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Chapter 13: Thinking about stuff

Sparrow Cave was a half-day's journey away. Jack was feeling even guiltier by the minute. He couldn't go anywhere; just lay in his cell until Ragetti brought him some food. Then he would eat in his cell. He thought of Jackie and Angelica all the time. Before, he wouldn't have done this, put himself on death row for someone else, but he was different now… I think. Maybe it's because Jackie's actually mine And Angelica asked why I didn't question it Ha! How could I question it? All the evidence is right there on Jackie's face!

Jack had never seen the treasure Barbossa was searching. He heard his uncle had filled the cave to the top with all kinds of treasure. That could be anything! Oh, Uncle Russell Jack chuckled.

Jack hoped his plan would work. He gave Angelica the compass and Gibbs knew what that compass could do. They would follow Barbossa's ship and find him. Hopefully.

Jackie was depressed. But, she did have a good reason to be. One hand, she had never left her village before, and now she was in the middle of the ocean searching for tons of treasure, and to save her father. On the other, she had a father now! But he was being held captive because of her.

This wasn't a good week for her.

Her mother wasn't too happy, either. Michael had told her that her parents had fought while she was away, and Michael didn't have to tell her it was her fault. Or the kidnapper's fault, whichever. But still, it was partly her fault. Michael had told her they had apparently made up, but that wasn't enough for Jackie. She wanted to see them make up before she believed it. If Jack was anything like her, then she knew she had to watch them. Then everything will be somewhat back to normal.

All they had to do was find Jack. His compass was in her pocket, and she pulled it out every five minutes to check if they were heading a different direction. She got the same answer every time. The compass needle hadn't moved an inch. -,She thought. She got up from lying on her bed and ran a hand through her hair. It was longer now, to her shoulders. She actually wanted to cut it again, but she knew her mother wouldn't let her.

She walked up above deck and saw her mother sitting by the side of the ship. She looked like the way Jackie felt. She was walking toward her mother, but Gibbs beat her to it. She was going to join them, but Gibbs said something that made her stop and, well, eavesdrop.

"Ms. Teach, aren't you a… Immortal?"

Her mother looked up at Gibbs. Her eyes were wide. "No one has asked me that in so long… Yes, Gibbs. I am. I forgot about it when Jackie was born… I do not even know if she is immortal…"

Gibbs sat down next to her, "Didn't you mean to ask anyone when she was born, or before?"

"No. I did not. I- I forgot all about it. The night had haunted me always… but the immortal part had slipped my mind completely."

"So that means Jackie doesn't know about it?"

Angelica laughed, "Of course not. And I don't know how I should tell her, or when, or where. I don't know if I should!"

"I think you should, once this whole treasure thing is over and we have Jack back."

Jackie had heard enough. Immortal? She couldn't even begin to understand the concept. She got up and left, and luckily her mother and Gibbs didn't see her. She had to tell Michael!

She ran to the kitchen where Michael was, sitting down, just thinking.

"Michael! Michael! Michael! You will never guess what I just heard!" Jackie yelled and she nearly pushed Michael down just by poking his shoulder.

"What?" Michael yelled back.

"I- I might be… Immortal." Jackie was silent, waiting for Michael to respond. She expected him to say, "Wow, Jackie, and how do you know this?" or something. She sure didn't expect laughter. "Why are you laughing?"

"Im-immortal?" Michael asked her, still laughing, "Where did you hear that?"

"From my mother!" Michael looked at her with an unbelieving look. "It's true, Mike! I heard her and Gibbs talking! Mama said she's an immortal, and that I might be, too!"

"I doubt it, Jackie. They probably knew you were eavesdropping and decided to trick you."

"No! They started talking about it before I went over there!"

"Well, then, you were probably dreaming. No one's immortal, Jackie. It's impossible."

"It's not impossible! My mother is immortal! You'll see, Michael! I promise you that!" Jackie yelled and she stormed out.

Michael stood there, and muttered to himself, "See Jack? This is why I haven't told her."

After her conversation with Gibbs, all Angelica could think about was whether Jackie was immortal or not. After thirteen years of not thinking about it, she had a lot to catch up on! If Jackie was immortal, was it like her own immortality, or different?

Most importantly, how is she going to tell Jackie? Should she tell Jackie at all? Maybe when I know for certain that she is immortal… But how will I know? Who will I ask?

This was too much for Angelica. First, Jackie and Michael ran away, and then she got captured; now Jack is gone and Jackie might be immortal. She sighed. Gibbs told her that she could captain the ship while Jack was gone because she had captained a ship before and it just seemed right. Angelica let Jackie hold the compass so she could feel like she was doing something to help.

Angelica still couldn't believe Jackie had actually ran away and found her father. And, it was really quick! It took her four months to find Blackbeard and three more months to convince him that she is his daughter! Both Jack and Jackie accepted it like they had known it for the thirteen years Jackie's been alive! It puzzled her.

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