Chapter One

Potter was being annoying. Again. He was standing in the corner of the hallway in silence, with that fake-haunted look in his eyes that all of the girls

seemed to melt over. At present there were three of them fawning over him, asking if he was alright. Weasley was standing next to Potter, ushering the

girls away with a wave of the hand and a look of distaste. Draco hated how, as soon as the girls weren't looking, the haunting shadows disappeared from

Potter's green eyes, replaced by a malicious, gloating spark. His white-blond hair hanging partly across his eyes, Draco watched the two boys high five

each other just as the bushy-haired mud blood came around the corner, slumped under the weight of her books. He couldn't understand why such a

smart (though he would rather die than say it to her face) witch could not see through her two friend's facades. Oh great, he thought sourly, it's only the

first week of school and I already hate everyone here again.

Draco was dragged out of his brooding state by a rather painful punch to the shoulder as Crabbe came to stand at his side. Goyle scored one to his other

shoulder and Malfoy winced. Despite the fact that he was their leader, Malfoy had noticed that Crabbe and Goyle were starting to be a bit more…. More.

This year they weren't just acting as cronies, per se, but they were starting to have their own opinions. Make their own decisions. Granted, they were still

stupid to the extreme, but as Narcissa had said to her son during the holidays;

"Draco, darling, your father and I don't care if they are the most moronic people on the planet, they are pureblooded and therefore they are superior. You

must maintain your… friendship with them. Their parents are very important death eaters and we must remain in the Dark Lord's favor…" She had

continued on for ages, but Draco had understood the message. Mudbloods are bad. Purebloods are good. Must uphold family image.

The professor arrived at the classroom and every student filed in, taking their seats. Draco, Crabbe and Goyle pushed their way into three seats at the

very back of the classroom. Potter, Weasel, and the mudblood sat in front of Draco, of course. Just his luck. There was no way he was going to be able to

learn with the mudblood waving her hand about in the air every five seconds to answer a question, not to mention having to listen to Potter and Weasel

whisper conspiratorially throughout the entire lesson. He also had experiences dealing with his so-called friends; mostly they spent their time guffawing

as they used a propelling charm to stick Flubbertink's extra chewy gum in girl's hair. Malfoy tried his best to block out the classroom noise and stuck his

head deep into the textbook. During his note taking, however, he found himself drifting off from the topic and doodling in the margins of his book. He was

congratulating himself over a rather pleasing ink drawing of a chimera when the bell rang for end of class. The class surged forward and the desperate

scramble for books before homework was set took place. Draco was an expert at this, managing to make it out of the door first in nearly every class.

However, on this day it was the mudblood Granger who made it out of the door first, her head down and bushy mane of hair bouncing around her

shoulders as she sped off to enjoy the hour or so of free time before the bell for dinner rang.

"What's the hurry, Granger? Those books going to run away from you?" he called behind her. He was disappointed when she didn't even look back to cast

a withering look. Miserable bookworm, he thought to himself and walked grumpily back towards the dungeons and Slytherin house.