Dude, I totally wish this show hadn't came on while I was chilling it's totally ruined my mind, haha. This is based on the episode, Senior Ditch Day. This is my first woman slash so I hope that it's okay. I'm not sure if I'll continue this, I guess it's just up to you guys. Review if you think it's worth it. I don't own anything, I'm not exactly sure who does so yeah, no ownership. I hope this is enjoyable.

A deep sigh exited Bailey Pickett as she slowly walked about the S.S. Tipton, bored out of her mind. She never thought it would be hard to have fun that didn't involve anything educational. She knew how to have fun, didn't she? Without even trying, Bailey found herself walking the familiar path to the viewpoint she frequently visited. Maybe some stargazing would help clear her mind. She found herself stopping short when her eyes met with her teacher, Ms. Tutweiler. Bailey swallowed hard, attempting to control her breathing. She wasn't sure when it really happened but one day she began to notice just how beautiful the older woman was. Before she could control herself, Bailey found herself walking toward her.

Bailey slid onto the bench, giving Ms. Tutweiler an apologetic smile when she realized she had startled the other woman, "I'm sorry."

"It's alright, Bailey," said Ms. Tutweiler, through slightly clenched teeth. For a reason unbeknownst to her, Bailey being so close to her made her tense up nervously; she felt practically shy.

Bailey sighed, letting her back fall against the bench, "I never thought it would actually be…hard to have fun."

Ms. Tutweiler smiled knowingly, "It's hard to break a habit. You and Cody are so eager to learn, it's only natural that it would be hard to just take a break."

A laugh escaped Bailey, "We must be the only seniors on Earth who would rather go to school than ditch class." Ms. Tutweiler shrugged, knowing that she was probably right. "It just seems when I stopped trying to fill my mind with different things it starts to wander into places that it shouldn't go."

"What do you mean?"

Bailey looked at Ms. Tutweiler, confusion evident in her face, "What do you mean what?"

"You said that your mind seems to "wander into places that it shouldn't go", what do you mean?"

A deep violet color set into Bailey's cheeks, "Uh well, I just think of…things that probably shouldn't be mentioned in conversation to anyone." 'Why did I have to say anything?' Her mind screamed, as she attempted to figure a way out of the hole that she had dug herself. She stood up, "Uh, I should go."

"No, wait." Ms. Tutweiler grabbed her hand, forcing away the thoughts of how nice her hands felt, "If you need to talk about anything you know that you can talk to me."

"I hardly doubt you'd want to listen to this…" Bailey muttered, unaware once again that she had spoken.

"I'm willing to listen to anything."

Bailey sighed and sunk back down onto the bench, "It's just; I've been having these thoughts about a person."


"No, never mind, it's stupid."

"Bailey, whatever it is that's on your mind is obviously bothering you." She gave her an encouraging smile, "Talking always he…"

"I've been thinking about you!"

Ms. Tutweiler's eyes opened widely, her mouth forming a perfect O. She attempted to speak but no words would allow themselves to be spoken. Bailey sat motionless, her head hung down in shame. Thoughts were racing through her mind so fast that nothing was comprehensible. 'You see? This is why you can't let yourself have "fun", bad things happen.' Her mind recalled earlier in the day when they had been playing laser tag. She remembered thinking how beautiful Ms. Tutweiler had looked with her hair up, even though she preferred it down. The only time she felt as if she were having "fun" was when she was in the presence of the older woman.

Bailey ran her hands down her face, cursing herself for coming to the deck in the first place. There was no way back now, she had already admitted her strange secret.

"I'm not sure what to say," mumbled Ms. Tutweiler, being strangely lost for words. She bit her lip, urging the painful to smile. Though the thought one of her students "thinking" about her shouldn't give her any sort of "feelings", she couldn't hold back the excitement within her.

"When I filled my mind with different things it was easier to ignore those thoughts." Bailey sighed, "You probably hate me now…"

"No, Bailey, I could never hate you." Ms. Tutweiler grabbed her hand, "No matter what."

Bailey smiled lightly, "Well, that's a relief I suppose." By this time, the moon was already high in the sky, lighting the deck brightly. It was a beautiful, almost romantic sight. Bailey's eyes focused to the sky but her mind was focused on the woman next to her. She thought of how nice it would be to kiss her right then under the beautiful night sky. Before she could control her mouth, Bailey spouted out, "Could I kiss you?" She resisted the urge to slap herself in the face, 'Way to keep digging Bailey…' "I'm sorry I…" Bailey's eyes opened widely as she felt Ms. Tutweiler's lips on hers.

When she pulled away, a shocked expression found itself on Ms. Tutweiler's features. "I am so sorry I…"She was then cut off by Bailey reconnecting their lips. Their eyes slowly slipped closed, each of them focused on the other. As their kiss began to deepen, the two began to scoot closer to each other, their arms wrapping around each other. Bailey found her fingers wrapped deep within Ms. Tutweiler's hand, reeling in the way it felt between her fingers. When the need for air was too great, the two pulled away, their breath ragged.

"That was…"

"Unexpected." finished Bailey, a bright smile on her flushed face.

As the reality of the situation began to sink in, Ms. Tutweiler leaned forward, her hands covering her face, "What have I done? You're my student for God's sake." She stood up, moving over to the banister. "This can't happen."

Bailey resisted the urge to cry as tears pricked the sides of her eyes, "I should have never brought any of this up. I'm sorry." She moved to leave but Ms. Tutweiler stopped her. For the first time that Bailey could remember, she looked as if she had no idea what to do; her look of hopelessness made her heart clench. "We could keep it a secret," whispered Bailey.

Ms. Tutweiler sighed, absolutely unsure of what to do. The logical thing would to pretend like nothing had happened and go on about life but her heart, that uncooperative organ, urged her to pursue the younger girl. "I must be out of my mind," she muttered, turning to look at Bailey, her expression serious. "We cannot tell a soul, no one can ever know. Also, if you want out the option's always there."

Bailey nodded, unable to contain her excitement. She had only read about the feelings she now felt in books. She smiled and lightly kissed Ms. Tutweiler, "So, I guess I'll call you Emma now, right?"

"I guess so."