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So I just saw the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie and here is the result :D so if you've seen the movie, you'll know what their accents should sound like down here \/ but if you haven't seen it, just imagine some with reformed British accents and others with slurred ill-mannered British accents.

Maka, Kid, Spirit, Sid, Justin, Tezca, Joe, Stein, Kami, Lord Death:
British accent (like Elizabeth and Lord Beckett)

Soul, Black Star, Liz, Patty, Tsubaki:
Slurred accent with a slight hint of Spaniard accent (like Jack Sparrow, Grubbs, Angelica, and Blackbeard)

I've also been rewatching the movie The Mummy so…I'm feeling a little adventurous (: By the way, this DOES NOT follow the Pirates of the Caribbean or The Mummy storyline so please read (: Oh and I'm not British so sorry if some of it's wrong! And I know the Flying Dutchman is a ship, but in "Soul Eater" he's a dude, so in here…he's a dude haha.

"Yo ho…yo ho…"

"…a pirate's life for me…"

A little girl sang in a whispered tone, clutching onto the end of her ship. She was on a rather large sea vessel, owned by the King of her country. They were headed home after a journey to another country to enforce a peace treaty. Her father was a diplomat, the King's most trusted advisor, and so her and her mother tagged along.

"Maka, get away from there!" A tall, beautiful woman downed in a very elegant gown, quickly ran to the side of the boat and grabbed her daughter from behind, pulling her away from the boundary where, if crossed, would have sent her overboard.

"But mummy, there's another ship over there!" The 5-year old pointed in the direction of the edge she was previously standing by. "Do you suppose they're the friendly sort?"

"A ship?" She stared straight across to see fog.

The screen was thin and quickly dispersed, and sure enough another ship made its way to the clearing. What alarmed the mother was the close proximity and lack of space between the two vessels, as the foreign one was close enough the two generations of girls were able to hear the creaking noises of it. As the ship neared closer, the clouds that followed it began to take over the sky above their own ark. In a somewhat eerie way the winds began to blow in the other ship's favor and a gloomy atmosphere began to befall them.

The older woman knelt down to look at the other at eye level and grabbed her daughter's hand. "Be a dear and go to Stein." She placed one hand on the top of the child's head and brought it down to her cheek. "Mummy will be back, just don't leave Stein's side." She placed a kiss on her forehead and stood up.

As fast as her little feet would run, the young girl ran to him, holding her dress up so she wouldn't trip. When she reached the young man, he took her by the hand and began to entertain the small girl; but from time to time he also stole glances of the other ship and during those short amounts of time his smile would turn to concern. After they split, her mother walked up the stairs of the deck and into the captain's quarters. She knocked on the door but without a reply she opened it and walked in to see her husband talking around a table with a few other men.

"Kami?" The redheaded man spoke as the others turned around to stare at said woman, who was still holding onto the doorknob. "We are in the middle of a meeting."

"There is a ship, off in the near distance." The men turned their heads to look at the admiral, and his reaction was stern. "And it is not one of ours." She finished.

"It wouldn't be a Russian now would it?" A dark skinned general asked his superior. "We've just come from there."

"I'd doubt it. We'd been notified if it were." A brunette soldier replied.

The admiral's expression became extremely concerned, so he stood up and with a defiant voice he gave his orders. "Sid, gather the crew. Tell them to ready the canons. Joe, steer this ship off course, we need to give ourselves as much distance as we can. The rest of you, help our men!"

"You're going to shoot them?" His wife exclaimed, stepping aside as her husband's soldiers and close generals excused themselves past her and exited his quarters until the two of them were alone.

"No." He scrambled around for a map. "We need to be ready when they attack us." He grabbed the map and laid it out on the table. He traced lines onto it with his fingers, either trying to set a course or looking for a destination.

His wife walked beside him and looked at the map. "'Any ship that is not ours, is an enemy.'" She quoted. "Is that not an admiral's maxim?"

He sighed. "I am no admiral; I am a King's Men." He turned to face his wife and grabbed her hands. "Is she safe?" He asked her.

"Yes, I sent her to Stein." She responded. She stroked her husband's cheek. "Our darling, Maka." She whispered. "I pray she will forget this day."

Her husband took the wrist of the hand on his cheek, pulled it over his shoulder and brought her into a kiss. "She is ours, and so I'm sure she will be strong."

Suddenly a loud bang was heard and the ship soon rocked to one side, the couple holding onto each other for support to keep balance. After instructing his wife to stay in his quarters, he quickly gave her one last kiss and ran out of the room. He saw smoke for a few seconds but once it cleared it gave him full view of some of his men being injured, and the others were attending to them or carrying them to safety. Pieces of wood were scattered all across the deck. They had surely been hit by a canon, but luckily it merely grazed the top of the deck and knocked out a bit of the fence bordering.

Another blow came as he stood there and the ship rocked to one side once more, and there were a few more screams this time. Somehow amidst the newly arisen smoke, Tezca, another one of his soldiers, made his way to him.

"The starboard's been hit, sir." He informed him. "The canons are ready to fire on your command."

Spirit coughed into his sleeve a little before responding. "Fire at will. Set them back, but don't provoke them."

"Yes." The soldier nodded and hurried to get below deck.

Once the smoke cleared again, the admiral raised his voice at its highest. He pointed to his left. "You men, grab your guns! Head to the stern and keep our distance, we don't want them following us!"

"Yes, sir!"

He pointed to his right. "You men, take the wounded and bring them to safety! If they are healed quickly enough send them back out here, we'll need as much man power as we can muster!"

"Yes, sir!"

As those men hurried, Spirit heard the faint scream of "Ready, fire!" coming from Tezca below deck.

Seemingly out of nowhere, the shrill cry of a little girl bombed the war filled air, and the tall, beautiful woman emerged out of the room from behind the admiral and ran down the stairs.

"Kami!" He screamed.

"I need to get Maka!" She yelled.

"It's too dangerous!"

There was another clearing in the smoke and Spirit could see his daughter, crouching in a corner behind some large boxes and crying for her parents. Stein was behind her with his arms wrapped around her fragile little body, holding on to her for dear life so she wouldn't run away.

"She's with Stein! Come back!" He tried to plead with his wife, but she wouldn't have any of it.

Holding onto the front of her dress so she wouldn't trip, she jumped over and maneuvered around the dead bodies and the men scurrying around everywhere to aide in the battle. Among her struggle gunshots from all sides of the ship began firing, and the smell of gunpowder intoxicated the air. Spirit ducked and missed a bullet aimed for his head, clearly shot by the other ship.

That's when he saw it. Some of the nasty bastards got in a rowboat and made their way to his ship. They now climbed up the sides, barely dodging the bullets his men were shooting down at them from over the ledge. He turned back over to face his wife with wild eyes. She was frantic, pleading with God to let her legs run faster so she could reach her beloved child within the next second or so.

A lot can happen in a second.

And in that second, all time seemed to stop.

"MAMA!" The girl shrieked.

"KAMI!" The admiral shouted in despair.

A tall, beautiful, respected, and courageous woman, was laid to rest on the floor of the deck. Her lovely and inordinate gown, stained red, and a sword that stuck out from her corset.

Her hand, in grace with the floor, still reached out to her daughter.

Her eyes stayed open, tearstained, and still looking at her child.

The five-year old watched as a man in heavy clothing grabbed the handle of the sword and pulled it out of the woman. She looked up to see heavy boots that clanked with every step he took. Due to the smoke and powder his face was hard to be seen, but she could make out a sliver of metal somewhere on his face and spiked up messy dirty blonde hair. She followed the sword to his hand, and saw that both his hands were covered in thick gloves. Strapped to his hip was a small cubicle item that looked as if it was bolted together with a hammer and nail; it looked mechanical. Maka had seen the item before, stowed away in a chest in the cargo room below deck of this ship. She looked over to see the small chest had somehow made its way onto deck and she saw that it had been brutally forced open.

"Finally, it be mine once more." He said to himself His voice was deep and sharp enough to cut through the fog. "We be pirates!" He shouted to the soldiers. "Don't go forgettin' that!" He laughed extraordinarily loud in a maniacal way and shouted something in a foreign language to his men.

She didn't understand what he said, but whatever he said made the foreign pirates cheer and leave the ship, but not before the five-year old's scared expression turned into pure rage at the man who killed her mother.

She would never forget.

13 Years Later

An eighteen year old sat in front of a mirror. She stared at herself while a maid brushed her hair. Maka Albarn had certainly grown up to be a full fledged woman of high respects and well manners, with an uncanny knack for knowledge through her literary interests in learning through books. Her studies were performed on her own with the help of a private tutor, which technically she didn't need since all her knowledge came from reading books.

She stood up, hair now done up, looking like a very high class and elegant woman. She dismissed her maid and exited the room. She lived in a palace, sharing the home with the King of Death City, Lord Death. Her father, Spirit Albarn, was the Lord's right hand man, his advisor, and closest mate. One could imagine the kind of influence she holds. She walked down the hall outside of her room, and her father just happened to have been heading towards her room to greet her in the morning.

"Maka, you are the mere image of your mother." Her father complimented. "And every bit a woman she was."

She gave him the cold shoulder. "I'm headed to the scaffold."

"Are you in need of an escort?" He asked, hoping she would pick him.

"Yes actually, I am." He smiled for a second until she looked over his shoulder and smiled. "Oh, and there he is now."

Spirit turned around to see that she was waving at Kid, and when the King's son walked up to him, he merely shrunk his shoulders and left the two of them alone after whispering something that sounded like a 'have a jolly good time' or probably something like a 'I'm not good enough.'

"Ready for the hanging?" Kid asked her.

She was about to reply with a nod, but she noticed something hanging around her companion's neck. It was gold, real gold as far as she could tell, and it looked eerily familiar to her. "Hey, what's that?" She asked, completely immersed in her thoughts, trying to remember where she'd seen it before.

"What's what?"

"That." This time she pointed, and took a step closer.

"This little trinket?" He took it off and dropped the necklace with the item on it into Maka's hands. "Just a key."

Her eyes widened as she got a closer look at it, and it was definitely a golden key. "Kid, do you have any idea what this is?"

"Reckon it's something important?" He raised an eyebrow and when she looked away from the object she was grinning ear to ear.

"It's the key to the Book of Eibon!" She exclaimed excitedly.

"Oh come off it Maka, you're not still going on about that ancient novel."

"Where did you get it?" She grabbed his arm in a death grip, trying to hold in her excitement. Due to her reading fetish she'd read about the key and what it unlocked plenty of times in books, particularly the restricted ones.

He put his hand over hers and less than softly ripped her hands off his shirt. "Confiscated it from one of the prisoners. Bloody clown actually didn't keep a grip on it I'll tell you that."

Although he had pried her hands off of him she clutched his wrist again and started running down the hall, dragging him with her. "Well come along then! Show me who it was!"

"You're going the wrong way."


She had put the key and chain around her neck for safekeeping and as a convenience. They asked a guard to lead them towards the chambers and once they got there the two of them were left to enter them on their own so they could give an audience to one of the cellmates. Kid led Maka down the hallway and looked left and right for the man he had confiscated it from. She followed a few feet behind, interested in seeing what kind of people judgment was brought upon.

A few dozen feet from the entrance he stopped in front of a cell and turned around one-eighty to face Maka as she caught up with him. "This is him."

She turned the front of her body to face the metal bars and saw a boy, around her age or older by his looks, and he was leaning against the farthest , he had white hair, dirtied by the muck and grime of his cell. When he lifted his head up to look at the two nobles, she spotted the red color of his eyes, which also struck her as odd since he was rather tan than pale in skin color. Or perhaps it was the dirt again.

"What brings you fine people to a lovely place like this."He said sarcastically, chuckled and walked closer to the bars. He grabbed them with both hands, which were handcuffed at the wrists. "Is this a broad you've got with you?" He scanned her up and down. "Come on, you can do better."

At first she started seething in anger at his comment, but she shook it off to try and get on his good side. Clearly he was lacking in manners, unlike her. "Maka." She introduced herself. She wanted to reach a hand out for him, but wouldn't dare get her hands filthy.

He raised an eyebrow at her, and in the rudest and proudest tone he replied, "Soul Eater." The two of them were surprised he gave them his name.

Maka held the key up so he could see it. "This is yours I believe." She said.

"It was." The boy shot a look at Kid.

"So you can take me to the Book of Eibon?" She wasn't the type of girl to beat around the bush, which surprised the two boys.

He just looked at her with his red eyes, and then looked at Kid to see his reaction to her question. The black haired boy looked like he didn't really like his friend's question, and he was trying hard not to hold in an eye roll or two. However this…girl in front of him looked very determined. Very. There was something in her green eyes that irked him and pushed him around, but he quickly put that feeling to rest.

"S'pose I know where it is." He said casually, ignoring the other half of her question.

Kid looked wide-eyed at him but Maka's eyes gleamed ever the more brighter and repeated the half he failed to answer. "So you'll take me there?" She half asked, half expected.

Suddenly, the sound of multiple men in boots, uniform, and armed invaded all three of their ears and the talking amongst the strong men grew louder, nearer, and they never felt more rushed in their life.

"Sure, yeah, fine, whatever." The boy behind bars struggled to find the right answer as the length of his time thinned. He grabbed a portion of her dress and pulled her to him until she hit the bars that separated them. He talked through gritted teeth and looked her straight in the eye. "Just get me the hell out of here."

He let her go when Kid and Maka stepped aside as multiple guards made their way to his cell and unlocked the door. Through the huge shuffle of men and the shouting of all of them they couldn't see what was going on until they turned their backs away from the two of them and they could see that two of them each grabbed one of the pirate's arms and the others walked behind them.

"Wait! Where are you taking him?" She tried to ask them, but they had quickly disappeared out of the penitentiary, so she turned to Kid. "Where are they taking him?"

"To the scaffold, his hanging's scheduled for today."

"You mean he is the condemned pirate!" She ran out of the jail, holding onto the front of her dress so she didn't trip, leaving a confused Kid behind. "Damnit!" She said through clenched teeth.

She heard the cheering of the crowds. Oh how the Death City civilians now found entertainment in watching the execution of the condemned. She too, is one of them, and yet for some reason this certain punishment made her see the clapping and shouting from a different angle. She thought about how barely a few minutes earlier she was looking forward to witnessing the death of another pirate, just as she always had, and how now, she was running to save his life. It was the last thing she ever thought she would do, after what a pirate did to her mother, they were her sworn enemies.

Shoot to death her love of books.

That's what was making her do this anyways. As she ran she saw out the open windows he was being led, still handcuffed, to the gallows. She had to climb a small amount of stairs to get to where the warden would be seated, leading the entire thing as he always did. She had a reserved seat for her, where she always sat when she watched the hangings, and the seat was right behind him; it had quite the stunning view. Instead of sitting in her seat she stood straight up right next to his chair, where he was seated. Before saying anything to him she took a glance below.

The executioner wrapped the noose around his neck. "Any last requests, pirate." The guard spit the word 'pirate' in his face.

"Actually, I'm feeling a little parched. Get me a bottle of rum yeah?" He smirked as the guard tightened it around his neck.

He laughed mercilessly, which wiped the pirate's smile off his face as it turned into a little snarl. The guard gave him one hard slap on the back, to which the pirate winced at a little as the other man gave a thumb's up to the warden. Back up where the warden sat, he nodded his head.

"I will pay you one hundred pounds to release him." Maka turned to the warden quickly.

He put his hand up, telling the executioner to pause for a moment, and turned to her. "My dear, I would pay one hundred pounds to see that beast hang. Besides, I don't have that kind of power."

"Four hundred pounds." She quickly offered as the warden began lifting his hand up, ready to give the signal. "Sir, I need that man. He's the only one who knows where to find something I'm looking for." The warden stopped and turned to her with an eyebrow raised, to which she said, "I'll pay five hundred if you let him go."

"Maka, I can't just allow a condemned pirate to elude penance just like that." The warden tried to persuade her.

She staggered a bit. His words stalled her, but she swallowed hard and sucked in her breath. "Seven hundred pounds!"

He didn't smile, or laugh, or say anything in response. He turned his hand horizontally and moved it. Maka watched as the executioner cut the rope, giving the pirate a very smug look as the guard removed the noose from around his neck. In return, he looked back up at her with his red eyes, but his face was unreadable to her, which actually annoyed her since she loved to read. She automatically assumed that he would be mouthing words of thanks to her or giving her a smile at least, but he looked a little frustrated, although that isn't the correct word she would use to describe him. But she also put on the smug smile for herself; she had never felt more powerful in her life, or rich for that matter.

She thanked the warden for his favor, and he yawned like he had done nothing at all, although he did mutter something about the executions being behind schedule she believed. She paid the warden for doing something he apparently didn't have the power to do, which she deemed him as lying, she headed back down to where the guards were going to free him. Releasing him from his death sentence ultimately freed him, so he could roam the seas again or whatever it was pirates did. She found him being unhandcuffed, rubbing his wrists as she reached him.

"You sir, owe me your end of the bargain." She said defiantly, standing in front of the white-haired pirate.

"And what makes you think I'll keep it?" He said smugly. He turned his head around and saw the guards had left and it was just the two of them standing where the pardoned prisoners were let go.

She huffed in anger. "Because I just freed your ass and if you have any sense of gratitude you will take me to where I want to go!"

Suddenly, she felt the side of a bladed hand hit her hard somewhere between the side of her neck and her shoulders, and she immediately fell unconscious. The pirate merely smirked when his companion caught the knocked out girl and carried her away with them.


She felt herself rocking back and forth. Wherever she was, the balance was completely unstable.

"…she's o' the wealthy sort."

Maka's conscience began to awaken, and she heard voices around her.

"…so what do we do with her?"

"S'not up to us, cap'n's orders."

She wiggled around to realize she was tied to a pole. Well, her arms were wrapped around it from behind and her hands were tied, but that was it. Her hair was horridly out of place and her clothes felt slightly tarnished and battered, and she saw mud all over her lovely dress. Slowly, so she wouldn't be noticed, she looked up and saw two men, both with swords tied to a belt at their sides. They looked strong and well built, and she silently told herself it would be best not to mess with them.

"…ransom her…play around…bit…"

Her conscience, just woken up from a terrible headache, would not allow her to hear their full conversation, and unintentionally she shook her head and winced at a sudden pain at the back of her head and for some reason a sport around her neck and shoulder.

"Oi, the lass's wakin' up."

She tried to close her eyes again and pretended to sleep, but her hair was suddenly pulled and her head was yanked up. Her eyes greeted the dirtied face of one of the men, and he held a small dagger next to his head.

"Such fair skin…" He whispered and turned to his comrade, who just stood by and watched. "Aye Harvar, you think if I rough 'er up a bit the cap'n won't mind?" He shouted.

She wasn't scared, not one bit. She hated pirates and the loathsome feeling that boiled in the pit of her stomach gave her enough courage to stand up to them by giving them a disgusted glare.

"Lay another one of your filthy hands on me and I shall have you hanging by the noose in the morning!" She spat in his face.

He let her go so he could use his freed up hand to wipe her saliva off of his face. His grip on the dagger tightened and when his face was clear. He gave her a nasty look but before he could lunge at her his companion quickly grabbed him from behind and held him under the armpits.

He scolded his friend. "Calm down Kilik! This one's special." Maka cocked an eyebrow. "The captain will have our heads if we-!"

"If you what."

A low, gruff voice interrupted the dark skinned man and his friend stopped moving. The two of them turned around, the man called Harvar still holding onto his friend from behind. After seeing the figure from which the voice came from they quickly split apart and stood up straight as a board. Maka moved her head to see what could have made these men stiff in their boots.

She saw the boy, maybe a year or two older than her, arms crossed and one shoulder leaning in the opening of the door. He too, had a sword strapped in by his hip, only it looked much more expensive than the other two's. He was wearing the same shirt she remembered him wearing, and the same pants as a matter of fact. The only difference was that he carried with him a sword and he looked cleaner and more presentable, well as cleaned up as a pirate could get.

"N-Nothing captain!" The lighter skinned of the two replied.

"We 'ere jus' messin' around, sir!" The darker one added.

Without uncrossing his arms he lifted his weight off the frame of the door and walked in Maka's direction. His eyes focused on his two men, each of his steps accentuated, bolder and heavier as he walked a farther distance.

"Give me that." He ordered and forcefully grabbed the dagger out of the other man's hand; never once did he stop walking. Then his eyes turned to her and his feet's direction came her way. "Now here be a fine young lady." He smirked, playing with the tip of the blade.

The sight of him stirred something in her stomach. "Hey, when I paid for your release that did not include knocking me unconscious and tying me to a pole like some prisoner!" She scolded and wiggled around to prove her point.

"I like to use the word 'guest', it sounds less…forced." He commented.

"Forced." She scoffed. "Soul Eater, wasn't it?" She asked, all fear and intimidation absent in her tone. Honestly, the audacity of this pirate!

Said man finally shortened the distance between them to about a foot or two. "There should be a 'Captain' in there somewhere." He corrected her.

"You are captain?" Her eyebrow raised at its peak. "How old are you, seventeen?" She mocked.

"Nineteen, actually." He sounded prideful. He took a huge step closer and forcefully plunged the knife into the wood next to her head, to which she flinched for a short moment, before returning to her death glare. "I would suggest putting that cheeky tongue of yours back into your kisser." He smiled. "You're on my territory now, angel."

She lowered her glare. "What do you mean." He took a step back, giving her back her breathing space, and opened his arms wide in a greeting style.

"Welcome aboard the Nidhogg." He beamed. "You'll find yourself among the finest crew on the finest ship of the sea."

"The Nidhogg?" She said in disbelief. "That damned boat only exists in ghost stories." She said while trying to wiggle out of her rope restraints.

"Well you best be believin' in ghost stories, love." He paused. "Because you're in one right now."

She sneered at him. "And the Flying Dutchman, suppose he exists too." She mocks sarcastically.

"Nope, took that pitied man out years ago." He walked over to a nearby wall and picked up one of the swords that hung horizontally on it, sliding his fingers across it like he was sharpening it. "Didn't put up much of a fight, took away his bloody red hat and then he went ballistic."

"I don't believe that." She shot back at him.

He walked back over to her, carrying the second sword in his hang. "Says the woman who wants me to take her to the Book of Eibon." He brought the blade end of the sword up to her neck. "That's a right nasty myth you're wanting to mess with there deary."

Maka was satisfyingly surprised with herself at how she could keep her composed face even when in a near death situation. But somehow, she knew he wouldn't dare harm her. The other two had left them alone, probably afraid that their leader now carried a weapon with which he could have harmed them with. Pirates were cowards, she concluded.

"Speaking of which…" He removed the sword from her neck and swung it around a bit, facing his back to her. "Hate to break it to you, but I don't actually know where this bloody book of yours is."

She couldn't decide if her heart sank to the depths of the ocean or if the temperature in her head rose to the height of the skies. She could not believe a woman of such status as herself was imprudent enough to get herself to one: join into a faux agreement with a pirate, two: ignore her moral values and beliefs against pirates, three: somehow make her way to being kidnapped and trapped onto a pirate's ship, and four: did I mention a noble like her was kidnapped…by pirates?

But she couldn't help but feel like all the blame belonged to her.

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It keeps pirates away from shore.

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