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22nd April, 2011

Seventeen year old Elena Gilbert frantically flipped through the pages of her thick chemistry textbook, wanting to cram in as much study as she could before her upcoming exam next period. She had barely gotten any study done the night before due to... being occupied with something else and the last thing she needed right now was any kind of distraction.

But of course, luck wasn't on her side that day. Luck was never on her side.

Her best friend rushed up to her, prized purple notebook and pen in hand, a grin on her face. Bonnie Bennett took a seat on the opposite bench and looked directly at Elena. Elena, in return, stared back, raising a questioning eyebrow.

"What is it, Bon?"

"Wanna play a game we haven't played since we were like, I don't know... ten?" Bonnie said giddily, already throwing her notebook down and flipping it open to a new, clean page. Elena paused for a second, taken aback slightly.

"Uh, I'm kinda trying to study for the chemistry test next period, Bon," Elena told her friend slowly, watching as Bonnie carefully wrote the letters 'M, A, S, H' at the top of the page. Elena instantly knew what this game was and sighed. "Bonnie, honestly, we're seventeen. There's no time for this kind of childish game. I have to study."

But Bonnie was not having any of it. She shook her head sharply at Elena and set her with a determined stare, her green eyes sparkling and a devious smile playing at her lips. "No, Miss Gilbert, you're playing this round. Okay, first up, give me four different boys."

"Bonnie, seriousl-" Elena began once again only to be quickly shut down by Bonnie's playful glare.

"Shh! Just do it, 'Lena," she said whiningly, readying her pen on the paper. She watched Elena for a moment, giving her a small signal to start listing names of boys. Sighing, Elena slowly gave in.

"Fine..." her voice sounding reluctant as she glanced down at her chemistry book for a second before looking back up at Bonnie. "Um... Okay... Put down... Jacob Holloway."

"Oh! He's the guy you had that huge crush on when you were like, eleven or something," Bonnie said hurriedly, scribbling out Jacob's name onto the page in her big handwriting. She looked back up at Elena, who seemed to be in deep thought. Bonnie couldn't help but roll her eyes. "You know what? I'm gonna do the choosing of the boys."

Sighing once more, Elena leaned forward and waited as Bonnie came up with three more guys. "Okay, so, Damon Salvatore-" Elena's eyes went wide as she watched her best friend write down the name.

"Bonnie, no, he's Stef-" But Elena was cut off.

"Stefan Salvatore," Bonnie voiced out as she wrote. She then smiled at Elena. "Because he's your boyfriend, of course. And... Matt Donovan, the ex."

Elena just shook her head at Bonnie, just wanting her to finish this game off as quick as she could. Bonnie slowly filled out the rest of the categories, including; cars, colours, pets and numbers.

"Okay, when I start drawing ticks, tell me when to stop whenever you want to," Bonnie explained to the long haired brunette before quickly beginning to place small ticks in a small drawn box in the bottom corner of the page. Elena waited it out for a few seconds before quickly telling Bonnie to stop, who counted the amount of ticks there were.

"Hmm, 7," Bonnie smiled, glancing up at Elena. "Okay, I'm gonna start crossing out some stuff and I'll get back to you soon."

Letting Bonnie take a couple of minutes to calculate the results, Elena went back to flipping quickly through the chemistry book, wondering whether she'd be able to cram some information in, in the small amount of time she still had left.

"Done!" Bonnie finally exclaimed, grinning as she held up the notebook in front of her, inspecting the results. "Oh, gosh, you've got good luck. You're gonna love this."

"Well, hurry up and tell me so I can continue my studying," Elena replied back snippily, not meaning to sound so harsh.

Rolling her eyes once again, Bonnie continued to smile. "So, you'll be living in a house with 3 children and a pet dog. You'll have a red Porsche and you'll be married to Mr Stefan Salvatore."

Elena smiled upon hearing the results. Especially at the last part. "Really?"

"Why don't you see for yourself?" Bonnie grinned slyly, carefully ripping out the page filled with Elena's 'future'. Sliding the paper across the table at her best friend, Bonnie watched intently as Elena picked it up and checked out the results.

"Not bad..." Elena nodded slowly, a smile spreading across her lips. She glanced back up at Bonnie and couldn't help but laugh. "Why, my future looks good," she said.

"Doesn't it?" Bonnie's eyes widened as another grin formed across her face. "I mean, you'll be married to Stefan. Salvatore."

Elena sent Bonnie an amused look as she slowly folded down the sheet of paper.

"Not that you're not already with him," Bonnie added, shutting her purple notebook and picking her belongings up. "Oh shit, we have a chemistry test? I better get going to see if I can cram some study in before the bell goes."

In a rush, Bonnie stood up and sent Elena a quick smile and wave before running off towards the school building. Elena shook her head at her friend amusedly before looking down at the piece of folded paper sitting atop her chemistry book. Her fingers reached for it before she could even comprehend thinking of doing so and she found herself scanning the results again.

I'll be keeping this somewhere safe, Elena thought to herself, smiling as she tucked the paper into her folder and went back to studying.

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