"I thought you would've kicked me out of here by now." Tadashi remarked, peering up from his collage prep book. He was currently sprawled out on a relatively unused cooking counter, his back against a support beam. Akira finished mixing the batter. "I…" She began but faltered slightly, "Even I get lonely sometimes…" She remarked blushing as she faced away from him.

She heard him slide off the counter, and heard his feet hit the floor. She looked up to find him towering over her. He stuck his finger in the batter. "Your making sugar cookies?" He half asked half stated. She nodded. His face broke into a huge smile. "I knew it! They're my favorite afterall."

"Oh.." Akira remarked, "I didn't know that." She admitted.

"Well, maybe they're not my favorite." Tadashi said changing his mind. "I really like your scones too."

Akira felt her hand twitch ever so slightly. "Oh… I didn't make any scones today." She said carefully choosing each word. "Or maybe it's your brownies, or-"

Her hand balled into a fist. "Make up your mind!" She said delivering a half hearted blow to his arm. Well, almost blow since he caught it. He gave her a soft smile. "Then again I think my favorite taste is you." He whispered, their lips impossibly close, as he gave her a quick peck on the lips. Akira was stunned as he pulled away the same soft, now knowing, smile on his lips. Akira felt her cheeks heat up.

"Maybe I do like your sugar cookies better though…" He said teasing her. "You're horrible!" She shouted idignatily at him, but teasing as well. He stood over her, as she continued to bake. And he procedded to sample off the different batters for today's sweets. She smacked him on the shoulder as he sucked on his fingers.

"Don't double dip, you'll ruin the batter." Akira scolded lightly. He stared at her as if an idea just dawned on him. "You mean if I double dip, then I get all of it?" He asked. "I guess…" Akira admitted.

He procedded to bury both hands into the batter.

"Tadashi!" Akira said taking both hands our by his wrists, only to have his hands dripping with batter. He smiled as he began to eat it off each finger. Akira couldn't help but laugh. "You look like a baby bear." She giggled as he paused, his index finger in his mouth.

"Really? Why?" He asked not noticing the batter had splashed onto his face as well. "It's all over your face." She said reining in her laughter. Tadashi, like every good little kid, started to try and lick it with his tongue. Akira giggled again. "Let me get it." Se said, as she held his shoulder with one hand and kissed his check. It was Tadashi's turn to freeze.

Akira licked her lips. "Could've used just a touch more sugar." She stated.

"There definitely wasn't batter on my cheek." Tadashi stated bluntly Akira rolled her eyes. "It's everywhere you realize, on your cheek, chin…" She said producing a small compact mirror for him to look. "Ohh.." he said realizing she was right.

He flicked some of the remaing batter onto Akira's face. "Hey! I was just trying to bake some cookies!" She said shielding herself much too late. Tadashi held her arm, and kissed her cheek.

"Okay, even I knew their wasn't batter there." Akira stated. Tadashi gave her a slight smirk. "Care to test that?" He said kissing her on the lips again. They broke apart a split second later, and even Akira had to admit he tasted sweet.

"Fine so there was batter there." She pouted. He kissed her cheek again. "Want me to get the rest?" He asked.

"Maybe…" Akira said as she kissed his jaw where batter remained.