Patience: Chapter 1

The Doctor paused as a loud thud could be heard on the TARDIS door. He frowned; he was currently in the vortex so it puzzled him that someone could be thudding against the door at this very moment. Of course it had happened before; Captain Jack Harkness had managed to cling on while trying to find the Doctor again. But that had been when Rose was still travelling. A tear slowly rolled down the Doctor's cheek, it was hard to think about Rose while he was travelling alone in the TARDIS. The loud thud came again, bringing the Doctor back from his thoughts. He tentatively stepped towards the door, leaving the safety of the control panel. He opened the door slowly before finding himself lying on the floor, his eyes tightly closed although he didn't know why. A shadow was cast over him, blocking the light from the control panel. And then a familiar voice rang out, making the Doctor freeze.

"Hello Doctor," the voice said in a slow, menacing drool. A hint of manic laughter could be heard behind the words. The Doctor slowly opened his eyes and saw the tall, dark outline of the Master towering over him with a threatening smile on his face. The Doctor swiftly got to his feet, seeing the TARDIS door closed he twisted himself around to give the Master a shocked looked.

"What?" The Master said, still with threatening smile on his face. "Didn't you expect me to latch onto the TARDIS when I saw you'd landed?"

The Doctor was still frozen speechless, unable to form a complete sentence to answer the Master question. The Master continued staring, not breaking eye contact. The Doctor's thought slowly unscrambled and he slowly moved around the Master so he could get back to the control panel, hoping the Master would forget that he'd just asked a question. It appeared that he couldn't be distracted so easily, the Doctor could feel the Master's breath on the back on his head. A warm hand was placed on the Doctor's shoulder and he slowly turned around, look back into the Master's deep brown eyes.

"Doctor, I'm still waiting for an answer," the Master's tone was lighter, not as menacing as before. The Doctor paused for a few seconds longer, uncertain whether the Master definitely wanted the truth from him or not. The Master was beginning to frown and was about to speak again before the Doctor raised his hand to stop him from speaking.