Title: The Other Jackie

Author: RachelHouse22

Rating: K-T

Summary: 'So, now you know what I said wasn't a lie.' Angelica wasn't lying when she said she was pregnant. Thirteen years later, a girl ends up on Jack's ship trying to join. J/A

Notes: I know this idea has been done before, but I wanted to try it. And I made the girl older. I don't really cuss. So if Jack or Angelica or anyone else cusses, you'll see this: -. Just use your imagination. So? Get reading! Chop, chop!

Chapter 1: Beginnings

Angelica Teach was not a woman to be messed with. She had been through a lot in her, now, even longer life. The day Jack Sparrow tricked her and her father was always haunting her. I should've taken the other glass… I should've known Jack would trick us… and kill my father… She tried to stay mad at him for the four months she was on that deserted island (she has ways), but she just couldn't. Especially after Jacqueline was born four months later.

By then, a merchant ship had found her, and luckily for her, Erik Garcia, one of her old flames, was on that ship. He was married and had a new born son, and he made it to where she had a house and food. She lived in a little cottage on the beach in Spain, close enough to the village to get food and socialize.

Jacqueline was a spitting image of her father. Her chocolate brown eyes and attitude was all Jack's. One of the things she got from Angelica was her charm; she was able to con any boy in the village.

Jacqueline, or as the village knew her, Jackie, wasn't like any of the other girls. When Susanna, the other most beautiful girl than Jackie, was reading and talking with her friends, Jackie was rough-housing with Erik's son, Michael. Everyone knew Jackie, and if you didn't, you would soon.

Angelica and Jackie had lots of great times together. Jackie was happy with just her and her mother. But, she always wanted a complete family. Like Michael, his sisters and his parents had. They were complete, even though Michael and his sisters fought sometimes; they always had each other's backs. And she could tell their parents loved each other very much. Jackie wanted that for her mom, but with the right guy. Like, her father. Whoever he was. Angelica used to tell her stories about her father. How he was a pirate, and stole her innocence, but she loved him, even though she didn't believe it then.

The one thing she always remembered about her father was he was a pirate. That made her want to be a pirate, especially when she learned her mother was a pirate, also.

That, my friends, is the start of our story.

"Jackie, are you sure? You could always just-" Michael started. They were both now thirteen and Michael was helping Jackie get away. And he felt horrible about it.

"Mike, I know what you're gonna say. Don't. I'm doing this for me and my mother. Becoming a pirate will help me find my father, and live my dream."

"Well, I think it's a stupid dream. It's putting you in danger!"

"Well, then why don't you come with me? You can protect me!" Jackie said.

"You know I can't do that, Jackie. My parents would worry too much. And my parents need help with the twins. My mom isn't gone all the time like yours." Yes, when Jackie turned ten, and was, Angelica thought, old enough to be on her own, and if not, Erik was right up the road, she hit the seas. She would go all over, and bring back wonderful souvenirs for Jackie.

"I know, I know. But, I need to do this." Jackie said. Her small pack was almost full, and she packed one last thing: Her mother's necklace. Her mother gave it to her on her thirteenth birthday, and it was very special to Jackie.

"Well, done packing. I guess this is goodbye, old friend." Jackie said, throwing her pack over her shoulder. She hugged Michael goodbye and out the door she went.

Michael sat down. He couldn't believe she was gone, just like that. He put his head in his hands, just as Jackie walked back through the door. "What the- Are you staying?" He asked, hopefully.

"No! I forgot I need to cut my hair. Help?" She held up her mother's best cooking knife.

Three minutes later, with Jackie sitting on a stool and Michael cutting her hair like a boy's, Michael said, "I can't believe I'm doing this, but, I'm going with you."

With Jackie turned into 'Jack', and Michael all packed and ready, they set off in search of a ship that would take them.

The first ship they saw was at the bad part of town, where all of the drunks and pirates were. That's just what Jackie wanted. But, just to be sure, Jackie dragged Michael into the bar she saw.

"Jackie, I'm not sure about this," Michael said as they walked in.

"Just act confident, we'll be fine. I'm sure of it…" Right then,
Jackie bumped into the biggest guy in the bar.

His voice was deep and rugged, "Aren't you two a little… young to be in here?"

"U-um…" Was all Michael said.

Jackie, talking as 'Jack', said, "We're looking for work is all, no drinking done here. Do you know if any ships need help? We're good workers, my brother and I, and need work."

The man just stared at them, and inside Jackie was pleading with the stars for him to believe her. Then, he leaned in real close, "Well, I don't know if it's true or not, but Cap'n Jack Sparrow is in the back room looking for men. You didn't get this from me." Then, he walked off.

Jackie turned toward Michael, "Did you hear that? We got a job!"

"Not yet, we don't. We have to talk to this Sparrow fellow. Do you think it's true?"

"Of course! Let's go talk to the owner. He'll know." They walked over to the drink server, and asked for the owner.

"That's me," He said, "And what do you want?"

"Well, we heard a rumor that Captain Jack Sparrow is in your back room looking for men. Is it true?"

The owner looked around, and waved his hand toward an open door. "He's in there. Don't stay too long if he says no or he'll be throwing chairs. Got me?" The kids nodded their heads, Michael scared out of his socks, and Jackie full of adrenaline.

Jackie pushed the door open some more, and they heard a drunk sounding voice and a voice that was familiar to Jackie, "Cap'n, when will we 'ave enough men to continue our journey? We've been 'ere for a week!"

"My dear mister Gibbs, we'll have enough men when I say we have enough! All I need is two more, got it, savvy?" At these words, Jackie got so excited. Two more? So, she mustered up all the confidence she had.

"I couldn't help but overhear your problem, gentle- oh, forgive me. Pirates." She smiled her best con smile, "And I think I've solved it."

The two men looked at her. The drunken one (you could just tell) was short and kind of chubby with gray hair and a dirty face. The other was tall, with long dreadlocks and beads with some scars on his face. They both had drinks in front of them, but the short one, had more empty cups than then other.

"And how, savvy, have you solved my problem? I don't see any men with you," the tall one, obviously the captain, said.

"We're right here," Jackie said, pulling Michael into the light, "We're willing to work, Mr. Sparrow. Even for free. Well, not exactly free… but for knowledge. Maybe a couple coins for my brother here."

Jack stood up, "Have you ever worked on a ship before, lads? Its hard work, even for my best men."

"We are completely sure, Mr. Sparrow," Michael said, surprising Jackie.

"Well, then," Jack said, holding out his hands, "Welcome to the crew."

I think that's enough for this time. I don't really know when the next chapter will be up. It'll be whenever it's finished, and it's maybe about halfway (I'm an over achiever). So, please review and I'll be happy!

Word count: 1,423