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It wasn't until Blaine saw Mike leave Ms. Pillsbury's office, pamphlet in hand and faint blush staining his cheeks, that Blaine began to realize something very odd was gripping the Glee club.

"Hey Mike, what's up?" Blaine asked, charming smile steeling over his face as he clapped a hand on his friend's shoulder in greeting. The usually calm Asian boy nearly jumped out of his skin at the contact before relaxing when he saw who it was.

"Oh, nothing, not much. You?" He stuttered, a small, unconvincing smile straining across his features. Blaine frowned slightly, his eyed darting down to read the pamphlet in Mike's hand before the other boy tucked it into his back pocket.

"Just on my way to see Kurt before fifth period. I feel like I haven't seen him all day and it's kind of driving me crazy." He laughed, ignoring the sickly pallor that attached itself to the taller boy's features at the mention of his significant other's name. "I bet you get days like that with Tina all the time, huh dude?" Mike nodded curtly.

"Uh yeah...yeah sure Oh, this is my hall. Catch you later, B!" He hollered, disappearing down a hall that contained all of the freshman science and history classes.

Huh. That was weird. Blaine thought to himself as he made his way towards the non-descriptive row of lockers in front of the senior English hallway. Maybe a few flirty comments and pointed arm brushes with Kurt could make him forget all the weirdness he'd witnessed from his new glee club members in the last few days.

First Santana had asked him if it'd be cool if she and Brittney "borrowed" Kurt for the weekend to "play" with. And he didn't put all of that in quotations, she had and she'd also shot him pout and a wink as she sauntered off when he'd told her no. He made a point to ignore her when she offered to let him play too. Then there was that little exchange with Rachel telling him not to let Kurt get too worked up over this week's competitive solo and she'd help him whenever he had the free time. That wouldn't have been weird had she not told him so in a far off dreamy voice and then muttered something about finally having someone to "mentor." Rachel mentoring Kurt in anything was enough to send him into hysterical fits of laughter. And then of course there had been that little exchange with Finn yesterday when he'd gone over to the Hummel-Hudson residence to spend time with Kurt.

He knocked on the door lightly before remembering Carol's 'you are always welcome in our home policy' and he turned the knob.

"Kurt?" He called, entering the foyer and heading into the kitchen. There was no sign of Kurt but Finn was perched on the couch in the living room with an enormous bowl of coco puffs and his eyes fixated on whatever reality show was flashing across the television. "Hey Finn. You seen Kurt?" he asked happily. Finn's head shot around to look at him and his eyes widened.

"I...uh-uh...not since...um, not since last night, I guess. I mean! I mean not since dinner last night not like, you know, last night in bed or anything like that. Not like I'd ever want that he'd my step brother and I'm totally not gay at all or um, anything. I-I...I like boobs." he sputtered. Blaine cocked his head to the side and nodded stiffly.

"I...that's great, Finn. I'm glad? Well I'm just gonna go wait for him upstairs. You can, um, tell him so, I guess." And with that he fled the room.

"Hey you, what brings you to my neck of the woods?" Kurt called out cheerfully from his locker as he watched Blaine approach. Blaine smiled at him as he leaned into he lockers next to Kurt's as Kurt applied more hairspray and blotted his face with those odd powdery wipes. Blaine took Kurt's distraction as an excuse to appreciate his boyfriend's fashion choices of the day. Today, Kurt wore a pair of off-white and brown lace up oxfords that matched perfectly with his cream colored off the shoulder sweater. The sleeves were wide and hit at his elbows, a perfect contrast to his muscled forearms. A pair of neatly tailored brown slacks and a wide brown belt that pulled the sweater snugly to Kurt's thin frame completed the outfit. Blaine was practically drooling by the time Kurt glanced at him out of the corner of his eye, clearly expecting an answer to his question from before.

"Nothing much. Just wanted to see your beautiful face before class." Kurt shot him his usual flawless smile as he tucked the little packet of wipes into the black and white houndstooth 'beauty product' bag he kept in his locker.

"Hey Blaine...we need to talk." he said suddenly, eyes flashing with apprehension. Blaine immediately felt his stomach drop out and his heart speed up in a panic before Kurt could calm him. "No. Not like that, I promise it's nothing bad. I just...can I ask you something?" Kurt told him gently, patting his arm affectionately. Blaine relaxed and smiled wearily.

"Of course you can, sweetheart." Kurt flushed slightly at the endearment, glancing around to see if they were getting more hateful looks than usual. Regardless of how low they kept the PDA during school hours, it seemed people were still apt to send them disapproving looks. They were constantly under scrutiny. Whether they held hands in a crowded hallway for a moment or two or they were huddled together in the parking lot after school talking about their day, someone always managed to shoot them a look or call them a name that soured the moment. But they still kept their hopes up that one day they'd be able to show as much affection as they wanted without being ridiculed. Kurt was staring at him, mouth curved up in a slight smile as he took in Blaine's thoughtful look.

"Have you been noticing anything odd lately between the kids in Glee club and me? I mean, I understand that some of the guys like to keep their distance or whatever, but the way Puck practically screeched at me yesterday when I went to sit by him in European History. I've never heard him make that kind of sound, it was practically loud enough to wake the dead." Kurt gave him a sort-of sad, pained smile which caused Blaine to frown.

"Oh. Well yes, I suppose I have noticed everyone might be a little off lately. Maybe it's the weather?" He offered gesturing to the window and the dark gray clouds that hung low in the sky outside the school. Kurt tossed his head side to side in consideration before closing grabbing his notebook and books for his next class and shutting the locker with a soft click. Kurt pressed his back into the locker and turned his gaze on Blaine, his bright, blue eyes absolutely stunning even under the harsh glare of the florescent lights buzzing over head.

"I seriously doubt that, Blaine. Next option." Kurt replied, flicking his wrist as if to banish away Blaine's half-hearted excuse. Blaine thought for a moment before deciding to throw everything and go for bold.

"Maybe you're turning them all on with that off the shoulder sweater of yours." he whispered, brushing his fingers over Kurt's delightfully bare shoulder. To Blaine surprise, Kurt shivered and smiled at him sheepishly.

"You like it? I remember you telling me how much you liked the green and black cowl necked one I got last month. Thought you'd like this one too." Kurt said, winking at him. Blaine felt his mouth drop open slightly as Kurt stood up and pulled his arm lightly to allow Blaine to fall in step with him as they walked down the crowded hallway together.

"You seriously bought this with me in mind and wait until now to tell me? Tease." Blaine scoffs quietly, being carefully to keep his voice low. Kurt chuckles and presses his hips into Blaine's side briefly.

"Oh absolutely. I'll anxiously await a proper chastisement later, Mr. Anderson." Blaine raised an eyebrow as Kurt wiggled his fingers in a wave goodbye as he slipped into his fifth period class. Blaine couldn't help but notice the exaggerated hip sway as he crossed the threshold of the classroom that was undoubtedly meant to torture him.

Blaine walked to his next class in a fog with his thoughts completely captivated by his boyfriend's coy attitude and the wonderful realm of possibilities the current "challenge" offered him. He strode into class and grinned once he saw the projector down and the lights already half-off. Thank goodness for Ms. Sanders inability to teach through any resource but film. As she cued up the days cinematic babysitter, Blaine allowed himself to drift into the world of possibilities he'd just been presented with...

Kurt is splayed out on his bed, the new navy sheets he'd bought just for such a rainy day providing an exquisite contrast to all that beautiful pale skin. Kurt reclines on his elbows, a knowing smile on his face, completely naked save for a tight pair of white briefs. Kurt dips his thumbs below the waist band for a second, pouting at Blaine.

"What's all this?" he manages as he strides over to the bed and sits down beside Kurt, who is still pouting at him. "What's the matter, baby?" he coos, palming Kurt's impressive erection and smiling at him indulgently. Kurt moans and arches up into the touch until Blaine withdraws his hand. Kurt lets out a sigh at the loss and drops his head back on the pillows.

"Want you to touch me." he grumbles miserably. Blaine chuckles and pinches at the waist band of Kurt's underwear, pulling the fabric up and away from his crotch. Blaine stares down at Kurt's flushed cock, ignoring the whine of displeasure from his boy.

"Hush, sweetie. I just want to see that pretty little cock. You're such a good boy, so hard and wet for me and I didn't even have to lift a finger." he praises allowing the elastic to slap back into place and reveling in the sharp intake of breath it draws out of Kurt.

"Blaine, please..." Kurt begs and Blaine wraps his arms around him tightly. His bright blue eyes gaze up at him imploringly but Blaine just shakes his head at him.

"I'm sorry, angel, but you have been entirely too naughty lately. I think you need a nice, long spanking to remind you how to behave for me." Kurt's eyes widen almost comically and there is fear in there along with a genuine spark of arousal. It's a little twisted, really, but this is a part of the game they are both just too in love with to give up on.

"No, n-no. I can be a good boy. I promise!" Kurt pleads but Blaine quiets him with a finger pressed to his lips. Kurt kisses the finger lightly as Blaine pulls away.

"No baby, you know you need this. What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn't make sure you know who you belong to? I know you've probably got half the school staring with all that skin you've been showing lately." He teased. Kurt blushed and tried to tuck his head under Blaine's arm.

"I-I know but...but I do know who I belong to. I belong to you, Blaine." he purred, running his hand down Blaine's jean-clad thigh all the way down to press against Blaine's sizable hard on. Blaine hummed his approval for a moment before remembering the plan and grabbing Kurt's thin wrist to pry it away.

"No, no no, my dear little one, that's not for your hands right now. I told you that you'd be getting punished tonight first. Maybe if you can behave," he murmured as he rubbed at Kurt's erection until the taller boy cried out in pleasure. "I'll play with you after. Do you like that idea, baby?" Kurt nodded, his mouth opened as he panted out short, staccato breaths. Blaine laughed and kissed him lightly.

"Good. Over my knee, precious." Kurt pouted again but did as he told, being sure to grind his cock down into Blaine's leg as he did so. Blaine bit back a groan and quickly pulled Kurt's briefs down and threw them to the floor. He could feel his cock swell at the sight of Kurt's tight, pale bottom over his knee, practically begging him to give it some color. He petted Kurt's soft, brown hair deftly and stroked a hand down his ass before grabbing a handful possessively. "You remember the safe word, love?" he asked quietly. Kurt nodded into the sheets, reaching a hand down to squeeze at his leg in affirmation. Blaine nodded and gently massaged the supple flesh under his hand. "Excellent. Now be a good boy and count them for me." he muttered as he suddenly removed his hand, only to bring it down against Kurt's ass—hard.

"One." Kurt breathed after a moment when Blaine paused. Blaine raised his hand again and brought it down sharply against Kurt's left cheek.

"Two." Three was aimed at the right cheek and four came down blisteringly hard right on Kurt's sit spot. Blaine continued spanking Kurt, his ass getting redder and redder with each hit, alternating between short, tight spanks and splaying his fingers across the length of Kurt's bottom. Kurt took it beautifully, his cock spreading wet pre come all across Blaine's jeans as he rocked forward from the force of Blaine's hits. Only when his counting started to waver somewhere around thirty-two did Blaine let up, pausing to massage the heated flesh with both hands,

"There's my good boy. Are you ready to play now?" Kurt practically shot out of his lap before he could say anything and yanked open the drawer to Blaine's desk, retrieving the small half-empty bottle of lube and tossing it back at Blaine's face. Blaine caught it in his hand with a laugh as Kurt straddled his lap, wrapping his arms around his neck and kissing his cheeks, chin, forehead and nose before attacking his lips in a demanding kiss. Blaine quickly took control, biting at Kurt's lip teasingly before placing his hands on his hips and pushing his red, sensitive ass down onto his lap. Kurt hissed slightly at the contact and tried to pull away until Blaine pulled him closer.

"No sweetie, I'm in charge right not and I get to play with you however I want." Kurt whined at him pitifully and Blaine laughed again. "Aw, it's alright, I always take care of you, don't I? On the bed, face down." he ordered, mentally cheering when the boy nearly broke his nose in an effort to quickly flatten himself onto the bed, ass raised ever so slightly. He crawled over and shifted Kurt's legs enough so he could kneel between them. He took a moment to drink in the sight of Kurt's gorgeous ass, all hot and red because of him, and careful parted his cheeks to reveal Kurt's dusky pink hole.

"You are so gorgeous, baby. Beyond beautiful." Blaine whispered. Kurt moved restlessly as Blaine hurriedly uncapped the lube and slicked his fingers. As he moved, he brought his fingers down to Kurt's entrance ans he couldn't help but stare for a moment more, enjoying Kurt's complete and total obedience.

"Blaine," Kurt whined as though to remind Blaine that his snarky little diva was still alive and well. "hurry up and put them in. I'm so so close already." Blaine laughed and pressed a kiss to Kurt's exposed hole, loving the adorable head to toe shudder it initiated.

"Relax, Kurt. I love your body, I'm just admiring it is all. I love when you're all spread out for me like this." he muttered, bringing a finger down to trail along Kurt's opening. Kurt groaned and pressed back against it as though he were trying to force it inside but Blaine wasn't about to let him get what he wanted so easily. He settled one hand down onto Kurt's hip, pinning him to the bed and continued slicking up the tight, outer ring of Kurt's asshole. "You know what I want, beautiful. Beg me for it." Kurt shivered again, gasping for air against the bed.

"Please, please Blaine. Please finger me. I've been so good tonight and I want it-I need it, please." Blaine rewarded him by pushing two fingers into his tight hole all at once. Kurt practically keened as Blaine began to ruthlessly fuck his fingers in and out of his entrance, knowing how much his boy liked a bit of pain in the mix with the pleasure. He continued to shove his fingers deeper and deeper on each push, relishing the tight heat as he crooked his fingers inside of Kurt's body. A few thrusts later, he finally came across Kurt's prostate, making the taller boy yelp and shake as he purposefully slammed against it. As he pushed in a third finger, he quickly undid his jeans and yanked off his shirt.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard tonight, Kurt. Gonna make you scream my name. How do you want it?" he growled as he drove his fingers in deeper and deeper. Kurt gasped aloud as Blaine quickly shoved a fourth finger in alongside the other three, his teeth chattering from the force of Blaine's impassioned thrusts.

"I-I wa-ah-AH-anna r-ride yo-ooou." Kurt made out as Blaine's fingers pistoned in and out of his thoroughly opened hole. Blaine gave him a quick nod, even though he couldn't see it, and flipped him over with relative ease, his fingers still buried in the taller boy's ass.

"As you wish, darling. Now get your sweet ass over here." he demanded as he removed his slick fingers from Kurt's hole and sat back, crudely lubing his cock up with the same hand. Kurt grinned at him slyly before straddling his hips, shooing Blaine's hand away from his own cock and replacing it with his own. Blaine's eyes fluttered shut as Kurt began to lazily stroke his cock, teasing the head with his thumb just the way he liked. But not even a minute after he'd closed his eyes, he felt his cock being completely engulfed in Kurt's tight heat and he practically came on the spot, eyes flying open in shock. Kurt just smirked at him and pushed up before slamming back down, hard.

"Shit, Kurt," he swore. "You can't just do things like that." he growled as Kurt dragged his short, manicured nails down his back.

"Well I don't think you completely spanked all the naughtiness out of me, Mr. Anderson." he giggled; only Kurt could giggle while bouncing up and down on someone's cock and it still be adorable, Blaine mused.

"Is that a challenge?" he gritted out as Kurt picked up the pace. Kurt looked thoughtful for a moment before the expression was wiped by an expression of pure bliss as he changed angles and Blaine's cock brushed up against his prostate.

"N-n-no," grunted, working himself up and down Blaine's cock even faster. "just...just a statement." Blaine smiled and held Kurt down so that he was impaled on his cock and resting on his thighs. Kurt whined at having been stopped until Blaine leaned forward to kiss him properly, long, deep and dirty.

"Good," he breathed when they finally parted. "because I rather like bending you over and showing you that your mine whenever I feel like it." Kurt's head fell against Blaine's shoulder tiredly, pressing a kiss into the skin there. Blaine laid his head against Kurt's briefly. "I think it's because I still can't believe your mine." he whispered.

"I'm all yours, Blaine. No one elses. Only you, always." Kurt whispered back. He pressed another kiss to Blaine's shoulder before pulling away again and pushing up on Blaine's cock. This time though, he wrapped his arms around Blaine's neck and kissed him longingly, all the desperation from before fading into a sweeter, more intimate experience for both of them.

Blaine could feel Kurt's body begin to tighten and spasm just like he always did when he was about to come. And then he was coming, hot and hard between their bodies, strands of come clinging to both their chests as he continued to ride Blaine though his orgasm. Kurt's hole tightened deliciously around Blaine's cock, wringing his own orgasm from him much faster than he'd have liked. He closed his eyes in ecstasy and came with a shout as Kurt fell limp in his arms. Blaine's hips jerked up wildly as he completely filled Kurt's insides with his come.

"Blaine...Blaine..." Kurt called, his voice seeming suddenly far away and thin and surprisingly feminine. "Wake up, you little hobbit!"

Blaine woke with a start to the glaring overhead lights and an empty classroom, save for Santana standing over him with a knowing look on her face.

"Welcome back to earth, sunshine. Next time you fall asleep during a movie, try not to moan Kurt's name out so loud the teacher has to turn it up. My ears are still ringing. It was super annoying. But that being said...impressive." she purred, gesturing down to Blaine's lap. Blaine glanced down at his very noticeable hard on and blushed a deep scarlet.

"I...um, I-"

"Save it, Gene Kelly. The nearest bathroom is one hall over, on your left. Don't say I never did anything for you." she mused, rolling her eyes and heading for the door, her ponytail swishing dangerously behind her. Blaine allowed himself twenty seconds of mild embarrassment before getting up and heading down the hall to the bathroom to take care of himself before his next class. Maybe, he thought as he wrapped a hand around his leaking cock in the cramped little stall, he could convince Kurt to move date night to tonight. At the very least, they were totally sexting today in Glee club.

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