Byakuren Motivates a NEET

1 But again she returned to the human village after some days, and it was heard that she was in a house. 2 Immediately, many gathered together, so that there was no longer any room, not even near the door. And she preached her message to them. 3 Then a certain group came to her, bringing a NEET who was carried by four women. 4 But when they could not come near her because of the crowd, the one named Eiren Yagokoro spoke thus, "Behold, I have a plan." They then broke a hole through the goddamn roof and lowered a bed, which a sleeping woman rested on. 5 (There was much cursing and gnashing of teeth at the hole that would have to be repaired.)

Nevertheless, when Byakuren saw their determination, she asked of them, "What seems to be the sleeping girls ailment?" 6 The one named Eiren yelled through the gaping hole in the roof, "Teacher! The princess refuses to do anything!Please make her realize the error of her ways, for she is becoming a burden to take care of!" 7 Immediately, Byakuren flipped the bed of the NEET princess, which woke her with a start and put her in a confused state.

And some Earth rabbits were sitting there, thinking to themselves, 'Why does this woman commit such insolent actions against the princess? Who can do so but Master Eiren alone?'

8 But immediately, when Byakuren perceived in her spirit that they thought thus within themselves, she said to them, "Why do you think such things in your hearts? 9 Which is more logical, to go on doing the same thing and expect different results or to try something different? 10 But that you may know that the daughter of man has power in the human realm to command even royalty," she said to the NEET, 11 "Arise, you leech! Be no longer a burden upon those who care for you, lest I track you down and make you daily recite sutras under a waterfall! You wouldn't want that, now would you?" 12 "I'll find a job immediately!" The rude awakening sent the princess scurrying like a cockroach, so that all were amazed and glorified the gods, saying, "We never saw anything like this! Who would have thought one as slothful as the princess would suddenly rush out for work!"

Kyouko the Mountain Echo

13 Then she went out to the mountains, and all the multitude of worthless humans came to her, and she taught them. 14 As she passed through the mountains, she saw Kyouko Kasodani of the yamabiko standing at a ledge, calling back over it any sounds that she could hear (Monkey see, monkey do, eh? I do not appreciate this comment! Please remove it! - Kyouko No, and don't write in my manuscript!)*. And she said to her, "Come with me." So she stopped what she was doing and followed her. Kasodani would later be assigned the task of sweeping.

15 Now it happened, as she was dining in the yamabiko's house, that many low level youkai also sat with the merciful Byakuren. 16 And when the Earth rabbits and village elders saw her eating with such a company, they asked the disciples, "How is it that the teacher can eat with such vile things as youkai?" and also, "How can one who supposedly can command royalty sit with such low fellows?" They responded, "Where the hell did you all come from!?" For indeed, these people seemed to pop up out of no where.

17 When Byakuren heard these questions, she said to them, "I do what I want."

*Some fragments from this chapter of the Gospel of Nazrin seem have done away with this exchange, which indicates that this is an older version of the text

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