Saving Draco


Isabella C Robertson

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The Prologue


"…You will speak only when permitted to do so. You will say nothing otherwise."

Severus spoke in a hurried whisper. The tiny hand enveloped in his own, giant in comparison, tightened with little strength around his fingers. The long corridor, elegantly decorated on both sides with ancestry pictures of snoozing wizards and suspicious witches, followed the frantic pair. Heavy healed boots clicked sharply against the oak panelled floor; alongside them, a miniature set of feet, toddler in size yet bearing a fine pair of leather dress shoes, jogged in a clumsy manor.

Approaching the door to the rooms that had once been Draco's playroom, but was now a dull and intimidating asylum with a long desk with ivory cushioned chairs and more book shelves than one could need, Severus found it difficult to release the sweating hand in his palm.

"Are you listening? Did you hear me speak?"

A forced, fearful nod of the head was what he received. Dropping his gaze, Severus halted the young Malfoy by the shoulders. He dropped to one knee, knotting his fingers between those tiny trembling hands.

"Draco?" he spoke, moving his hand to cup the chin of the delicate boy before him.

Draco cringed. His small twitchy movements told Severus enough of what he was feeling. Frightened, nervous, alone, confused.

"Draco listen-"

"No, no, no." he whimpered, shaking his head with each word.

"Stop it Draco." Severus said, shaking his head along with each terrified jerk of the little boy's head.

"No, no, no"

He cringed away from Severus , his eyes flitting like a hair caught in the headlights, the dull grey iris of the obscure globes filled with everything that should not exist in a 6 year olds world - hurt, dread, loss.

"What is the matter?" Severus hissed angrily. He strained to keep his voice low for fear of attraction. "I thought things were better?"

Don't be naïve, his conscious muttered.

For a moment, there were no sounds, other than sharp and panicked breathing… and then a door lock clicked in the distance… another set of heels echoed toward them. Draco's eye flitted toward Severus, his pupils burned with the silent cry of help. As the echo subdued with every step closer, Draco's terrified tremors became more violent.

"How very touching."

Severus closed his eyes momentarily, as if wishing a silent prayer, then rose to face the Senior Malfoy. He nodded respectfully.

Lucius smirked. "Thank you for your services, Severus. I shall be in contact soon regarding Draco's examinations."

Severus's face tightened. "I anticipate your word." He turned sharply on his heel and cast a quick glance down at the frightened expression on Draco's face. Every ounce of him wished to grab Draco and run. He had no idea where they would run too, how far they would get or how he would even manage, but the thought burned with a fiery passion. "Good day, Draco."

"Sir…" Draco began to mutter.

"Fetch the stick, Draco," he heard Lucius announce as he neared the end of the corridor.

Merlin have mercy, he thought.


"I'm not a coward!" Harry yelled, scrunching up his fists.

"Prove it." Dudley grunted. He pulled the chocolate bar from his back pocket and waved it in front of Harry's face. "I'll give you this if you do."

Harry's eyes followed the glistening green foil as his cousin swung it from side to side. The purple letters read 'Taz Bar', below it in white 'a gooey caramel centre with a milk chocolate coating'. Harry's mouth watered at the thought of biting into the soft chocolate, the melted caramel dribbling across his lips, sticking to his teeth and coating his tongue in a sugary blanket of deliciousness. He licked his lips.

"But if you don't want it …" Dudley wrapped his fat pink fist around the bar.

"Stop!" Harry cried, terrified his huge cousin would crush the treasure.

Dudley cocked an eyebrow, his chubby cheeks rose slightly into a grin and his small round brown eyes creased.

"Do it then!" he demanded.

Harry eyed the white mint sweets in the palm of his hand. It seemed like such a waste, ruining these delicious sweets. He couldn't understand why Dudley would waste his pocket money on sweets just to throw them into a jug of cola.

"Why are -"

Dudley punched him the arm. "Just do it, runt!" he hissed, repeating the new word he had learned from his father this week.

Harry whimpered, rubbing ferociously at his arm. With his bottom lip trembling he stood on the tips of his toes, stretching his arm out over the jug of cola. The thoughts of getting that Taz Bar from Dudley made him sniff his pain away and he dropped 7 of the sweet smelling mints into the jug of cola.

"I did it. Gimmie the b-"

A hiss and a loud eruption made him look up just in time to see the jug of cola erupt in a stream of light brown liquid. The cola shot into the air, splashing against the walls, staining the ceiling, drenching the family portrait and Dudley's art work on the fridge, and then finally landing on top of Harry's head. He gasped loudly and made to move, but slipped on the flooded floor, landing heavily on his back. From where he lay, he saw Dudley doubled up out side the back door, pointing and laughing. He had been tricked.

"RUNT!" he heard his Uncle Vernon roar from the kitchen door. Harry cringed away against the wall. His uncles heavy foot steps almost shook the tiles beneath him. "Caught in the act, eh runt."

Uncle Vernon tightened his meaty fist around the back of Harry's jumper and dragged him across the floor, drenching his jeans. He lifted him into the air and shook him.

"Look at this mess!" he roared.

Harry trembled in his uncle's clutches. He opened his mouth to stutter every apology he could think of, but his voice seemed to have lodged somewhere in the back of his throat. He hung onto his uncle's meaty claws, his small fingers trying in desperate vain to pry himself free. If he could just get free he thought, then he'd run to his cupboard and hide. Uncle Vernon can't fit in the cupboard.

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