First of all I'd like to thank eyecanread for inspiring this idea and for letting me post it. This is an extended ending to Don't Understand which is a very good Seddie fic. You should read that first to help you make sense of this fic. So without further ado let's start the fic.

The happy couple made it back to Bushwell Plaza and went up to the 8th floor.
After some minor deliberation they headed to Freddie's Mom's apartment where
Mrs. Benson was in the kitchen making dinner.
"Hey Mom," Freddie said causing Mrs. Benson to drop what she was doing and
run over and embrace her son.
"Oh my little Freddiekins" she said causing Sam to snicker getting the older woman's attention.

"What's she doing here?" she said mildly upset.
"I'm his girlfriend" she said matter-of-factly. Mrs. Benson looked at Sam, then Freddie who nodded. At this point she promptly fainted.
"MOM!" Freddie yelled kneeling next to her trying to get her to regain
"Well she took that better than I thought" Sam said nonchalantly.
"Sam, there's some smelling salts in the bathroom behind the mirror. Can you get them for me?"
"Sure" Sam said getting the smelling salts as Freddie picked his mom up and placed her on the couch. A few moments later Sam came back with a glass of water and splashed it in her face causing her to start regaining consciousness.

"Sam!" Freddie yelled.

"What? I couldn't find the smelling salts"
"Horrible dream...Freddie...that blond..." Mrs. B. said as she regained
consciousness. She opened her eyes to the sight of a concerned Freddie and
annoyed Sam. "That wasn't a dream, was it? And why am I wet?" Sam put the glass behind her back and looked innocent.
"No mom. Sam and I are really a couple"
"Who? When? Where?" So many questions swirled through the older woman's
"Calm down mom, and let me explain" Freddie said as he explained the events that happened not too long before heading off to college. Minus a few details of course. By the end Mrs. B. seemed to understand and accept her son's decision.
"I hope you understand mom"
"I do, and I accept that you two are together"
"Thanks mom" Freddie said as realization hit him. "I left my luggage at
Carly's. He and Sam headed to the door and went across the hall to the Shay's apartment. Leaving Freddie's mom to contemplate what her son just told her.

"He's grown up so fast. I just hope she doesn't hurt him" Meanwhile in the hall Sam and Freddie were about to enter the Shay's apartment when Freddie stopped her.


"I know your birthday was a couple weeks ago so I got you this" Freddie said has he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box and opened it to reveal a gold necklace with a charm shaped like a ham.

"Happy birthday, Sam" he said as he put the necklace on her. After he got it on her he started to pull back to see how it looks when Sam pulled him into a passionate kiss.

"I love you"

"I love you too" Unnoticed by the two teens were a pair of eyes watching the whole thing with a smile.

'Treat him right, Sam' she thought as she quietly closed the door.

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