One morning Alice and Jasper snuck into Renesmee's room and found her sleeping soundly then Alice frowned.

"She's no fun" Alice pouted and Jasper responded with a small chuckle.

Then Alice gripped the cover's tightly then looked at Jasper who was standing in the door way and gave him a smile. 1.….2.….3 she counted then ripped of Renesmee's covered.

"Wake up! Wake up!" Alice squealed.

"Alice!" Renesmee groaned.

"Your not mad at me are you?" Alice frowned.

Renesmee looked at her aunt then sighed.

"No…I'm not mad" Wait what?….I am mad….then Renesmee seen Jasper standing by the door smirking.

"JASPER! That's no fair!" Renesmee whined.

"Good morning Renesmee…did you sleep well?" he chuckled.

Renesmee sad nothing and gave Jasper one of her angry glares. Jasper's smirk widened.

"Never mind then…..I better go!" he laughed as he walked away.

Renesmee sighed and sat up then Alice jumped back on her bed with like twenty outfits in her arms.

"Which one do you want to try on first?" she grinned.

"Alice…I don't really feel like trying on a bunch of clothes today!" Renesmee frowned.

Alice's happy expression turned into a pout and she looked up at her niece with a puppy dog look.


"No Alice" Renesmee sighed.

"Don't make me get Jasper up here!" Alice challenged.

"Ok, ok fine…I guess I'll try on that one" Renesmee sighed as she pointed to a yellow sun dress.

After a hour of trying on clothes Alice finally settled on Renesmee wearing a pink skirt and a white tank top.

"Can I leave now?" Renesmee smiled.

"Yes" Alice laughed.

With that Renesmee ran down stairs and greeted her family. Then she ate her breakfast then her phone buzzed she picked it up and a big smile crossed her face it was her boyfriend Jacob Black the text read: Hey Nessie wanna come over today? We can take a walk on the beach : )

Renesmee smiled and quickly texted him back then she went up to her father cheerfully.

"Dad can you take me to La Push please?" she asked.

"La Push? Why?" Edward asked curiously.

"Jake wants to go for a walk with me" Renesmee smiled.

"I suppose I can come on" Edward smiled.

As they walked out of the house toward Edward's Volvo Renesmee frowned Why couldn't we take one of our other cars? They are way cooler than a little old Volvo….she thought sadly.

"Hey be nice I like my Volvo" Edward chuckled as he opened her door.

Renesmee rolled her eyes and laughed. As they drove to La Push Debussy

Filled the car. Renesmee's favorite song was playing Clair de Lune as she listened to the beautiful piano playing she started to mess around with her promise bracelet Jacob gave her when she was a baby and smiled. Then her Edward sighed and pulled toward the treaty line.

"I'll pick you up at six ok….and Renesmee be careful" he said in a concerned tone.

"Ok thank you dad…and don't worry Jake is in control" Renesmee reassured him then hopped out of the Volvo and walked away . I find it kind of funny he cant cross the treaty line and I can….Renesmee thought with a smirk knowing Edward could hear her.

Out of the corner of her eye Renesmee saw her father shake his head and drive off. Once Renesmee crossed the treaty line Jacob was right there waiting for her and she ran into his arms.

"Hey Nessie I missed you" Jacob smiled.

"I missed you too" Renesmee blushed.

"So are you ready to go on that walk?" Jacob smiled as he laced his fingers between hers.

Renesmee nodded and they started to walk toward the beach. After their walk on the beach they went to his house to see Billy.

Once they go inside Billy rolled up to her in his wheel chair happily.

"Hey Nessie how have you been?" he grinned.

"Good how about you?" Renesmee smiled.

"Great! Still dancein" Billy smirked as he patted his legs.

Renesmee let out a bell like laugh and Jacob couldn't help but smile at the sound of it then out of no where Sam came rushing into the house.

"Jacob! The pack just picked up the scent of vampire, come on we have to hurry!" Sam said as he ran out the door and transformed.

Jacob turned to Renesmee and frowned.

"I'm sorry I have to go, get Edward to come pick you up I promise I'll text you later" Jacob said as he gave her a small peck on the lips and disappeared.

Renesmee sighed and said her goodbyes to Billy and texted Edward but once she sent the text she looked up and there her dad was waiting for her.

"Dad, how did you know I need to be picked up?" Renesmee asked curiously.

"Alice" Edward said as he opened the car door for Renesmee.

Renesmee sighed and got in the car then Edward turned to her.

"Why did you have to be picked up early….Alice couldn't see that much in her vision" Edward said.

"Oh um Sam picked up the scent of a vampire and said he need Jake" Renesmee explained.

"Vampire? Are you ok?" Edward asked anxiously.

"Yea dad I'm fine don't worry, and besides I had Jake there to protect me" she smiled.

Edward nodded and drove on once they got to their house Edward when straight to Carlisle, Jasper, and Emmett with the news.

"Carlisle…Sam found a vampire lurking around La Push" Edward said.

"What? Who could it be? I couldn't be the Volturi" Carlisle muttered.

"And it couldn't be Victoria …we already took care of the problem" Jasper added.

"Just don't worry about it" Emmett said.

"What do you mean don't worry about it? This is serious Emmett!" Edward said.

"Uh…let's just say I know the vampire who was "lurking" around La Push" Emmett grinned.

"You do who?" Edward asked.

"Uh…it was me…" Emmett said with a nervously laugh.

"You crossed the treaty line?" Carlisle asked.

"Yea" Emmett smiled.

"Why?" Jasper asked curiously.

"What? I just don't trust that mutt with Nessie is all….I wanted to make sure she was ok" Emmett explained.

"I appreciate your concern Emmett…..but you can just cross the treaty line like that" Edward said.

"Edward…..I'm on Emmett's side….I don't really trust that dog either" Jasper said.

"I know….I don't trust him either….but we have to trust Renesmee with her judgment" Edward sighed.

Emmett and Jasper nodded then Renesmee came in the Bella at her side.

"Hello" Bella smiled.

"Hi" Edward said with a crooked smiled and kissed Bella passionately.

Ewww gross…..Renesmee thought but Edward ignored her.

"Hey you two get a room!" Emmett shouted with a laugh.

"Oh shut up Emmett" Bella sighed as she released Edward and walked into the kitchen to prepare Renesmee's dinner.

Emmett laughed and Renesmee took a seat between him and Jasper.

"How was your day in La Push?" Jasper asked.

"Great! Well until Sam found a vampire" Renesmee sighed.

Jasper chuckled and pattered Renesmee on the shoulder.

"I'm sure…everything is fine" Jasper smirked as he looked at the grinning Emmett.

"Yes….but I didn't get the spend much time with Jake " Renesmee pouted.

Jasper was about say something but Bella called Renesmee in for dinner. After Renesmee ate she gave her family hugs goodnight and went up to her room. As Renesmee was laying in bed her phone buzzed Renesmee picked up her phone as quietly as possible and read the text.

"Hey Nessie…sorry I had to leave…we didn't find anything….but I'll make it up to you! How about I take you on a date tomorrow? We can go out for dinner and to a movie, how dose that sound?"

Renesmee smiled then started to text back but she was stopped by her father calling up to her.

"Renesmee…put your phone away! Your suppose to be asleep!" Edward called.

Renesmee frowned and closed her phone and set it aside as Emmett's booming laughed filled the house. Stupid vampire hearing….Renesmee thought.

"Renesmee I heard that!" Edward called.

Renesmee rolled her eyes and slowly drifted off the sleep.