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It was a very dreary, cloudy evening at the Hyuuga Estate in Osaka, Japan. The blankets of clouds in the sky overhead seemed to keep rolling in with intentions of never stopping. It seemed like they kept infinitely floating through the sky and merging into one another making even bigger cloud. Soon the whole sky was covered in a blanket of white that oozed into the pinkish colored horizon.

"Ahh..." a Hinata Hyuuga sighed. She had been sitting in her room in her signature sweatpants and hoodie as she gazed at the clouds. She had just gotten back from attending one of her father's many boring business meetings and had been clouds watching ever since. (Sound like someone you know) The meeting was so apathetic with the so called CEO's of multi billionaire companies making there long presentations and trying to convince he father, Hiashi, why their company should be in partnership with Hyuuga Cooperation's.

Hyuuga Cooperation's was one of the most successful companies in all of Japan and it was Hiashi's pride and joy. Ever since he and his twin brother Hizashi founded the company when they were at the mere age of 23, running Hyuuga Cooperation's has been Hiashi's top priority. The financing company brought in billions of dollars per year and it did plenty more then put food on the table. With the money Hiashi brought in he was able to buy his own mansion to house his family as well as buy a stream of luxurious cars, townhouses, yachts, and exotic animals. Anything you name Hiashi Hyuuga already has it and most likely its diamond incrusted. With such a fabulous lifestyle there wasn't anything money couldn't buy.

And Hinata hated all of it.

"HINATA HYUUGA! GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE THIS INSTANT." Hiashi roared from down stairs.

Hinata inhaled and exhaled once more. Here we go again. She reluctantly rose from her confortable lavender satin bedside and headed towards her bedroom door. As she put her hands on the knob to her bedroom door she realized her hands were trembling.

Come on Hina you can do this. He can be as condescending as he wants to you but he can never break your spirit.

With newly found confidence, Hinata turned the doorknob and exited her bedroom, walked down the white hallway, down the pearly white stairs, and into the kitchen that contained nothing but stainless steel appliances but still contained the one thing or rather the one color she couldn't stand that was on all on the countertops, tables, and even the freaking snack cabinet, white.

This place reminds me of a fucking mental asylum, Hinata thought.

Once in the kitchen she headed straight through the kitchen into what she called the belly of the beach aka her father's study. She came in quietly and sat down in one of the comfy leather chairs in front of her father's long, sturdy oak desk were he sat facing out the opposite of her as he was gazing out to look at the Hyuuga courtyard. Then he slowly got up and walked slowly around his desk until he was standing directly in from of Hinata. She hadn't noticed because she was playing with her eggplant colored hair as she tried her best to avoid his hard iron gaze. Suddenly the air got very tense and she could barely breathe.

"Look at me girl!" her father said coldly with no emotion in his voice. Hinata snapped her head up as if she were trained to like some common lapdog.

"Do you know why you are Hinata?"

"No father."

"Well you are well old enough to understand that as full of youth and vigor as I am that I am inevitably getting old and that I am not going to be able to run this company forever."

Hinata mentally rolled her eyes. Full of youth and vigor her ass, all he did is sit around all day and run the company through his laptop. Occasionally, he would get up and stroll around the Hyuuga Estate to see how things were doing but that was it. Hiashi Hyuuga was not an energetic person, so you wouldn't catch him to much except sitting on his lazy ass typing away on his laptop and munching on a snack cake every now and again. And he wonders why he can't seem to fit into his expensive iron pressed Italian suits anymore.

"As always Hinata," Hiashi carried on, "I had always looked to you, my eldest daughter, as the most appropriate successor to the company so that when I retire the company will be in good hands. However there has been a change of plans."

Hinata ears perked as her head snapped forward in her father's direction.

"Don't take this personally Hinata but you are not fit to run Hyuuga Cooperation's. You are far too irresponsible, selfish, and lazy to ever appreciate the art of finance. That is why your younger sister Hanabi will taking over the company when I retire and not you."

Hinata balled her fists up as she tried to control the tears that threaten to spill from her eyes. Lazy? Irresponsible? Selfish? Of all the mean and hateful comments and words that Hiashi had used to constantly put Hinata down throughout her life those few choice words was the straw or should I saw straws that had finally broken the camel's back. She had had enough.

"Please don't take this personally Hinata. This is just business, I didn't think I would have to do this either."

"But you did didn't you?" Hinata spat from under her breath.

"What was that?" Hiashi said leaning up from his perch on the desk.

"Father," Hinata began, "did you ever stop to think that I had other dreams besides running the company. That I had dream aspirations even of doing something other than pressing numbers for the rest of my life?"

"Dreams? Aspirations? You have got to be kidding me!" he laughed obnoxiously. "Please, do tell daughter of your so called dreams."

"Well I always thought about becoming a model. You know, like Tyra Banks or Heidi Klum." Those were Hinata's idols because they were everything she wanted to be and more. They were smart, gorgeous and never believed in conforming into what society thought was beautiful because they believe that being your self is the most important thing.


"W-w-what?" Hinata stuttered confused. "What's so funny?"

"You being a model that's what." Hiashi said after he had finally calmed down. "How do expect to be a model when you are as big as a cow!"

Hinata right eye began to twitch.

"Whew- hoo-hoo Hinata you sure know how to make me laugh!" Hiashi practically skipped behind his desk to answer his BlackBerry that had been buzzing for the past couple of minutes. As he picked up the smartphone, a shoe came flying out of nowhere and knocked the phone right out of his hand.

"Ahhh! What the hell?" he yelled as he looked toward his daughter who was shaking profusely. "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"How dare you." she whispered. "How dare you speak to me in such a way. Whether you like or not Hiashi Hyuuga I actually have other dreams other than running this stupid company, and I will not let you stand here and insult them right in front of my face."

"Why child you have gone mad. How dare you strike me and with your dirty shoe no less." He spat. "You are nothing but a dirty piece of trash just like your mother."

"Is that the same thing you said to her when she was one her deathbed?" Hinata growled at him.


Hinata fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes resulting in a loud thump as her body hit the floor. She looked at her father with so much hate in her eyes as she held her reddening cheek.

"DON'T YOU TALK TO ME LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN! DO YOU HEAR ME YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT!" Hiashi was yelling at her so loud that two of the male servants that happened to be nearby actually ran into the room trying to see what all the commotion was. As they tried to help her up Hiashi ordered them not to.

"Don't lay a hand on that heaping piece of trash right there because she is no longer a member of this household!" he spat as he turned to his daughter with disgusted eyes. "Hinata I ban you from this household and forbid you from coming back ever again. Haku and Hazama why are you just standing there like living scarecrows get this piece of trash out of here!" However, they stood in place. They were Hinata's own family for God's sake! They weren't about to be apart throwing her out.

"Don't even bother." Hinata muttered as she got up off the floor and walked towards the exit of his study. As she got ready to leave she casted an icy cold glance from over her left shoulder and threw Hiashi the coldest and cruelest glance he had ever seen in his life.

"Good riddance Hiashi Hyuuga." She said as she walked out with her head held high. As soon as she was out of sight of her father's study, she ran into the kitchen and out the back door. Tears were streaming down her face. She ran through the gardens as a short cut because it was the quickest way to get out of the estate without being noticed. When she was running through the spice garden she spotted her little sister Hanabi and her cousin Neji sparring at what looked to be judo. She took one last look at them before they could notice her and bolted out of the garden out of sight. Hinata didn't care nor was paying attention to where she was going because all that mattered was that she got away. Away from the estate. Away from her father. Away from everything.

It was already night time now, and the streets were busy with people walking and talking. They were so busy concerned about their own social lives that no one noticed the girl running in sweats until she ran into heavy traffic onto the dimly lit streets. The last thing Hinata remembered was tripping and falling. Horns were blaring. People were yelling. And was that Victoria Secret perfume she smelled? When she finally awoke she was in a bed that was unfamiliar to her. Fearing the worst she sat up very quickly and an instant pain shot through her skull.

"Ahhhh!" She yelled out. Hinata then looked around to see that she was in a fully furnished bedroom that full of Victorian styled furniture in a bed that had cream colored sheets with a matching lacy canopy above her head.

"Where am I?" Hinata wondered out loud.

"So," an alluring voice said behind her, "you're finally awake."

Hinata nearly jumped out of her skin. As she turned around to face her new visitor at lightning fast speed. However, that wasn't a good idea as her head began pounding once again.

"You should be careful of your head injury," the voice no lady spoke to her, "they don't heal in a day you know Miss Hyuuga."

"H-h-how do you know my name?" Hinata stuttered. This lady was really freaking her out. She couldn't even see her as the shadows in the room hid her form. But she could tell the mystery woman was sitting in a chair.

"Well your white eyes kinda gave it away." The lady sounded like she was rolling her eyes.

"Who are you?" Hinata spoke in confusion. This was getting scary.

"I'd thought you never ask." The woman said again as she stepped out of the shadows.

Hinata's eyes grew to the size of dinner plates.

That was when Hinata met Temari no Subaku. It was when her old life ended, and her new life began.