Gemma's point of view

Ty how could you? I had know you ever since I was born. You had been there that day at the hospital waiting to see me because your mum was friends with my mum since they were in nursery. You where only seven at the time. As years passed we had been forced to spend time together by our parents while they talked about there jobs and social life. It was quiet boring listening to them talk about business so we would go to the woods at the back of my house. We made a den together do you remember the times we spent in it? We would talk from dawn to dusk about anything and everything.

We never wanted to part and that continued all the way through my first two years at high school and here I am now at sixteen years of age. You had left home and the UK or so I had been told. when I had just turned fourteen and you were twenty one. I had not heard from you in two years.

Un till at Heathrow airport when I waiting for the plane to start boarding even though they had announced over the tannoy it had been postponed so would still be another two hours before then it was time to bored the plane. I thought it was you when I first saw you in the check in line but I wasn't sure.

A while later sat in the waiting room. "mum I am just going to get a coffee. I wont be long." I wanted to get away from them for a little while. Before we bordered the plane for America a boring 12 hour long journey. My mum and dad needed to do some business over there. We where always travailing in my holidays from school. But of coarse you knew that. Little did I know at the time that when I walked away it would be the last time I would see them for a very long time. Maybe I would have told them I loved them but no I just walked away without saying anything.

It was there in the Costa coffee shop that I saw you again sat in the corner by yourself. I couldn't believe how much you had changed since I had last seen you.

As if feeling my eyes on you you looked up to meet my gaze. Those intense blue eyes I had always trusted looked back at me half covered by a mop of blond hair. I had always loved those eyes they where so safe, so warm. I guess I had probably changed since you had last saw me too. I had missed you those years you were away. I had no one back home to talk to. Well at least none that I had known as long as I had known you.

I bought my coffee from the man behind the counter not really paying that much attention to him as I handed over my money. Then I scanned the room for a place to sit. There was only two seats one was with you or there was a seat next to a large family where there two young children where having a food fight with each other. While the parents argued over the table about there lives. I had just escaped my family I didn't want another one to deal with right now. so I walked over to where you sat. "hi Tyler. long time no see!" I grinned I had always smiled when I was with you it was just something I did naturally then.

"hey Gemma, I have not seen you in years. How are you?" you grinned back at me showing me a flash of ultra white teeth. "I'm good thanks. Is it ok if I sit for a while?" I was still standing there waiting for an answer from you. "ye sure." you was looking kind of nervous I didn't know why at the time. But I guess I know now. "Do you want a mint?" you had asked. My mum had always said never take sweets from strangers but id known you all my life so I had trusted you. I really shouldn't have I just wouldn't think that you would have drugged me. I popped it straight in my mouth. You had known mints was my favourite sweets from our childhood. "so what have you done in the years you was away?" a friend could ask that right? "well not that much really, what about you?" you had looked interested to see what my answer was though I thought it was boring. "just been to school, travelled with my parents. that's about it." the way I put it made it sound like I had a boring life but I didn't I had my friends and family to look after me. My friends and family had meant the world to me.`

"But I'm sure you found time to fit a boyfriend in with all that." the truth was that I hadn't had a boyfriend in years I had no luck when it came to boys. "actually I haven't. you know I have no luck when it comes to boys" you had looked puzzled for some reason but I didn't know why. "well I guess some things never change then." a smile had been playing on your lips as you said it. That's when I started to feel woozy. Your face was a blur. Your last words had been "are you all right?" I had tried to answer you. To tell you I was fine. but I couldn't get my lips to move. Little black dots had danced over my line of vision. That was when the blackness took over and I knew I had fainted.

Some time later when I finally woke up. I remembered being at the airport and meeting you. But then there was only the never ending blackness. I looked around expecting to be in the airport still or maybe even on the plane. But instead I was in a room painted dark red. With a wooden cabinet, chest of draws and a wardrobe. But the most important thing in the room was the king size bed that I was unfortunately tied to by peaces of thick scratchy rope I tried to pull my feet out but it was tied too tight to even budge an inch instead it sent a wave of pain shooting through my foot. I was absolutely petrified. I wasn't dressed in the black skinny jeans and blue tank top that I had been wearing at the airport I was dressed in a plain white t-shirt that went up to my thighs. Someone had changed my clothes.

Some time later I don't know how long it had been. I herd the footsteps coming towards the room I was in from the other side of the wooden door that was directly to my left. They where slowly getting closer and closer I could now see part of the shadow from under the door. Followed by the view of a pair of what looked to be white Nike trainers.

I was so scared then. I hadn't known what was to become of me. The thoughts running through my head at the time was is that person going to kill me? Am I going to die or even worse? The door slowly opened with a low creaking sound. I was faced with an obvious male in black jeans a white polo top and a baseball cap. The baseball cap prevented me from seeing who my captor was. You where the first to speak "hey, are you all right?" why was your voice so familiar to me? I couldn't work it out at first. You just stud there waiting for me to say something. It dawned on me suddenly that that was your voice.

My thoughts had been no it couldn't be? You wouldn't do this to me this had to be a misunderstanding. "Tyler?" it was all I could manage to say for I had still been in shock of what you had done to my life.

You gave a quick nod and took of the baseball cap to reveal the familiar face that I had loved all my life. You know I actually used to fancy you when we where little. But I had never told you how I felt.

Some crazy stuff had been going through my head at the time I just weren't thinking straight.

"yeah, Gemma?" but a part of you had been different some how darker under the surface than the kind hearted person that childhood Ty had been.

"what happened? Are you being held captive here too? We have to get out of here. Can you untie me please." I had been trying to convince myself it was someone else holding me here and not you. It couldn't be you.

"No I'm not being held captive here. I also will not untie you for I am the person holding you captive. I drugged you and that's why you blacked out it was so I could get you here easier. You will also not be getting away seen as there is no where for you to go where I wont find you. I will chase you forever if I have to. I just want you to be mine and mine alone. Here is where you belong cant you see that?" you face had looked as if it was as hard as stone so it was showing no emotion for me to read.

I also noticed that you wouldn't make eye contact with me. "no I can't. Why me? What did I do to deserve this?" I wasn't thinking straight "do you really want to know why you're here?" what kind of question was that of coarse I did. "yes I do want to know"

"Ok. You're here because I love you. I all ways have and all ways will love you no matter what. You deserved this for all the time that you have made me want you so badly. But the age gap was too much I couldn't do that to you. you were just too young." now I was the one that couldn't hold your gaze for I was blushing. "no! don't lie I'm not hot or anything. How could you love someone like me?" you took a hesitant step towards me but stopped when I quivered back into the bed. "what I speak of is not a lie it's the honest truth please believe me." then you gave me that look I had all ways hated you know the one where you look so innocent almost like an angle. God only knows how much I wanted to punch you in the face for messing my life up like that I'm sure you could tell from the look of fury that was written all over my face.

You started to move towards me again but this time you didn't stop when I tried to move away you just continued to walk towards me. With every step you took my breathing became more faster and more panicked but you didn't seem to know how much I didn't want you near me. "please don't come any closer to me" I begged. But you just acted like I had never said a word. You didn't stop un till you was stud only inches away from me by the side of the bed. Your eyes were locked with mine the whole time but I still couldn't read them. You sat down right next to me making the bed rise up where I laid. My body began to shake from all the fear.

You raised your arm as if you wanted to touch my face but before you could I shouted "don't touch me you fucking pervert" a look of pure pain crossed your face as you cringed away from me before you fled the room as though my words had physically hurt you. Now what am I going to do I thought to myself as I laid there numbly.