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As I burried my face in my hands I thought about what all happened. What was wrong with us? Why did we always get into trouble? I couldn't use this right now, especially not since my job was doing so well. I managed to hide everything the last time but this is seriously fucked up. Maybe we couldn't even go back anymore. Maybe they already knew it.

"Tracy, I'm sorry." Phil spoke and he looked around. I lowered my arms and sighed sadly.

"It happened again." Phil continued to explain to Tracy. I looked around and saw Alan and Stu sitting sadly on the white stairs. Stu had his head burried in his arms, as if he was hiding from the world.

"No this time we really fucked up." Phil sounded as if he wanted to cry. I quickly turned my head to him and saw him helplessly looking around. A soft breeze swept across my skin and made me shiver. It wasn't a shiver from the cold but the feeling that we couldn't do anything anymore made me shiver. We were completely out of options this time. And now I actually meant it.

"So much Trace, I don't even know where to begin." Phil shrugged. He turned his back to us and I walked to the stairs and sat down next to Stu. I wrapped my arm around his shoulder but Stu didn't even try to move.

"Yeah," Phil sighed. "A little worse than that."

One week earlier

"Get camera 3 ready. Zoom in. Go to 2." I ordered as I looked at the little screens all on the wall in front of me. I placed my pen between my teeth and examined every scene that was on the TV's.

"Alright get ready 3." I said. I waited 5 seconds until I ordered to go to camera 3. I dropped my pen on the table and took a sip of my coffee as I looked closely to the screens again. I couldn't lose my focus. if I did this whole thing would be a mess. Suddenly camera 3 died. The screen of 3 was all black.

"Fuck." I whispered. I looked around and quickly continued to give orders, "Go to 1. Get camera 3 ready again. Zoom in on the picture."

Before I knew it it was time for the commercial's. I looked on my watch and back at the screen.

"Alright, go to the commercial in 3, 2, 1, go." I said. One screen on the wall turned into the commercial's and the others were still of the studio. I stood up and took a deep breath.

"Alright thank you all. That was it." I smiled. "See you all later."

I walked out of the room and through the corridors of my work. My hands were shaking again from the nerves. Being the producer was a big responsibility. I already did it for like 2 years and I thought the nerves were going away but it was still as nerve wracking as always. Being the producer of CNN was an important thing and if I screwed it up I would get a lot of hate towards me and I would destroy a famous news channel. I didn't exactly want that on my conscience.

I looked on my watch and walked towards the elevator. It was already 1 in the afternoon and I needed to get to therapy with Phil. Our relationship wasn't really going that well. After we got home from Vegas Phil and I started dating and after about 6 months we moved in together. Our relationship was full of life but as the months passed by it ended up like a dead end. Now I finally managed to get Phil so far to go to therapy with me. I really wanted to safe our relationship and if this was the only option I was taking it, but it didn't mean that Phil was too excited about it. How did we end up like this anyway?

Phil and I sat down on a couch in front of our therapist. The woman had short black hair, glasses, she wore a grey skirt and a white blouse and she had a smile plastered on her face as she looked at us. Phil and I looked at each other and back at her.

"My name is Jennifer Jenkins," She said and shook our hands. "And welcome to your first session."

"Thank you." I smiled. Jennifer took a deep breath and eyed us up and down. She grabbed her notebook and a pen and wrote something down. Phil and I furrowed our eyebrows as we tried to figure out what she would be writing about.

"So tell me a little bit about yourselfs." Jennifer told us. Phil leaned back in the couch and placed his hand on his head, thinking about his answer.

"Uhm," I began slowly. My eyes drifted across the room. What was I supposed to tell about myself?

"Just tell me where you were born, how your parents were, do you have any siblings, anything like that." Jennifer explained with a smile. She clicked her pen and placed it against her notebook again.

Phil looked at me, telling me I should go first. I sighed and placed my hands on my knees.

"Okay, well I was born in LA, uhm...my parents are lovely people, I have an older brother who is married to a wonderful person and i'm the producer of CNN." I told her.

Jennifer nodded and wrote it all down, "Producer of CNN that's big. It comes with a lot of stress right?"

"It does actually, because I need to make sure everything goes according to plan and if something goes wrong I could ruin everything. So it comes with an enormous responsibility." I replied. In the corner of my eyes I could see Phil looking at his nails as he started to sink in the couch. I pressed my lips in a thin line, trying to control my temper.

"I want to get into that a little later but first tell me a little bit about yourself too Phil." Jennifer said. Phil took a deep breath and stared at the ceiling. He didn't reply for a minute. I placed my elbow on the arm rest of the couch and placed my chin on the palm of my hand.

"I'm also born in LA, my parents are fine, i'm a school teacher, don't have any brothers or sisters." Phil mumbled. Jennifer nodded and started writing again. I bit my lower lip and shook my head slowly, getting tired of Phil's attitude.

"And what about your past?" Jennifer took her glasses off and looked at us suspiciously. "Did you have a lot of relationships before this one? Were you married before each other? Were you friends?"

"Well, Phil and I were great friends when we were young and Phil was married before me." I smirked. Now he had to explain everything to her and I knew Phil didn't exactly like telling people about his life. Phil glared at me before turning back to Jennifer. She smiled, waiting for Phil to explain.

"Marley was married too." Phil said. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. I wasn't even married before Phil, I was married to Phil. Oh...

"Then you were married twice." I shot back at him. Phil turned his body fully to me and looked in my eyes.

"It wasn't exactly a nice marriage." Phil retorted.

My mouth opened slightly and I replied, "Then why did you propose?"

"I was drunk!" Phil repeated his sentence again from 2 years ago.

I crossed my arms and said, "So that's basically the only way to get a propose out of you, huh?"

"You want me to propose to you?" Phil asked confused. I shook my head.

"No, i'm just getting tired of you using that excuse all the time." I told him with irritation in my voice.

"It's not an excuse when it's true-"

"Alright! Hold on a second with the fighting," Jennifer interupted our argument. We both turned to her. "Phil, why don't you tell me about your first marriage."

"Uhm, I was married once to Stephanie for 7 years. We also got a son together." Phil replied, not knowing what to tell her anymore except that.

"And why did you decided to divorce?" Jennifer asked and she wrote it all down again. Wasn't this private stuff? Who was she going to show those notes?

"I don't know. It didn't click between us anymore. It never really did." Phil sighed deeply and he hung his head back on the couch.

I quickly added, "They divorced because Stephanie thought Phil gave me more attention than her. It made her angry, Phil got angry about her getting angry and boom, they divorced."

"She was jealous of you Marlena?" Jennifer asked to be sure. I nodded unsure. "Why?"

"I don't know. Just because Phil gave me more attention. He was always with me and brought Eli with him whenever he came to see me. And I loved having him over." I replied. I looked at the ground and furrowed my eyebrows as everything suddenly hit me. "Oh my god, I stole Phil away from Stephanie."

Jennifer scooted on the edge of her chair, placed her hand on my knee and told me soothingly, "You didn't steal him away from her. Phil can decide for himself. He wouldn't have left her if he truly loved her. Don't worry."

I held my breath and nodded quickly. Jennifer leaned back in her seat again and questioned further, "So tell me, Phil you have a son." Phil nodded. "How old is he?"

"Now he's 9." Phil replied. I also leaned back in my seat and crossed my arms.

"Do you and Phil's son get along Marlena?"

"Yes we do. I'm always excited whenever Phil brings Eli to our place." I smiled happily. I looked over at Phil and saw him staring at the ground and smiling while thinking back of that.

After more questions Phil and I started to relax. We knew that perhaps talking about our situation would help us. If Phil didn't want to safe the thing we had he wouldn't have showed up here but he did so that gave me an extra boost to try harder for us. I loved him with all my heart and I saw a future for us together but we still needed to dodge some bullets before that dream could come true. Almost everyone needs to do that. But that doesn't mean that there is no hope left. There is always a spark in every relationship if you truely love them and I could still feel it. The flame inside my heart still burned and it will always burn for Phil. But the next questions totally threw me off guard and snapped me out of my dreams.

"When was the last time you two had sex?"

Phil cleared his throat uncomfortably and I stared at the woman in front of us. I felt Phil changing positions on the couch. Jennifer looked completely serious at us.

"Sorry?" I mumbled puzzled and shocked.

"When was the last time you and Phil had sex?" Jennifer repeated her question. She lay her notebook down on her legs and crossed her arms. I looked at Phil and he placed his chin on the palm of his hand and frowned confused at the woman.

"I don't think this is necessary to discuss." I chuckled briefly and looked back and forth between Phil and our therapist.

Jennifer took a deep breath, "Well you see, a lot of tension between a relationship can be caused by the lack of effort. Sometimes it's because people aren't meant to be together and by the look of it that is not your case, sometimes it can be because there is no spark anymore and you need to build it up again with some romance and sometimes it can be because of a pregnancy when the woman is all emotional."

"Well the last time I checked Marley wasn't pregnant." Phil smirked. I ran my hand through my hair and sighed. Jennifer turned to me with a smile. I just shook my head, telling her I wasn't pregnant. Jennifer eyed us up and down before writing again.

"You really want to know when our last time...was?" I asked carefully. Jennifer nodded. Phil looked at me through the corner of his eyes and I lost my voice. This was a little too personal. When Phil noticed me staring he cleared his throat and sat up straight.

"Uhm...about a week ago?" Phil replied unsure. My eyes looked everywhere except for Jennifer and Phil. I did not want to meet their gaze. Was it bad or anything?

"Our sexlife is absolutely fine. There is nothing wrong with that. Believe me, Phil is amazing." I quickly said. Phil and Jennifer stared awkwardly at me as I rambled on and on. "The things Phil does is just-just great! I uhm...I-I'm just gonna shut up now."

"Don't worry, your little speech is nothing compared to what i've heard from other clients." Jennifer smiled soothingly. I pressed my lips together and nodded thoughtfully.

"Can we hear?" Phil smirked and he scooted closer. I smacked him against his leg and Phil let out a little yelp.

Jennifer scooted also closer to him and spoke softly, "Would you like it if I discussed your sexlife with my clients?" Phil looked in her eyes before leaning back again. He got the point.

"Alright last question, when was the last time your relationship was full of life? When you had fun, when you were arguing, when you were sad, when you were worried about each other, when you were romantic with each other, that sort of things." Jennifer asked us.

Phil and I thought about our answer. After a couple of seconds thinking, I knew it. To me our relationship was alive during Vegas. I felt so many emotions back then and that's when I realized I loved Phil. When we came back from Vegas Phil and I were doing great. Thanks to Vegas we were together.

"Well..." I began slowly. Phil and Jennifer looked at me. I stared at the ground while speaking further. "To me our relationship was truly alive when we were in Vegas for my brother's bachelor party. I was invited too because I got a promotion. Back then Phil and I were just friends but there was a spark between us when I think back off it." Jennifer started writing everything down again. I looked up and turned to Phil. "We got in trouble after a night out and we couldn't remember anything of it anymore. Apparently we lost my brother which sent us on a crazy trip. I experienced emotions that I didn't knew I had. My feelings for Phil got stronger and I started to realize I was in love with him and he with me. But because of all the drama we were only fighting but I think it made our bond stronger. I felt safe whenever I was next to Phil. I felt like nothing could harm me. When we came back we started dating and I was so happy. Phil always called me whenever CNN went to a commercial or whenever they switched camera's to tell me he cheered every time that happened because he knew that was my job to do. Vegas brought our relationship alive to me."

Phil nodded and explained further, "I'm not gonna explain all the crazy shit we did but apparently we got married when we were drunk. I wanted to divorce since I thought it was a mistake but after Marley decided she wanted to stay married to piss me off I didn't mind it. I liked it. I liked having her as my wife because she didn't act like a wife. She acted like my friend."

"That's good. In a relationship your wife or girlfriend can't just be your wife or girlfriend. Besides that role they have to be your friend and that makes a bond stronger." Jennifer explained and a small smile spread across her lips. She wrote something down again. "Why did you get divorced then when it felt right?"

"Because we needed to keep that night a secret and we weren't ready." I spoke softly. Phil sat up straight and wrapped his arm around me. He pulled me close and smiled.

"Where do you see yourself go to Phil?" Jennifer asked. Phil frowned confused.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

Jennifer placed her notebook down on her lap and removed her glasses, "Do you see a future with Marlena or not?"

"I don't know." Phil mumbled. "I haven't thought about that." His eyes drifted across the room. I pressed my lips together and moved away from Phil again. He didn't know if he saw a future with me? What was that supposed to mean? We have been dating for 2 years now. Didn't he want to move to the next step?

Jennifer nodded thoughtfully and she turned to me, wanting an answer from me. I crossed my legs and arms and stared thoughtfully at the woman in front of me.

"If Phil keeps acting like this..." I spoke slowly. I shook my head. "Then I don't see us going anywhere."

Jennifer took a deep breath and placed her hands together, "I'll tell you this. Are you going somewhere this month? On a vacation or something else?"

"Our buddy Stu is getting married in Thailand and we're invited." Phil answered and he leaned back in the couch again.

"Do something nice there. Try to relax. Spent some time together and build up the romance again." Jennifer suggested us. "You two are made for each other, believe me."

I walked through the appartment of me and Phil and spotted Phil sitting on the couch, watching the TV. I leaned against the door frame of the kitchen and stared at him. He didn't even had a clue I stood there watching him. He only had eyes for the TV. Typical men.

"How did your appointment go with the dentist by the way?" I asked, trying to get his attention. Phil didn't turn to me.

He scratched his head while replying shortly, "Fine."

"What did Stu say?" I questioned further, trying to make a conversation. I walked away from the door frame and towards the couch. I sat down on the arm rest and looked at Phil. He kept staring at the TV.

"I should floss more. Nothing special." Phil replied, still not caring for a conversation. I nodded and looked at the TV. Stupid soccer game. I sighed and got up again.

"I'm going to change." I informed my boyfriend. Phil just let out a 'hmm.' I closed the door of the bedroom and walked to the closet. I grabbed a black hoodie and grey sweatpants. After changing I walked back to Phil and sat down beside him on the couch.

"What do you want for dinner?" I asked and looked at the clock. It was already 6 PM. Most of the time we would eat at that time but I wasn't really hungry and Phil hadn't complained yet.

"Doesn't matter to me." Phil said. I frowned at him and grabbed the remote control. I turned off the TV and looked at Phil, not really amused.

"Hey!" Phil yelled as he saw the black screen. He turned to me and noticed my look. Immediately he became quiet.

"I asked you something." I said again. Phil arched his eyebrows puzzled. How suprising, he didn't even listen to me. It wasn't the first time but by now it was starting to bug me a lot. Especially now since we needed to work on our relationship.

"What do you want for dinner?" I repeated my question. Phil looked at the clock and back at me. He shrugged. I sighed and rubbed my temples. "Chinese?"

"Sure." Phil replied and grabbed the remote control again. He turned the TV back on and I was out of the picture.

I stood up and walked to the phone while mumbling, "Unbelievable."

"What?" Phil asked as he heard me. He turned around on the couch and stared at me. I turned around with a sharp movement and glared at him.

"We agreed we would work on our relationship!" I spoke angrily. "You said it at therapy but seeing this...it looks like you don't even want to try."

Phil turned to TV off and stood up. He walked away from the couch and towards me. In disbelief he asked, "I don't even want to try? I told you we were going to work on it when we were in Thailand. Are we in Thailand?" Phil looked around and gestured around the room. "This doesn't really look like Thailand."

"It doesn't matter." I groaned frustrated. I placed my hands on my hips and continued, "We are supposed to work on our relationship and if you think it will only work whenever we're on a trip...your wrong. We could easily work at it here at home." My voice started to get a little hoarse as I continued to speak. "And if you think this isn't going to work here then you can just leave."

"Marley." Phil sighed, thinking I was being dramatic.

I held my hand up, "No Phil. Seriously. I see something for us but by the way you've been acting for the last year really just destroys my vision of us. And if you're going to be like this I don't want to try anymore." With that said I walked to the bedroom and slammed the door shut, leaving Phil alone with suprise and worry.

Did I seriously think about ending it? Yes I did.

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