Hi everyone! I'm so sorry for not letting you know if I was going to post a sequel or not for such a long time. I've been busy with stuff and last week a friend of mine was staying over so I couldn't update. I hope I didn't make you too impatient though.

But either way, I've got some news about the sequel to this story. I've got some great suggestions for the sequel and i'm defenantly going to use them, so thank you charles ho for your ideas! Unfortuantly I have some bad news, I tried hard to put all those ideas into chapters and all but it isn't working well for me at the moment. So I made up my mind. There is going to be a sequel but not now. I decided I am going to focus on my Harry Potter story first and when i'm finished with that I'll try again. But don't be sad, like I said there is going to be a sequel but it's just going to take a while until it's up. I've already made up my mind with the title and it's going to be called "White Flag."

So keep your eyes open and I hope this isn't too much disappointment. Again i'm sorry for not letting you know any sooner and i'm sorry that you have to wait so long for the sequel.

Until next time!

~xXx~ BeBlessed