Title: The best things in life are unexpected (Prologue)
Author: Verbalxpression
Characters/Pairing: Rachel/Quinn, Quinn/Finn
Disclaimer: I do not own the character or anything Glee related.
Rating: Hard R for this chapter (Rating will vary with each chapter)
Spoilers: Up to season 2 and everything in season 1
Warnings: Rachel has a peen, teen pregnancy, teen drinking and stuff and stuff.
Summary: Based on a prompt over at the Glee_Kink_Meme.

Everyone has secrets and flaws, and Quinn was no exception. Everyone at McKinley High seen her exactly the way she wanted them to. The beautiful blonde head cheerio and most popular girl at school but what they didn't know was… Well, everything. They didn't know that Quinn was actually her middle name, they didn't know how smart she was, and they didn't know that she once looked nothing like she did now. No one knew her, not even her cliché of a boyfriend did. She had no real friends, the closest she came to 'friends' were Santana and Brittany but they could only be categorized as followers more than anything, and maybe it was her fault because this was how she wanted them to see her and how she wanted things to be.

Quinn vowed to never be that kid again. In middle school she was overweight, her face was covered in acne, she wore the ugliest pair of glasses and everyone teased her for it daily. She was that kid in school that was always picked last in gym class, when she'd walk down the hallways she'd hear snickering and not so hushed whispers behind her back. So, she started ballet and soon found out she was athletic, which then led to joining gymnastics and cheerleading, and slowly she started to lose weight. She started wearing contacts and when her father had received a raise at work she asked if she could have a nose job and he instantly agreed. The transformation during eight grade didn't stop the endless teasing though, jealous girls that knew how Lucyused to look like still made fun of her; they'd plaster her locker with her old yearbook photos, they'd tell her no matter how much she tried to change and starve herself she was still ugly. It hurt, how could it not? But she was a Fabray and Fabrays were damn good at suppressing unpleasant feelings and emotions.

Eventually her prayers were answered when her father was offered a job transfer to Lima, Ohio. She dyed her hair sandy blonde and told her parents to call her 'Quinn'. It was freshmen year and it was a whole new start for her where no one would recognize her, no one would know her history and she could make herself into anyone she wanted to be. She joined the cheerios and began climbing the social pyramid, overcompensating by bullying losers at the school and there was one loser in particular that really struck a nerve, Rachel Berry.

No matter how many slushies were tossed into her face, how many horrible nicknames Quinn called her and how many catty encounters they found themselves in, nothing would break her. Rachel was always bouncing around the school, full of enthusiasm, bright smiles and elongated rants, wearing the most hideous attire Quinn had ever saw. Everyone hated her and it never phased her one bit and that just appalled Quinn, how could she not care? It was completely frustrating and what horrified her most was, some days she wasn't sure if she found that drive that Rachel had impressive, and she envied that confidence but why? She was Quinn Fabray, most popular girl at school, head cheerio and she had Finn Hudson, star quarterback as her boyfriend and she shouldn't have envied anyone.


Quinn walked through the front door of Puck's house with Santana and Brittany in tow. He was having one of his infamous Friday night parties and the three cheerios had just gotten out of practice and decided to make an appearance. Santana and Brittany always attended Puck's parties, but Quinn never did because she didn't want to get drunk and do anything she'd regret. But after a grueling practice where Coach Sylvester shouted through a megaphone that the reason she fell off the pyramid twice was because she was putting on a few pounds and that was definitely not something the blonde was okay with hearing.

"I'm gonna get us some drinks, water as usual Q?" Santana shouted over the blaring speakers and smirked at her two blonde friends.

"No, get me whatever you drink." One drink couldn't hurt right?

Wrong, because one drink had turned into another and then another until she had lost count completely. And now she was drunk or at least she had assumed she was because she had no previous experiences to compare this with. She remembered dancing in between two warm bodies and her brain not being able to register who she was dancing with. And now, now she was kissing someone on a soft surface. Was it her boyfriend? No, it couldn't have been Finn because the hands that were groping her body weren't large enough to be her boyfriends and the pair of lips on hers was too soft. This person was an exceptional kisser (unless the alcohol was playing more tricks on her mind).

Someone released a moan (Quinn wasn't sure who) when their tongues met and that sound should have sent a message to her brain to stop this but her body wouldn't budge. Her body had taken off on its own accord, fisting her pale hands onto the stranger's sweater and pulling them closer to her. She threw her head back and let out a throaty moan when the stranger attached full lips onto her neck, nipping and suckling at the flesh which caused a throbbing ache in between her legs make itself known.

Her mind must have blacked out for a while because the next thing she realized was that she was lying on her back, naked with the stranger hovering above her. Quinn's arms were wrapped around this person's bare back, her fingertips skimmed across the damp skin and it felt so soft. It made her wonder if this person was a girl because everything felt so feminine and soft but then she felt a dull pain in between her legs and she knew she was mistaken. The searing pain made her whimper and dig her nails into the back she was caressing, and she was about to throw the stranger's body off hers and finally stop this but the person above her froze, leaned down and peppered soft kisses over her face and neck.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry…" The husky voice chanted and Quinn felt the person start to pull away, so she wrapped her legs around the stranger's waist and kept him in place.

"No, don't stop. Don't leave me…" She whispered and looked up at the shadowy figure above her in the dark room. She felt soft lips brush against hers again and she pushed up, deepening the kiss and connecting their lips more firmly as their bodies began to grind against one another's.

She whimpered and groaned with each thrust of the stranger's hips until the dull pain was swept away and she began lifting her hips up, meeting the stranger's movements with a jerk of her own hips. The distant sound of the bass music downstairs, a bed squeaking from their movements, and the pleasured moans and noises they were eliciting were the only sounds heard as they built a rhythm against each other, pushing Quinn closer to something she's never felt before.

She broke the kiss with a strangled gasp as a white heat coursed through her body and settled into a tensioned ache in her lower abdomen. "Oh god," She cried out and pulled her stranger closer, losing all sense of rhythm as her body writhed erratically. And with one particularly well placed thrust she screamed out and exploded in ecstasy and the last thing she remembered through her pleasured bliss was the stranger's body toppling on hers with a grunt.


Rachel woke up to the unpleasant dry feeling in her throat that made her want to chug down a gallon of water. She opened her eyes and flinched with a groan as the sunlight filtering through the window made the dull pain in her head throb. Her body froze and stiffened when she felt a soft hand on her abdomen slide against her abs, someone else was there in bed with her. She slowly reopened her eyes and squinted as she looked around. This certainly was not her room. Fuck.

Rachel tried to mentally calm herself down, maybe she and this person had just passed out last night. Even in a drunken state of mind she doubted she would do anything irresponsible. She took a deep breath before lifting the sheet wrapped around her body. She let out a whinny whimper as that thought flew out the window when she found nothing but skin and a pale hand lying on her stomach. She had had sex last night and she couldn't even remember it. Wasn't this the part in those movies where everything would hit her like a flashback? Why wasn't that happening with her? She clenched her eyes shut and tried to reel in the memories of last night to no avail.

She kicked her legs slightly in her frustration and froze again as the body next to her began to stir a little. Who was she in bed with or more importantly who had she lost her virginity to last night? She slowly turned her head to the side and found a mess of blonde hair. Brittany. Oh God, she had intercourse with Brittany last night, Santana was going to murder her. The body next to her shifted and Rachel had to clamp her hand around her mouth to muffle the gasp she almost let out when she realized that the person lying next to her was Quinn freaking Fabray, head cheerio and president of the celibacy club.

"Oh god, oh god" She softly chanted and stumbled out of the bed, quietly searching for her clothes. She needed to get out of there before Quinn woke up.

Rachel began throwing on her clothes in frenzy and all kinds of questions went flying through her mind. What if Quinn wasn't drunk last night and thoroughly remembered everything? But then why would she voluntarily sleep with her if that were the case? Oh god, what if Quinn knows about her condition now? It was bad enough that the blonde already called her 'RuPaul'. She needed to get out of there, now.

With one last glance at the bed and peacefully sleeping blonde she slipped out of the room.


6 weeks later.

Quinn had made no obvious acknowledgement that she remembered anything that had happened that night and Rachel took this as either she remembered but didn't want to remember or she really didn't remember. Though, the blonde cheerio's behavior was quite questionable lately. The last couple of weeks she was no longer being verbally harassed by Quinn and even the daily slushies had been halted but still the blonde never said anything about that night so Rachel went on with her life.

She had just finished running vocal exercises and scales and was leaving the auditorium when she heard hushed voices around the corner and her impeccable hearing had decided to tune in.

"Listen Quinn, I only talked to you one time that whole night. I don't know what the freak you're talking about." It was Puck and Quinn.

"You know what I'm talking about Puck. Don't make me say it…" Quinn replied and Rachel's eyes widened as she realized that Quinn was confronting Puck about thatnight. She tiptoed closer until she was right around the corner from the duo.

"What are you talking about?" He sounded annoyed and confused.

"That night… In your bedroom…" Quinn's voice became softer as she said the last part.

"What are you talking about?" He repeated again. "I woke up the next morning in my basement with that new cheerio…"

Several seconds of silence passed and Rachel rounded the corner to face the pair. "Noah, Quinn. Noah, would you mind if I spoke to Quinn for minute?"

Puck shrugged, "I'll see you guys later"

"What do you want Man-Hands?" Quinn hissed and Rachel didn't even flinch at the nickname.

"I overheard you and Noah—"

"Eavesdrop much?" The blonde interrupted her and Rachel sighed.

"Are you going to let me continue this conversation or not?"

"Hurry up. I have better things to do with my time." Quinn answered.

"It was me" Rachel blurted out in one breath.

"What?" Quinn arched a perfectly sculpted eyebrow at her.

"I woke up in Noah Puckerman's bedroom next to you. I panicked and left before you could regain consciousness…" There. She could tell Quinn the truth without all the details about her condition.

She watched as Quinn's eyes widened momentarily before the blonde started shaking her head. "No, no, that's impossible." Quinn said.

"While I agree that this is at the least highly unexpected but it certainly is not improbable. Quinn, it has been proven that with the irresponsible consumption of alcohol, especially for teenagers like us—"

"It's impossible because…" Quinn stepped forward until she was a few inches away from the short brunette. She didn't know why she felt the need to tell her this but anything to shut up her annoying voice and delusional thoughts. "I'm pregnant."