*** A.N. This is for the people who felt that the other ending was an anti-climax. You can pick and choose your ending, either is sort of okay by me…Those who like the other ending, don't even touch this one... :P ****

The Writer: Alternate Ending

…Hermione hauled herself up onto the train and used her hands to balance as the train jolted into action. She adjusted the strap of her heavy bag filled with books so that it stopped cutting into her shoulder and walked up the narrow corridor to try and find an uninhabited booth. She passed the booth filled with her friends but kept walking past. Hermione just wanted to be alone for the moment, and debrief herself for the summer. She still couldn't quite believe that the best thing that had happened in her life (apart from going to Hogwarts, of course) had been ruined by the worst thing to happen in her life. But there was no way around it. They had to face the facts, and realize that they could never be together.

Hermione sighed, resignedly, and finally found an empty booth at the end of the carriage. She pulled the door open, and tripped as she stepped forward to enter. She hit the ground, palms of hands and knees first, and tried not to cry as she picked herself up. Everything in her carry-on satchel had exploded across the floor of the compartment. Quills, a spilt bottle of ink, her journal, where she had stuck all of the Writer's letters, and schoolbooks had scattered themselves everywhere. Hermione peeled herself up off the carpet and took her time picking everything up. After all, there was no rush. It wasn't like she had anywhere to go, anywhere to be. She removed the ink stain with her wand and scooped up her quills and diary, placing it on the seat. She had just picked up her copy of Hogwarts: A History, when a slip of paper slid out from between its pages. Curiosity piquing her interest, Hermione picked it up and frowned a little, discarding the book in her hand on the chair and sitting down. She frowned a little as she had to break the wax seal on it. She scanned through the letter.


I don't care about sides. I don't care about the War that will be coming. I only care about one thing, on this entire planet; you. Have you ever heard of cheating the system? I think that we should do just that.

I'll see you next year my love,


Hermione hugged the letter to her chest. And so in the way it began, it ends.

*** A.N. Hope those of you who didn't like the other ending will prefer this one! Not how I would have ended it, but if you all insist… And I don't think there will be a sequel. Thanks for reading, guys!****