your tight little ass while you're trying so hard not to come all over my cock."

I didn't say anything. I couldn't even if I wanted to. My brain switched off and my body was calling the shots. I moved purely on instinct and was willing to do just about anything He wanted, as long as He didn't try to put His cock in my ass. There were some things I just wasn't willing to do, and that was one of them.

His finger slipped out of my ass and I was a little disappointed when He didn't put it back. But then He put that hand to use, applying more stinging slaps to my backside while He fucked me and I couldn't complain. I realized shortly after He started that I probably could have come just from a spanking alone. That was something I would have to try out with someone else.

I was just about to come when He pulled out of me and flipped me over, which meant I was going to have to let the tension build all over again. If He kept that up, I was going to black out when I finally came. I lost track of how many different ways He moved my legs until He finally found what He was looking for. He knew He found it when I started to scream with each thrust.

I was starting to get hoarse from all the screaming, and it briefly occurred to me that it was somewhat of a miracle the neighbors hadn't called down to the front desk to complain about the noise we were making. Surely we were keeping someone awake. He grabbed my hand and put it on my clit.

"Make that pussy come for me, lover," He growled and I was powerless to object. I needed it. Badly.

"Oh, fuck. Your cock is so fucking big," I moaned while moving my fingers furiously to give Him what He wanted.

There was another slap on my ass and it sent me over the edge. My muscles clamped down with a force I didn't know they had and for a second, everything really did go black. My entire body shook with the force of the orgasm that rocked me and I had never experienced anything like it. He delivered a few more deep thrusts before pulling out of me and finishing Himself. I could imagine what it would feel like if he came on me and for just a second, I wished He would have.

I was sweating, sticky and barely able to breathe. He wasn't in much better condition and all I could do was pray a fire alarm didn't go off somewhere because I didn't think I would be able to get up and walk. I was still shaking slightly from the orgasm and my heart was beating like a jack rabbit on speed. I couldn't recall ever feeling so good, or thoroughly fucked, in my entire life.

He disposed of the condom, disappeared in the bathroom and came back a few moments later with a warm, damp washcloth. He cleaned me off gently before tossing the cloth to the side and lying beside me. When He tried to snuggle me, I resisted.

"We fucked. This wasn't making love," I looked Him in the eyes as I spoke.

"I didn't ask you to marry me, did I?" He retorted and then turned us so I was being spooned from behind.

I shut up, realizing the potential of the position we were in. I kept quiet for a little while, collecting my thoughts. I wanted more but maybe it was best not to get greedy, as He had already once proclaimed me to be. I felt comfortable with Him but I was also starting to feel something of a connection and that was a direct violation of the whole purpose of my evening. It was meant to be an experience and nothing more.

But then I felt the stirring of His lower half and He started to grind against me a little. Even though somewhere in my brain I knew going again was probably a bad idea, I lifted my leg onto His to give Him access to my center. He wasted no time reacquainting those miracle fingers with my sensitive clit. I hissed at the contact, but rolled my hips to get more friction. Before I knew it, He was reaching behind Him for a third condom. I heard the tearing of foil and the strange sound of latex being unrolled.

He slid inside me again with absolutely no resistance from my body and while I fully expected Him to start pounding away, He was a little more gentle the third time around. I turned my head as much as I could to kiss Him. One of His hands alternated between my breasts while the other worked between my thighs. He sucked gently on my neck, using His teeth just a little. I reached behind me and grabbed that amazing ass of His to keep Him inside me as best I could.

It was amazing, as quickly as it ended. My orgasm left me feeling warm and tingly, and though I cried out, I didn't scream like I did before. I knew I was done then. If He fucked me again, I was going to get attached, or really black out, and I couldn't have that. I would end up giving Him my number and telling Him to call me, and that's not the way it was supposed to go. If I could just get my traitor legs to follow my commands, I would get up and get dressed.

Instead, I found myself pinned to the bed for another round of snuggling. I was grateful when I heard His breathing even out behind me. Did I dare get comfortable enough to sleep? I managed to wiggle free without waking Him. I located my purse and got out my cell phone. I set my alarm for two hours from then and clutched my phone securely in my hand before getting back into bed with Him.

He kissed my shoulder in His sleep, but made no further advances on me. I closed my eyes and let myself relax. A nap wouldn't kill me…

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