29nd April, 2026


Elena Salvatore sighed deeply, running a hand through her long straight hair, pushing it back. She blinked once, twice at her reflection in the vanity mirror before quickly getting up and heading out of the room. She walked down the hallway, making her way into her eldest daughter's bedroom to see what looked like a clothing avalanche.

"Lexi!" Elena exclaimed, picking up a crumpled up blue party dress off of the floor, quickly going over to her daughter's closet and hanging it back up neatly. She turned back to the young girl, her hands on her hips. "What happened in here?"

"I can't find anything to wear!" Lexi complained, slumping down onto her bed. Elena sighed again, beginning to pick up the random items of clothing on the floor.

"It doesn't mean you throw all these around," Elena told her sternly, placing a whole bunch of Lexi's multiple shirts, shorts and dresses on her bed before going for more. "And what do you mean you have nothing to wear? You have a ton of clothes."

"Nu-uh!" the birthday girl pouted. "Help me, Mummy!"

Elena just stared at her now six year old daughter. "Alright then, Lexi."

"Yay!" Lexi grinned, jumping off her bed. Elena went to the door, popping her head out into the hallway.

"Stefan! Can you get Eden and Isla dressed please?"

"I'm on it!"

Turning back to an awaiting Lexi, Elena readied herself for a long time.

"Hey Auntie Elena," both Sean and Xavier Donovan grinned up at her from the doorway. Elena smiled at the two boys.

"Hey boys. Come on in," she moved to the side allowing them past her, Caroline following in after them and giving Elena a tight hug. "Hey Caroline," she laughed a little.

"Hey 'Lena!" Caroline smiled at her friend as she pulled away from the hug. "Matt's coming. He's just grabbing Alexia's present from the car."

"You shouldn't have."

"Nuh. I don't want to hear it!" Caroline's voice rose above Elena's, making her laugh. "The birthday girl outside?"

"Yeah, where they always are on their birthdays. Try to get them out on any other day and it's near impossible," Elena told her.

"Kids," Caroline shrugged. "Are Bonnie and Damon here yet?"

Elena raised an eyebrow at her friend, containing a laugh. "Yes, they are. Face it, Caroline. They're always first to arrive."

"Damn it," Caroline muttered with a smile just as Matt came in, holding a medium sized, wrapped up box.

"Hey 'Lena," he greeted her with a grin, holding out the present to her. "This is for Lexi."

"You really didn't have to go to that trouble but thank you," she smiled, placing the gift on the hallway table for later.

"Really, it wasn't trouble at all," Matt shrugged, smiling.

Elena turned to the two awaiting boys. "Come on then. Let's get outside to the rest of them."

"Caroline!" Bonnie exclaimed upon seeing her, the petite woman grinning, motioning for her two friends to come over.

Elena and Caroline both moved down the steps to the grass and made their way to the large group, whom Matt and the young boys had already joined. The men had striked up a friendly soccer game with the kids, all the youngsters participating. Sadie lay in the shade of a tree, lazily watching the ongoings.

"I swear, someone's gonna get hit," Bonnie murmured from the sidelines as her two friends approached.

"I agree," Caroline nodded, watching the game.

"Ow! Fuck!"

"Mummy! Uncle Damon said a bad word!" Lexi yelled, pointing an accusing finger at Damon.

Damon looked up, spotting out Elena and glaring. "Elena, your daughter kicked the freaking ball in my face!"

"I didn't mean to!"

"Here we go..." Elena sighed.

"Told you someone was gonna get hurt," Bonnie laughed, going over to her husband to check up on him. "Show me where it hurts," she said, inspecting his face.

Damon smirked, hearing her choice of words. He pointed to his lips. "Right here."

"Uh huh, come here," she told him quietly. Damon leaned in, Bonnie pecking his lips and looking at him pointedly. "Better?"

"Much," he smirked again.

"Who would've known Damon Salvatore would wind up married, to our best friend nonetheless, with a child?" Caroline wondered, watching the couple with a smile.

"I wouldn't know," Elena shrugged, also watching them.

"Mama?" Isla's voice sounded, grabbing Elena's attention. She kneeled down to Isla's height, noticing Eden and Leila following her.

"What is it, baby? Are you hurt?" Elena asked, brushing her daughter's dark hair away from her eyes. Isla shook her head.

"Nope," she said. "I wanna go inside."

"Okay then, bub," Elena nodded, rising back up. "Hey Caroline, I'm gonna take the girls inside. Do you think you can keep an eye out for any other injuries?"

"No problem," Caroline smiled. Bonnie approached hearing the end of the conversation.

"Hey, I'll come with you," she said, grabbing Leila's hand as she followed.

Once they'd settled the 3 three year olds in front of the television with some fruit pieces, both mothers went back to the kitchen, deciding to get a head start on lunch.

"Can you believe she's six already?" Elena asked as she stared out at her daughter through the kitchen window that overlooked the backyard.

"Nope, it's almost like it was yesterday when I walked into that hospital room and there you were, carrying her," Bonnie smiled at the memory. "They all grow up though, 'Lena."

"I know, it's just..." Elena trailed off slowly, turning away from the window to look at her best friend. "You don't want them to, you know?"

"I know," Bonnie nodded with a smile. "Did you ever think you'd wind up with all this when you were, I don't know, sixteen or seventeen?"

Elena looked over at her friend, thinking back to her last year of high school, which seemed forever ago. A small memory flickered in her mind as she dropped what she was doing and smiled at Bonnie. "I didn't. But you did, in a way."

Bonnie looked up, confusion all over her face. "Say what?"

"Come with me," Elena said, smiling as she grabbed Bonnie by the arm, checked that the three girls were alright before dragging her up the stairs and into her and Stefan's bedroom.

"'Lena, what are you doing?" Bonnie asked as she sat down on the bed, watching as Elena disappeared into the closet, only to emerge back out with a small wooden box.

"I gotta show you something," Elena said, sitting down beside Bonnie, placing the wooden box inbetween the two of them. Bonnie looked down, noticing Elena's name engraved into the top of the box in cursive handwriting just before Elena flipped open the box.

Inside it were only a few things. A couple of cheesy love notes she'd given and received from Stefan back when they were fifteen, her mother's charm bracelet that was passed onto her when she was twelve, a necklace she'd received for her birthday from Stefan in high school and a crumpled sheet of paper among a few other things.

"Um, 'Lena, what's this?" Bonnie asked slowly.

"These are things I never could really part with or were too important to me to lose," Elena explained, eyeing the stuff inside the box. She carefully reached inside it, pulling out the crumpled sheet of paper. "When we were seventeen, you forced me to play a really childish game of MASH, remember?"

Bonnie took a second, thinking back. Then she smiled and nodded. "Oh yeah, that's right. You were beyond annoyed because you were studying for an exam."

"That's true," Elena laughed at the memory. "Anyways, after you left, I

decided to keep the game somewhere safe."

Bonnie looked up, meeting Elena's brown eyes for a second before glancing back down at the balled up sheet of paper in her friend's hand.

"You mean-"


"You didn't-"



"Bon, just take it and have a look for yourself!"

Hesitantly, Bonnie slowly took the paper out of Elena's hand, watching her friend for a second.

"Go on," Elena encouraged with a smile. "Honestly Bon, it's not gonna eat you."

Laughing a little, Bonnie carefully began opening the piece of paper from years ago, flattening it as much as she could. She took a few seconds to look over the results before turning to Elena, wide eyed.

"Elena, it can't be. This was just a game," Bonnie said quietly.

"I don't know, but it's true," Elena shrugged, smiling. She moved closer to Bonnie, now inspecting the game as well. "See? Living in a house, with a dog, that would be Sadie, a red Porshe, which is right outside, three kids, Alexia, Isla and Eden and married to Stefan Salvatore, who I've been with for years now."

"Wow..." Bonnie whispered, still looking at the game.

"Remember, Bon, you were the one who wrote down the choices in each category, I wasn't the one who picked them," Elena laughed.

"I did, too, didn't I?" Bonnie laughed as well, looking up now.

"Yeah, pretty much," Elena nodded. "And the weird, or not so weird thing is, this is what I've always wanted, and... I got it all."

"That's it, I'm a psychic," Bonnie joked, folding up the old sheet of paper and carefully placing it back into the box. "This is so weird. In a good way."

"It is," Elena agreed, closing the lid on the box before getting up and placing it back in it's rightful spot in her closet before coming back out.

"Wow..." Bonnie whispered again in wonderment, standing up from the bed. Elena shook her head, laughing at her friend and grabbing her by the arm once again.

"Come on, let's get back downstairs."

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear Lexi, happy birthday to you."

The candles had been blown out, a wish had been made and the cake had been cut. Elena watched from the kitchen's doorway as her friends, correction, her entire family, laughed and joked and had a good time. She watched the kids, running around, yelling and laughing, high off of the sugars they'd taken in that day. Elena had to laugh at the thought.

"Where've you been all day?" she heard from behind her, feeling the familiar arms wrap around her from behind as she leaned back into him.

"Missing you," she said quietly, still watching everyone.

Stefan placed a kiss to his wife's head, his lips lingering against her hair. "I've missed you, too."

Elena smiled, glancing at him.

"Did you hear the news? Bonnie's a psychic."

Damon, who had been standing not too far away, had heard. "My wife's a whatsie-what?"

"Oh, I forgot, 'psychic' must be too big a word for you."

"Haha," Damon mocked her, turning his eyes to his brother. "I congratulate you on how you've managed to live with her."

"Thanks, and I congratulate Bonnie on how she's managed to live with you," Stefan shot back. "I'd imagine it's tough work."

"Oh, you have no idea," Bonnie joined in, making her way towards them. Damon rolled his eyes.

"Thanks babe," he said sarcatically. Bonnie laughed, moving towards him, wrapping her arms around him.

"Oh shush, you know I love you," she said.

Damon smirked at her words, wrapping his arms around her in return.

The house was quiet and dark, the only thing emitting any light or sound being the television. Stefan and Elena were sprawled on one of the couches, her back pressing into his chest as he held her in his arms, Eden lay asleep, her head in her mother's lap while Isla, also asleep, lay in one of the armchairs, her body curled up. As for Alexia, she lay on the carpet, slowly drifting off to dreams but not quite.

Elena rested silently, gently brushing Eden's hair through her fingers as her daughter slept, not paying any attention to what was playing on the screen. She looked up at Stefan, unnoticed, smiling to herself. Pressing a kiss to the underside of his chin, she caught his attention. He looked down at her questioningly.

"What is it?" he asked quietly. Elena just shrugged.

"I love you," is all she whispered. Stefan smiled down at her adoringly.

Capturing her lips in a short kiss, he whispered back. "I love you, too."

Do not ask about the ending cause I don't know what it is frankly.
Well, that is the end!
I really hope this was good enough for an AU/AH Stelena fic.
And I hope you enjoyed it.
Thank you for reading! (: