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Chapter 15: Utter Chaos

A frightened Ino lay on her back, while she let the information she had just received sink in. She was thankful that Choji's enormous form had blocked the sight of her disheveled appearance from the person who had barged on them. While the young man frantically spoke 100 words per millisecond, Ino discreetly pulled up the top to her dress that was pulled down during her tryst with Choji. While trying to stick her arms through her spaghetti straps, the platinum blonde tried to make sense of what the sputtering man was saying.

"Everything is insane! One minute I was taking some shrimp and caviar to Dr. Dre's table, and the next a bullet whizzed over my head." The poor boy took a deep breathe to recollect himself and laid a palm on his crown. "I think he took some off the top. What should we do about this Mr. Akimichi? Mr. Akimichi?"

It was then that Ino noticed that Choji had been quiet the whole time that the waiter talking to him. She couldn't tell his facial expression since his back was to her, but somehow Ino could tell that he was very tense. With the outline of his body looking rigid over the light of the doorway, Ino wondered if he was in shock. Getting up from the sofa, pulling down her mini dress, Ino walked up being Choji and poked him in his left should blade.

"AAHH!" The light, unexpected gestured terrified the hell out of Choji. The young chef practically jumped into his protégés arms which almost sent the both of them tumbling over.

Feeling already shaken enough, the waiter smoothly pushed the Akimichi off of him and helped him regain his footing. "Well damn boss, I know the news is scary, but you don't have to go randomly screaming bloody murder on me."

So he doesn't know that I'm not alone. Remembering that the blonde was in the room, Choji coughed to regain his composer while putting on his serious face and lowering his voice.

"Do you know what caused this Hidan's horrific outburst Gouzu?"

All Gouzu could do was shrug his shoulders. "All I know is that he got into an argument with one the security guards and then he pulled a gun out of now where and started going Modern Warfare on their asses. Now the whole club has turned into a war ground." Gouzu lowered his head. Feeling a hand on his shoulder, he lifted his head back up to meet a reassuring smile.

"The most important thing now is to make sure everyone is safe and to alert the authorities." Choji's voiced was so comforting that Ino wanted to wrap it around her like a blanket and snuggle in it forever.

Realizing that worrying would lead to nowhere, Gouzu's manner shifted from panicky to fearless. "Shortly before I left my post, I heard from the VIP room that Ike had already notified Tokyo police."

"Good, now I want you to carefully go back outside, and find a way to get to the DJ's turntables. Behind there is a microphone that is synced to the intercom system that blares throughout out the club. I want you to turn it on and clearly tell everyone to evacuate out one of the four emergency exits; two are in the VIP room, one is down the hall with the bathrooms in the main lounge, and the last is on the other side of the giant fish tank outside of here. Can you do that for me?"

"I will do my best Mr. Akimichi." Gouzu turned on his heel to exit the room before pausing. "If I do manage to make it behind the DJ booth, what's to say that Hidan won't run over from wherever he is and shoot me?"

Choji let out a vociferous laugh. "I'll take care him. No one shoots up the club that I'm catering at and gets away with it. I worked hard stuffing those cream puffs!"

Gouzu did an anime fail and got up with smoke coming out of his ears. "Mr. Akimichi this is serious! How are you supposed to fend off a man with a gun long enough before the officials get here?"

"Oh don't wet your self Gouzu, I'll have help!" The redhead pushed the smaller man out the door ignoring the latter's use of profanities. "Just make sure that you do your job!" Turning to the now fully dressed woman whom he was just foundling minutes earlier. She had reapplied her once smeared make up. She had even fixed her hair and found her shoes quietly.

Feigning a worried look, Ino unsteadily walked over to her lover until she was mere centimeters away from him. "A shooter? In the club? Oh Cho-Cho you can't go out there, you just can't!" Ino buried her head into his chest, sniffling slightly.

As much as he didn't want to, Choji lightly grabbed the beauty by his shoulders and pulled her off of him, making Ino look him in the face. For a moment, Choji was lost in her immense beauty, the light from the doorway highlighting her face's more beautiful features.

"Don't worry Kimi, I'll be fine." When she still didn't look satisfied Choji leaned in and whispered in her ear. "Between you and me, Hidan maybe the most dangerous man with a gun, but he is not even close to being one of the most deadly men in this club." Letting go of Ino's small frame, Choji gave her a comforting look.

"Are you serious?" the blonde said surprisingly trying to hide the sarcasm in her voice.

The redhead placed a soft kiss on her delicate lips. Completely taken off guard, Ino's eyes shout open and she swore her heart was beating so hard that it would beat right out of her chest. After kissing her for what felt like an eternity, Choji slowly ascended off her lips and hastily let go. "As a heart attack." The young Chef admired Ino's beauty for couple more seconds before turning to grab the handle of the door that was left ajar. Pulling the door until it was fully open Choji took two steps. Once he was completely outside, he muttered the words "I'll be back" and shut the door incasing Ino in darkness once again.

Ino wrapped her arms around herself. Why does it feel so cold all of a sudden? Could I be missing his touch? Ino shook her head to clear her mind. Pssh, no way I'm glad that Mr. Akimunchi took his greasy hands off me. He smelt like grilled onions.

Walking around blindly in the darkness Ino, remembered that she didn't find her phone from earlier. Getting on her hands and knees, she felt along the cold floor for her phone crawling farther into the room until she bumped into a door.

"Choji never mentioned that there was another door in here. Maybe my phone slipped under here." Before Ino had a chance to even place her hand on the door knob, she felt something with a blunt edge hit her knee. Deciding not to open the door, Ino reached down and picked up the object that had a square shape in her hands. Ino instantly recognized as her cell phone.

"Yay there you are!" Ino quietly rejoiced getting up from the floor. Walking back over to sit on the couch, she checked to see if she had any missed calls or texts. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, she texted Hinata and Sakura and told them about the shooter and to come to the break room so they could escape. After a couple minutes Hinata responded with a text saying:

Ok, ok chill out, we already got your first text. BTW thanks for telling not telling us about the mass murderer earlier!

Ino furrowed her perfectly plucked eyebrows. Text from earlier? What is she talking about?

I need to do some serious damage control. All Sasori could do was ponder how his plan had fallen to pieces before it was even carried out. Sasori leaned his head against the wall and closed his eyes. Every was going to go perfectly, all those two nimrods had to do was make it down to the break room without gaining any attention. Sasori shook his head, Nagato was going to kill him and Deidara for sure. To top that off, their leader didn't even know that Deidara had recruited an infamous mass murderer from Shinjuku to be their replacement for Tobi. Now thanks to Deidara, the both of us won't only face the possibility of getting fired from the Secret FBI Task Force, but we might land our own asses locked up in federal prison. Sasori held his head in his hands and begged for whatever God that existed to please take pity on him. Feeling a little vibration inside his pocket, Sasori retrieved his cellular device to notice he'd received a message from the man whom he hated the most at this particular moment.

This jerk. The next time I see him, I am going to strangle him until he turns purple! Rapidly opening up the message it read:

Hey Sasori, that was some crazy stuff that happened inside the club right? I'm outside in my car right now and the only thing I'm waiting on is you.

Sasori was taken aback by Deidara's lax behavior despite all the madness he and his deranged counterpart caused. The red head furiously responded:


After pressing send, Sasori took a minute to compose himself. Words could not describe how mad he was at Deidara. This was hands down the most reckless and costly thing that he's ever done. Tapping his foot impatiently, but not loud enough for the slutty blonde outside to hear, the redhead waited impatiently for Deidara to text back. After he felt a buzz, Sasori opened Deidara's latest text message:

Oh don't get your man thong in a wad. I perfectly know what Hidan is capable of. He won't kill anybody though, he's just got ticked off at that security guard because he kept asking him too many questions and kept bugging him about seeing his ID. After two minutes of interrogating Hidan, he received some type if information on his walkie talkie. Then he grabbed Hidan's arm and tried to take him away, but Hidan kneed him in the gut. Then guards from the surrounding area started to rush Hidan, which pissed him off even more, so the psycho pulled out his two 40 millimeters and started going ham on everyone. Good thing I was out of his way before he started shooting. Anyway, I ran to the restrooms and I found an exit and that's how ended up sitting here waiting on your dunbass.

Sasori reread the message several times exasperatedly before texting back:

What are we going to do about Hidan? He's sure to get be arrested, and he's most likely going to name us as his accomplices.

After only a few seconds, Deidara texted back:

Don't worry, Hidan isn't a snitch and I'm sure a few years in the slammer will feel like home sweet home to him. Besides why do you think I insisted we dress in disguise? No one will ever recognized us. Now stop being such a pussy and hurry outside before the cops show up and the real shit starts.

All the redhead could do was sigh and text Deidara about his current situation about how he had to wait for the blonde to leave before he could make a getaway. Placing his Android on the floor, Sasori closed his eyes and his mind went back to the conversation that the Akimichi had with the waiter named Gouzu earlier. If Sasori wasn't mistaken, he'd heard Choji say that he was going to deal with Hidan which left Sasori with one question ringing in his mind.

Exactly what can that guy do other than cook?

There was mass hysteria. People who were once rubbing elbows with A-listers and partying like there was no tomorrow were now running around in circles trying to take cover from the mad men that was shooting anything that moved. A pinkette and a brunette sat hunched up behind the bar waiting for an opening to run. The pinkette of the two was shaking. Not out of fear, but out of fury that the idiot who was currently shooting up the place had no sense of decency. If he was going to cause a shooting, have could have at least brought bigger pistols. She turned to her partner who looked even more ticked off.

"Oh what are we going to do now? This jerk picked the wrong night to PMS." Sakura tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

The indigo haired beauty sighed but never took her eyes off the silver haired man who had focused his bullets on the adjacent wall trying to spell his name. "I don't know, but he can finish any day now. He can continue his rant in the loony bin after the police arrive."

"How long has he been at it?"

"I think about eight minutes now." Hinata quickly ducked to dodge a ricochet bullet. "If he doesn't watch where he flings those bullets I'm going to-" Hinata was cut off in mid-sentence when she heard a loud crashing sound. Snapping their heads to the direction of that noise, their eyes took in the sight of Hidan embedded upside down into a wall. The gunman looked disoriented as he dropped both his weapons to the ground and fell along with them. With Hidan seemingly knocked out cold and the barrage of bullets halted, Sakura and Hinata rose from their hiding place and looked for the person who was responsible for this.

"Ahem, you can thank us later." Hinata snapped her neck into to the right in the direction of a familiar voice with Sakura doing the same. A few feet away stood three men: a pissed looking Uchiha, an annoyed looking fat man, and a haughty looking blonde. The blonde turned to Hinata and winked at her.

"You weren't hurt, were you Kari?" All Hinata could do was swallow a nonexistent lump in her throat.

Shit just got real.